Eden, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

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Railroad station is Hyde Park, [o miles south, on St. J. & L. C. R. R. Daily stage from

Hyde Park.

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Adams Allen, (Eden Corners) r 16, farmer 100.

Adams Arunah W., (Eden) r 29, farmer 95.

Adams Augustus, (Eden) r 29, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 200.

ADAMS CHARLES A., (North Hyde Park) r 23, farmer 75, wood land 125.

Adams Charles E., (Eden) r 29, farmer, with Augustus.

Adams Elmira L., (Eden) r 12, widow of Phineas H., farmer 45.

ADAMS FRANCIS M., (North Hyde Park) r 28, general agency business.

Adams Harmon S., (Eden Mills) r 22, cattle dealer, and farmer ,,o00.

ADAMS HENRY H., (Eden) r 17, dealer in cattle, dairy r8 cows, and farmer 285.

Adams Henry N., (North Hyde Park) off road 31, farmer 50.

Adams John B., (Eden) r 11, dealer in cattle, sugar orchard 400 trees, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 225.

Adams Mason, (North Hyde Park) r 28, retired farmer.

Adams Nancy M., (North Hyde Park) r 28, widow of Curtis R., farmer 45.

Adams Oliver W., (Eden) r 12, farmer, leases of Elmira D.

Adams 45. Adams Orison M., (Eden) r 29, farmer 40.

Adams Ormen C., (Eden) r 29, farm laborer.

Adams Philura, (Eden) r 10, farmer 150.

Adams Reuben, (Eden) r 20, farm laborer.

Adams Samuel, (Eden) r 13, farmer 9z.

Adams Sylvester, (Eden) r s0, sugar orchard r,000 trees, and farmer for Philura.

Algiers Franklin B., (Eden Mills) r r, works in saw-mill.

Allen Horace, (Eden Mills) r 2, farmer 75.

AMADON JOHN H., (North Hyde Park) r 31, lumberman, farmer 137. Served in Co. I, 11th Vt. Vols.

ATWELL DAVIS, (Eden) r 22, constable, farmer 8o.

ATWELL JAMES, (Eden) r 21, town treasurer, breeder of grade Jersey and Devon cattle, also full blood Jamestown cattle, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 277.

Atwell Matilda, (Eden) off r 8, widow of Hiram.

Atwell Patty, (Eden) r 2r, widow of Wm. C.

Bacon Henry W., (Eden Mills) r 7, allo. physician and surgeon.

Badger Joseph P. W., (Eden) r 22, cooper.

Bailey Orsamus, (North Hyde Park) r 33, farmer 50.

Baker Cornelius, (Eden) off r 13, farmer l00.

BASSETT L. HIRAM, (Eden) r 27, farmer 175.

BASSETT WILLIAM G., (Eden) r 21, overseer of poor, lister, town grand juror, justice of peace, dealer in stock, farmer 500.

Bennett William J., (Eden Mills) off r 3, farm laborer.

Billings Patrick, (North Hyde Park) r 35, farmer 20.

Bishop Orville, (Eden Mills) r 7, works in clapboard mill.

BLAKE CHARLES W., (Eden) r 13, mechanic, and farmer 100.

BOOMHOWER LESTER, (Eden Mills) r 5, dairy 9 cows, farmer 200, and woodland 58.

Bowin Aaron, (North Hyde Park) off r 31, farmer 50.

Boyd John, (North Hyde Park) r 26, farmer 50.

Boyd Varnum, (North Hyde Park) r 26, farmer 5o.

Brannen James, (Eden) r 8, farmer 200.

Brown Charles E., (Eden) r 28, invalid.

BROWN CHARLES P., (Eden) r z8, farmer 63.

Brown Levi V., (North Craftsbury) r 4, farmer 75, woodland 125.

Buckley Herbert E., (North Hyde Park) r 35, farmer 11.

Buckley James M., (North Hyde Park) r 35, farmer.

BURNHAM EDSON E., (Eden Mills) r 24, cooper and carpenter, dairy 8 cows, sugar orchard 1,00a trees, and farmer, leases of Ebenezer 124.

Burnham Harmon S., (Eden Mills) r 24, farm laborer.

Burt Almur L., (Eden Mills) r 26, farm laborer.

Burt J. Marvin, (Eden Mills) r 1, foreman in saw-mill.

Burton Samuel B., (Eden) r 22, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 111.

Campbell Edwin S., (Eden) r to, sugar orchard 85o trees, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 196.

Campbell James, (Eden Mills) r 7, teamster.

Carpenter Frank, (Eden Mills) r 1, head sawyer.

Carpenter Sylvester, (Eden Mills) r 2, farmer 175, occupied by E. S. Coolbeth.

Chase Oren, (Eden) r 14, sugar orchard 200 trees, and farmer 100.

Claflin Alpheus, (Eden) r 12, cooper.

CLARK JAIRUS D., (Eden Mills) r 3, lumberman, and farmer 200.

Clark William J., (Eden Mills) r 3, clerk for J. T. Stevens.

Cochran Charles, (North Craftsbury) r 4, farm laborer.

Coolbeth Dan, (Eden Mills) r 5, cooper and farmer 25.

Coolbeth Elvado S., (Eden Mills) r 2, dairy 10 cows, leases of S. Carpenter 175.

Crosman Frank S., (Eden Mills) r 24, dairy 17 cows, sugar orchard 1,000

trees, and farmer, leases of George Wilkins, of Stowe, 250.

Crosman Sullivan S., (Eden Mills) r 24, farmer, with Frank S.

Davis Byron N., (Eden Mills) r 1, works in planing-mill, owns in Lowell wild land 75.

Davis Sidney, (North Hyde Park) r 33, farmer, leases of Jane Garland 75.

DEMERITT MARCUS, (North Craftsbury) r 4, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100.

Dezatell Israel, (Eden) r 8, farmer, leases of John Kelley 8o.

Doyle Joseph, (Eden Mills) r 3, farmer 50.

Earl Elbanus, (Eden Mills) r 3; farmer 50, 150 woodland.

Earl W. Riley, (Eden Mills) r 3, farmer.

Eden Mills House, (Eden Mills) r 7, A. T. Scott, proprietor.

EDWARDS ADELBERT E., (North Hyde Park) r 28, teamster, and farmer.

Elliott King H., (Eden Mills) r 7, sleigh maker.

Elliott Malcom E., (Eden Mills) r 2, works in saw-mill.

Emery John T., (Eden Mills) off r 6, millwright, and farmer 92.

Emery Samuel J., (Eden Mills) r 4, farmer 130.

Knowles Maxamilla, (Eden) r 27, widow of Harmon, farmer, with Julius F.

LAMBERT JOSEPH R., (North Hyde Park) r 31, farmer 234.

LAMBERT LEWIS, (North Hyde Park) r 34, dairy 16 cows, farmer, leases of J. H. Melendy 15o.

Lanpher George M., (Eden) r 27, farmer, leases of O. Minott 75.

Lanpher Harvey E., (North Pyde Park) r 35, farmer, leases of J. Foss 100.

Lapier Andrew, (Eden) r 8, farmer, leases of Francis Rassico 39.

Laprer William, (Eden) off r 13, farmer zoo.

Leclair Dana F., (Eden Mills) r 3, farmer 5o.

Lothrop Fordyce, (Eden) r 14, dairy 8 cows, sugar orchard 800 trees, farmer 100.

Lothrop Frank A., (Eden) r 14. farmer, with Fordyce.

Lunt Albert C., (Albany) r 3, farmer 113, wood land 160.

Marcus Hershell, (Eden Mills) r 3, farmer.

May William E., (North Hyde Park) r 30, farmer 50.

McDowell Leonard, (Eden Mills) r i, dairy 10 cows, and farmer z00.

McGookin John, (Eden) r 8, farmer 125.

Miles Orson P., (Eden Mills) r 3, farmer 50.

Miles Stephen, (Eden Mills) r 22, farmer 8o.

Miller George 0., (Eden) r 9, wheelwright.

Miller George W., (Eden) r 11, cooper, and farmer 200.

Montgomery John P., (Eden Mills) r 2, shoemaker and tinker.

MOSELEY OSCAR V., (North Hyde Park) r 27, (Stearnes & Moseley.)

Mower Nathan B., (Eden) r 15, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 150.

Newcomb William S., (North Hyde Park) r 34, lumberman, dealer in cattle, farmer 65, wood land 5o.

NEWTON HENRY H., (Eden) r 121, (H. H. & O. E. Newton) farmer 150.

Newton H. H. & O. E., (Eden) r r2-, (Henry H. and Oliver E.,) props. sawmill, and timber land 600.

Newton Oliver E., (Eden) r.12+, (H. H. & O. E. Newton.)

Ober Arvilla, (North Hyde Park) r 30, widow of Benjamin.

OBER FRANK B., (North Hyde Park) r 30, lumberman, school director, dairy 14 cows, farmer 200, and wood land 150.

OBER WILLIAM L., (North Hyde Park) r 32, manuf. of hard and soft lumber, owns wood land 9o acres.

O’Brien Albert W, (Eden) r 17 cor 24, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 100.

Ovitt Uri G., (Eden Mills) r 3, farmer l00.

Patch Asa D., (Eden) r 10, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 75.

Perkins Elbridge D., (Eden) r 19, farm laborer.

Perkins Elwin Z., (Eden) r 28, farm laborer.

POND WEBSTER S., (Eden) r 8, prop. of horse “General Custer,” sugar

orchard 500 trees, and farmer, leases of Theophilus P. 175.

Powell George J., (Eden Mills) r 3, dairy 8 cows, and farmer x05.

Powell George N., (Eden Mills) r x, farmer z00.

Prevo Paul, (Eden) r 12, farmer 50.

Putnam Henry, (Eden) off r 13, farmer 30.

Reed James B., (Eden) r 27, farmer, leases of Mrs. Barber z.

Reed Joseph S., (Eden) r 11, sugar orchard 150 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 200.

Reed Robert, (North Hyde Park) r z8, farmer, leases of Ellory Barnes.

Richards Austin J., (Eden Mills) r 5, farm laborer.

Richards Eugene, (Eden Mills) r 5, farm laborer.

Richards Jereb K., (Eden Mills) r 2, farmer 6o, and wood land 230.

Robbins Augustus D., (Eden Mills) r 7, butcher, and owns wild land 150.

Rogers Alson F., (Eden) r 118, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 8o.

Rogers Jason, ‘(Eden) r 7 cor 8, dairy ii cows, and farmer 1125.

Sanburn E. Moody, Eden Mills) r i, clerk for Sabin Scott.

Sargent Lucille, (Eden) r 211, widow of Samuel, resident.

Scott Andrew T., (Eden Mills) r 7, farmer, and in hotel with Ben.

Scott Ben, (Eden Mills) r 7, prop. of Eden Mills House, farmer 172.

Scott Daniel S., (Eden Mills) r 7, blacksmith.

Scott Sabin, (Eden Mills) r i, postmaster, and supposed to be a merchant and gentleman, but refused information.

Scott William, (Eden Mills) r 7, farmer 70.

Scribner William, (Eden Mills) r 5, farmer, leases of J. Richards 100.

Seeley Simon, (Eden) r 17, dairy 118 cows, and farmer, leases of Willard Fuller 300.

SHATTUCK MARTIN, (Eden) r 211 cor 22, postmaster, town auditor, and representative, general merchant, and farmer 20.

Shattuck Merritt C., (Eden) r 10, sugar orchard 350 trees, dairy 6 cows, and farmer 118o.

Shattuck Randall, (Eden) r 8, farmer 100.

SHATTUCK SIMON M., (Eden) r 8, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer, leases of Randall r00.

Shaver John, (Eden) r 8, farmer 525.

Sinclair Leander, (Eden Mills) r 5, farmer, leases of N. Adams 100.

Smith Asa, (Eden) off r 8, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 120.

Smith Clarence B., (Eden Mills) off r 6, farmer, with William.

Smith Fred E., (Eden) r 29, farmer, with John H.

SMITH HARRISON S., (Eden) r 29, farmer, with John H.

Smith Jered, (Eden) off r 12, farmer 50.

Smith John H., (Eden) r 29, farmer 140, timber land 8o.

Smith William, (Eden Mills) off r 6, farmer 100.

STEARNES HIRAM, (North Hyde Park) r 27, (Stearnes & Moseley.)

STEARNES & MOSELEY, (North Hyde Park) r 27, (Hiram S. and Oscar

V. M.) proprietors of saw, shingle, and grist-mills, and butter-tub factory, owners of woodland 400 acres.

Stebbins Abigail, (Eden Mills) r i, widow of Ralph.

Stebbins Salmon, (Eden Mills) r x, dairy r r cows, and farmer 365.

Stebbins Sarah, (Eden) r 211, widow of Ephraim B, farmer 20’.

Stevens A. & J. T., (Eden) r 22, proprietors saw-mill.

Stevens Amasa, (Eden Mills) r 22, (A. & J. T. Stevens.)

STEVENS JONAS T., (Eden Mills) r 22, (A. & J. T. Stevens) first selectman, deputy sheriff, proprietor grist, planing, and saw-mill, owns timberland 500 acres.

Steward William, (Eden Mills) r 2, farmer, leases of J. D. Kelly 75.

Stone Albert J., (Eden Mills) r 1, dairy 12 cows, farmer 100.

Stone Elbridge H., (Eden Mills) r 6, blacksmith, and farmer 1178.

Stone Henry H., (Eden Mills) r 7, retired blacksmith, farmer 10.

Stone Walter C., (Eden Mills) r 7, blacksmith and horse-shoer.

Sweet John S., (North Hyde Park) butter-tub manufacturer, owns in Troy h and lot.

Temple Benjamin F., (Eden Mills) r 6, dairy 9 cows, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 450.

Verg Isaiah, (Eden) r 112, dairy 112 cows, and farmer, leases of Ira Dean z00.

Vincent Elwin B., (Eden) r 22, blacksmith and horse-shoer.

Waite Hiram G., (Eden Mills) r 24, farmer, with Smith B,

Waite Horace, (Eden Mills) r 24, school commissioner, real estate dealer, and farmer 500.

WAITE SMITH B., (Eden Mills) r 24, teacher, breeder of pure blood Devon cattle, dairy 35 cows, and farmer, leases of Horace 500.

Warren Asa, (Eden) r 10, retired farmer.

Warren Calvin D., (Eden) r 10, sugar orchard 500 trees, cooper, and farmer t19.

Warren Edgar G., (Eden Mills) r 7, farmer 100.

Warren James C., (Eden Mills) r 7, farmer, with James E.

Warren James E., (Eden Mills) r 7, breeder of Devon cattle, and farmer 200.

WARREN WILLIAM A., (Eden) r 10, sugar orchard 300 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 250.

Webster Azro W., (Eden) r 13, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 55.

Webster William, (Eden) r 13, cooper, and farmer, with Azro W.

Wescom Charles, (Eden) r 10, stone mason, and farmer 40.

Wescom Francis, (Eden) r 12, retired farmer.

Wescom Harlow, (Eden) farm laborer.

Wescom Mitchel, (Eden) r 12, farmer, about 25o.

West Arba J., (Eden) r r9, farmer, with John W.

West John W., (Eden) r t9, sugar orchard 140 trees, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 250.

Wheelock Stephen, (Eden Mills) r 7, farmer 100.

Whipple John, (North Hyde Park) r 31, farmer 4.

White C. A. & E. C., (Eden Mills) r 7, (Charles A. and Edwin C.) proprietors of starch mill, own wood land 400 acres.

WHITE C. A. & F. F., (Eden Mills) r 7, (Charles A. and Francis F.) lumber dealers and manufacturers, proprietors starch mill in Lowell, own wild land 400 acres.

WHITE CHARLES A., (Eden Mills) r 7, (C. A. & F. F. White,) (C. A. & E. C. White) (White & Whittemore) farmer 5o.

White Edwin C., Eden) r 22, (C. A. & E. C.) town clerk and agent, justice of the peace, lister, school superintendent, farmer 50, and owns an undivided third of 700.

White Francis F., (Eden Mills) r 7, (C. A. & F. F. White) 3d selectman.

WHITE & WHITTEMORE, (Eden Mills) r 7, (Charles A. W. & Ira W.) manufacturers of clapboards and lumber, own wild land 500 acres.

Whitney Alvin J., (Eden Mills) r 5, farmer, leases of L. Boomhower 37.

Whittemore Daniel F., (Eden Mills) r 6, dealer in cattle and horses, dairy t t cows, farmer 15o, and with Anson wood land 500.

Whittemore Frank L., (Eden Mills) r r, works in saw-mill.

Whittemore George H., (Eden Mills) r i, painter and paper-hanger.

WHITTEMORE IRA, (Eden Mills) r 1, (White & Whittemore) mason.

Whittemore Onias, (Eden Mills) off r 7, farmer, leases of Sally 100.

Whittemore Sally, (Eden Mills) off r 7, widow of Russell, farm too.

Wilkins Frank A., (North Hyde Park) r 27, farmer 86.

Willey Robert A., (Eden) r 15, sugar orchard 225 trees, dairy 8 cows, and farmer, leases of S. G. Willey 93.

Wood Eben, (Eden Mills) r 5, farmer, leases of N. Adams 100.


Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and business directory of Lamoille and Orleans Counties, Vt., for 1883-1884. Hamilton Child. 1887.

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