Elmore, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

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Railroad stations are Morrisville, 4 miles northwest, and Wolcott, 4 miles east, on St. J. & L. C. R. R.

Ainsworth Alson, (Worcester, Washington county,) r 30, laborer.

Ainsworth Charles, (East Elmore) r 26, farmer 57.

Ainsworth Jacob, (East Elmore) r 26, farmer.

Ainsworth Oliver E., (East Elmore) r 26, laborer.

Amadon Harvey, (Worcester, Washington Co.,) r 31, farmer l00.

BACON OLIVER D., (Elmore) r 14, surveyor, dairy 12 cows, lumberman,

apple orchard 300 trees, owner of Mount Lookout farm 42o acres, and Bacon’s Landing, keeps row boats to let.

Bailey Malinda, (Morrisville) r 22, widow of Franklin.

Bailey Rebecca, (Elmore) r 15, cor 1z, widow of George W., aged 8o years.

Bangs Henry H., (Elmore) r 24, dairy 5o cows, and farmer 250.

BEDELL ALBERT J., (Morrisville) r 33, farmer, leases of Joseph Foss 120.

Served in Co. A, 15th Vt. Reg’t Heavy artillery.

Bedell Alonzo, (Morrisville) r 19, farmer, leases of Benjamin Davis 175.

Bedell George H., (Morrisville) r 33, farmer 240.

Bellvel Lewis, (Elmore) r 23, farmer 10o.

Bellvel William, (Elmore) r 23, farmer 25.

Belville Edward, (Worcester, Washington Co.,) r 3i, farmer 25.

Biscorner Jerry, (Elmore) r 31, farmer r00.

BOLTON JAMES H., (Wolcott) r 10i, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 1 r cows, butter a specialty, and farmer 165.

Boyce John E., (Wolcott) r 8, with Robert, farmer.

Boyce Robert, (Wolcott) r 8, farmer 10o.

Brewster Charles, (Worcester) r 23, farmer 200.

Brown Benjamin, (Morrisville) r 22, farmer, leases of Lucinda Glinds 40.

Brown Curtis 0., (Wolcott) r 7, farmer 50.

Brown Thomas L.. (Wolcott) r 7, farmer 25.

Bryant George C., (Wolcott) r 1o, with J. W., farmer 130.

BRYANT JOSEPH W., (Wolcott) r so, with George C., farmer 130.

CAMP ABEL DEACON, (Elmore) r 13, retired farmer 8o, aged 82 years.

Camp Joel, (Wolcott) r 1o, farmer 8o.

Camp Joseph, (Elmore) r 16, dairy 55 cows, and farmer, leases of H. B. Shaw’s estate 200.

Camp Lyman L., (Elmore) r 4, farmer l00.

Camp Norman, (Elmore) r 13, postmaster, town clerk, justice of the peace, constable and collector, harness maker, and farmer 75.

Camp William J., (Wolcott) r 10, laborer.

Carpenter William, (East Elmore) r 25, farmer 110.

Carter Jerry, (Wolcott) r 9, laborer.

Carter Jerry W., (Wolcott) r 9, laborer.

CHURCHILL HENRY H., (Morrisville) r 22, town lister, justice of the peace, wool grower 30 sheep, dairy 8 cows, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer i 5o.

Churchill Nathan T., (Morrisville) r 22, machinist and farmer, farms for William 170.

Churchill William, (Morrisville) r 22, retired farmer 170, aged 77.

CHURCHILL WILLIAM J., (Morrisville) r 32, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 140.

Clark Pattie M., (Elmore) r 15, widow of Roswell, aged 78.

Colby William F., (Elmore) r 11, supt. of schools, and farmer 65.

Como Leslie, (Elmore) r 2, laborer.

COOK CHARLES, (Elmore) r 12, 1st selectman, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 70.

Cook Hiram D., (Elmore) r i, dairy 15 cows, farmer 125.

Crawford John W., (Elmore) r 25, dairy 10 cows, farmer 200, and l00 acres timber land.

Cushman Alton, (Elmore) r 13, laborer.

Daniels Seth T., (Elmore) r 13, prop. Pond Hotel, and farmer 40.

Daniels Willie, (Elmore) r 13, laborer.

DARLING EDWARD P., (Elmore) r 4, dairy 27 cows, breeder of Jersey cattle, wool grower 40 sheep, farmer, leases of U. A. Woodbury, of Burlington, 245, owns house and lot in Morrisville, and l00 acres wood land in Elmore.

Davis Dennis, (Morrisville) r 19, farmer, leases of W. Davis 175.

Delno Herbert L., (Morrisville) r 22, son of W. W.

Delno William W., (Morrisville) r 22, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 225.

Doty Levi H., (Elmore) r 5, lister and town agent, dairy 54 cows, breeder

of thoroughbred Cotswold sheep, and farmer 450.

DOTY SAMUEL B., (Elmore) r 3, dairy 15 cows, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, and farmer 140.

Ellsworth Hebron, (Morrisville) r 22, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 150.

FENN GEORGE E., (Elmore) r i, farm laborer.

FISHER CALVIN A., (Wolcott) r 10, lumber jobber, and farmer 39.

FOSS GEORGE W., (Morrisville) r 33, lumberman, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 400. Was a soldier in Company D, 17th Vermont Regiment.

GALE LYMAN A., (Wolcott) r 9, 3d selectman, justice of the peace, proprietor of saw-mill, manufacturer and dealer in lumber, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 170.

Gay Russell, (Elmore) r 14, farmer 50.

Gay Willie A.; (Elmore) r 14, farmer 8o.

Gilbert Antoine W., (Elmore) r 23, laborer.

Glinds Lucinda, (Morrisville) r 22, owns farm 40.

GOODELL RANSOM B., (Morrisville) r 19, 2d selectman, breeder of horses and cattle, dairy 15 cows, and farmer ,8o.

Govin William, (Wolcott) r 7, farmer, leases T00 of Abigail Hastings.

GRAY GEORGE, (Wolcott) r 9, prop. of saw-mill, manuf. and dealer in dressed lumber, breeder of full blood Durham cattle, and farmer 600.

Gray George M., (Wolcott) r 9, with George, in lumber business.

Grimes Addison A., (Elmore) r 12; dairy 20 cows, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer, leases of Leonard Grimes Z00.

Grimes Leonard, (Elmore) r 12, retired farmer 487, in Sheldon, Franklin Co., 35, in Fairfield 420, and in Hyde Park 10o.

Griswold Luther, (Elmore) r 2, carpenter.

Griswold Wilson, (Elmore) r 13, retired wagon-maker, owns 8 acres.

GROUT FRANK E., (Elmore) r 24, dairy 13 cows, breeder of Jersey cattle, and farmer 125.

Hadley Eugene, (Morrisville) off r 83, farmer, leases of E. G. Richmond 50 acres.

Hall Noah, (Elmore) r 16j, farmer 50.

Harris Fred M., (Elmore) r 13, clerk.

Harris Ward B., (Elmore) r 13, dealt r in dry goods, general merchandise, drugs and ready-made clothing, and farmer 40 in Wolcott.

Hastings Abigail, (Wolcott) r 7, widow of Hiram, farmer 10o.

HASTINGS LEVI, (Wolcott) r 8, dairy 10 cows, farmer 25o.

HATCH STEPHEN B., (Morrisville) r 22, farmer 324.

Hersey Lorenzo D., (East Elmore) r 30, farmer 75.

Hill Edwin B., (Elmore, or Worcester, Washington Co.,) r 23, manager R. G. Hill’s farm.

Hill Ernest E., (Elmore, or Worcester, Washington Co.,) r 23, manager of R. G. Hills saw-mill.

HILL JUDSON T., (Elmore) r 23, breeder of Cotswold sheep, and farmer 540.

HILL ROBERT G., (Elmore, or Worcester, Washington Co.,) r 23, proprietor of saw-mill, manufacturer and dealer in lumber, breeder of thorough bred Cotswold sheep, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 1,000.

Hill Sylvia, (Elmore) r 23, widow of Edwin, daughter of Jesse Elmore, born March 14, 1800.

Holden Jabez P., (Wolcott) r 26, retired farmer, born in Middlesex, Washington Co., 1800.

HOLDEN ORANGE M., (Wolcott) r 26, farmer 600.

Howerson Algin, (Worcester, Washington Co.,) r 31, farmer Z00.

Howerson Edward, (Worcester, Washington Co.,) r 31, laborer.

Hubbell Nye S., (East Elmore) r 27, manufacturer of butter tubs.

James Edward, (Worcester) r 23, farmer Zoo.

Jennings Alonzo, (Wolcott) r 9, farmer 125.

Jones Cyrus L., (Elmore) r 13, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 200.

KELLEY ADOLPHUS M., (Elmore) r 15 cor 12, justice of the peace. dairy 30 cows, and farmer 400.

Lamson Frank, (Wolcott) r 8, laborer.

Lee Jeremiah, (Elmore) r 31, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 300.

Martin William, (East Elmore) r 29, farmer, leases of Fred W. Silloway 50.

McKnight Thomas, (East Elmore) r z8, retired mechanic, aged 76.

Merchant Joseph, (Elmore) r 31, farmer 10o.

Merchant Nelson, (Elmore) r 31, farmer 10o.

MERRIAM ALBERT C., (Elmore) r xi, wool grower, dairy 20 cows, breeder of Jersey cattle, and farmer 175.

Merriam Joshua, (Elmore or Worcester, Washington Co.,) r 23, manager of R. G. Hill’s boarding house.

MERRITT FRANCIS S., (Wolcott) r 7, justice of the peace, apple orchard 150 trees, and farmer 150.

MORSE BENJAMIN F., (East Elmore) r z8, justice of the peace, notary public, general agent for Vermont Farm Machine Company, agent for fruit and ornamental trees, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, dairy lo cows, and farmer 170, and owns mail route from Wolcott to East Elmore.

MORSE FRANKLIN B., (East Elmore) r 30, agent for musical instruments, and White and Singer sewing machines, manuf. and dealer in shingles and clapboards, prop. Of shingle, and clapboard dressing mill, farmer 10o.

Morse George A., (East Elmore) r 25, town representative, prop. of saw-mill, manuf. and dealer in hard and soft woOd and lumber, and farmer 500.

Nobles Deforest C., (Elmore) r 3, laborer.

Nobles Silas A., (ElmOre) r 3, dairy 30 cows, and farmer, leases of Leonard Grimes 390.

O’Brien Thomas, (WOlcOtt) r 10, farmer 25.

OLMSTED SAMUEL N., (East Elmore) r 25, town lister, dairy 12 cows, breeder Of grade Jersey cattle, wool grower 20 sheep, and farmer 200.

Owen Fred, (East Elmore) r 25, farmer, leases C. S. Merriam’s estate of 150.

PARKER ALPHEUS, (Elmore) r 18, lumberman and farmer 324.

PARKER CHARLES S. HON., (Elmore) r 16, Overseer Of the poor, town grand juror, and treasurer, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 250.

Parker JudsOn T., (Elmore) r 18, lumberman and farmer 300.

Parker Henry C., (ElmOre) r t8, retired farmer, born December 14, 1786.

Parker Silas T., (East ElmOre) r 31, laborer.

Peck Barney, (Wolcott) r 7, retired farmer.

Perry John, (MOrrisville) r 11, farmer, leases of George Wilkins, of Stowe, 5o.

Pierce George, (Elmore) r i 1 cor 15, sugar Orchard 300 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer l00.

Pilbin Thomas, (Elmore) r 3 r, farmer 5o.

Pond Hotel, (Elmore) r 13, Seth T. Daniels, prop.

Potter Edward W., (East ElmOre) r 25, laborer, Owns h and lot.

Powers Amos, (East Elmore) r 28, farm laborer.

Powers Nancy, (WolcOtt) r 46, resident.

Putnam Clarence W., (East Elmore) r 24, laborer.

PUTNAM HIRAM S., (East Elmore) r 24, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 150.

Reed George, (East Elmore) r 25, farmer 150.

Reed Melvin H., (MOrrisville) r 21, cooper and farmer.

Rennie William, (ElmOre) r r cor 2, blacksmith.

Richmond Edwin G., (Morrisville) Off r 33, carpenter, and farmer 5o.

Rivers Henry, (MOrrisville) r 21, laborer.

Rivers John, (Morrisville) r 21, farm laborer.

RIVERS JOSEPH, (MOrrisville) r 21, stone mason and farmer 5o.

Russell Henry, (ElmOre) r 12, (winter residence West Plattsburgh, N. Y.) lumberman, and farmer 114, in Wolcott 95.

Sargent Jonathan, (Morrisville) r 22, farmer, leases of S. B. Hatch 100,

Scofield Elizabeth, (Morrisville) r 21, widow of Chauncy, farmer 5o.

SCOFIELD JOHN G., (Elmore) r 18, farmer l00.

Scott Samuel, (ElmOre) r 13, farmer 125.

Shaw Crispas, (Elmore) r 16, retired farmer, aged 81.

Silloway Anson, (East ElmOre) r 25, farmer loo.

Siloway Israel H., (Elmore) r 24, farmer r5.

SillOway William, (East ElmOre) r 25, postmaster, farmer 10o.

Silloway William, (East Elmore) r 25, farmer 30.

SLAYTON ARO P., (WOrcester, WashingtOn Co.,) r 30, (SlaytOn & Son) carpenter and joiner, and bridge builder.

SlaytOn Frank L., (WOrcester, Washington CO.,) r 30, (Slayton & Son.)

Slayton & Son, (Worcester, Washington Co.,) r 30, (Aro P. and Frank L.) proprietors of saw-mill, manufacturers and dealers in hard and soft wood lumber, dressed, and farmers 700.

Slayton Susan, (East Elmore) r 30, widow of Theodore, farmer 10o.

Slayton Theodore M., (Worcester, Washington Co.,) off r 30, farmer 10o.

Slayton Vernon, (Elmore) r 2, farmer 17.

Smith Marvin, (Wolcott) r 7, farmer, leases of T. Brown i00.

Smith Oscar, (Elmore) r 13, farmer, leases of S. Scott 125.

Stoddard Arthur, (Elmore) laborer.

Stoddard Asa P., (Wolcott) r 10, farmer 100.

Stone David, (Elmore) r i, farmer r.

Straw William, (Wolcott) r 9, farmer 5o.

Swift Weltha, (East Elmore) r 30, widow of Almond.

Swift William C., (East Elmore) r 30, farmer 50.

TIFT JOHN W., (Elmore) r z, cooper, agent for Singer sewing machines and attachments.

Tucker Lewis, (East Elmore) r 30, farmer 25.

Utton Thomas F., (Worcester) r 23, farmer 1100.

Valley Lewis, (Elmore) r 3r, farmer 10o.

Vigeant Henry, (Elmore) r 23, farmer 150.

Vigeant Noah, (Elmore) r 31, farmer 10o.

Ward Charles L., (Elmore) r 2, laborer.

WARD CHESTER W., (Elmore) r 2, (Woodbury & Ward.)

Ward George A., (Wolcott) r 9, sawyer and cooper.

Ward Luther, (Elmore) off r 10, farmer 5o.

Warren Arthur S., (Elmore) r 14, farmer.

Warren Gardner, (Elmore) r 2, retired farmer, 75 years old.

Warren Hannah, (Elmore) r 16, widow of Toles, born July 8, r800.

Warren Oliver S., (Wolcott) r 10, dairy 10 cows, farmer 10o.

Wells Leonard E., (East Elmore) r 25, laborer.

Wheat Fletcher, (East Elmore) r 30, farmer, leases A. Swift’s estate of 200.

Wheeler David H., (Wolcott) r 10, farmer 75.

Wheelock Harold, (Elmore) r 12, carpenter and mason.

Whitcher Charles S., (Elmore) r 15, farm laborer.

WHITE CHARLES R., (East Elmore) r 28, sergeant in Company H, 13th Vermont Regiment, carpenter, bridge builder, and farmer r00.

White Thaddeus, (Wolcott) off r 10, retired farmer, aged 8o years.

Whitney Charles F., (Wolcott) r 8, farmer 68.

WOODBURY ALBERT M., (Elmore) r 14, trustee of surplus fund, carpenter and builder, dairy rr cows, and farmer 300.

WOODBURY & WARD, (Elmore) (Urban A. Woodbury, of Burlington, and Chester W. Ward,) r 2, props. of saw and shingle-mill, manufs. and dealers in lumber and shingles.


Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and business directory of Lamoille and Orleans Counties, Vt., for 1883-1884. Hamilton Child. 1887.

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