Cambridge, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

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Andrew John, (Pleasant Valley) r 49, farmer, leases of C. Warner.

ADAMS ELIJAH, (Jeffersonville) retired farmer 200, occupied by Chas. Ober. (Died August 5, 1882.)

Adams Sylvester, (Cambridge) r 45, farm laborer.

Armstrong Avaline, (Cambridge) widow of Martin, resident, h Main st.

Atwell Charles E., (Waterville) r 3, farmer 100.

Atwell Edwin J., (Waterville) r 3, farmer 60.

Atwell Jonathan, (Waterville) r 4, farmer 6.

ATWOOD NORMAN, (Jeffersonville) r 7, dairy 23 cows, and farmer 400.

Austin Emerson, (Pleasant Valley) r 38, stone and brick mason, farmer 40.

AUSTIN ENOCH, (Cambridge) retired carpenter, h South st.

Bailey Jehiel S., (Jeffersonville) r 23, retired carpenter and builder.

Bailey Jehial S., Jr., (Jeffersonville) r 23, sugar orchard goo trees, farmer 100.

Bartlett Earl, (North Cambridge) r 15, dairy 14 cows, farmer, leases of John Brush 100.

Bartlett Newell I., (North Cambridge) r 16, farmer 88 1/2.

Bassett Abraham, (Jeffersonville) blacksmith and horse-shoer.

Bassett Alfred, (Jeffersonville) r 6, farm laborer.

Bellows Arthur B., (Cambridge) r 33, peddler of dry goods and shoes.

BENNETT MARY, (Cambridge) r 42, widow of Eli, farmer 36.

Bennett Noble E., (Cambridge) r 42, teamster and farmer, with Mary.

BENTLEY ELISHA, (Cambridge) r 32, 14, head young cattle, farmer 83.

BICKFORD GEORGE U., (Waterville) r 5, dairy 16 cows, and farmer, leases of J. W. Page 227.

Bishop Apollus, (Cambridge) r 42, dairy 20 cows, apiary 19 swarms, and farmer, leases of Julius Halbert, of St. Albans, 175.

Bixby Charles F., (Cambridge) r 42, farmer, leases of Albert Cutting 50.

BLAISDELL DANIEL, (East Fletcher) r 9, farmer 50.

Blaisdell Jonathan, (East Fletcher) r 2, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 65.

Blaisdell Laura A., (Cambridge) r 19, widow of Zerah, resident, with Lowell A.

Blaisdell Lawrence W., (East Fletcher) r 2, farmer, with Ralph M.

Blaisdell Leon P., (East Fletcher) r 2, farmer, with Ralph M.

Blaisdell Lowell A., (Cambridge) r 19, justice, town lister and farmer 20.

Blaisdell Mary, (East Fletcher) r 2, farmer 2.

BLAISDELL MONRO, (Cambridge) r 16, farmer 40. and in Fletcher 60.

Blaisdell Ralph M., (East Fletcher) r 2, justice of the peace, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 200.

Bolger David, (Pleasant Valley) r 40, farmer 20.

Boro’ House, (Cambridge) Charles B. Waite, prop., Main cor South.

Boyd Thomas J., (Jeffersonville) r 25, section hand on the St. J. & L. C. R. R.

Brewster Elijah T., (Pleasant Valley) r 47, farmer with Solon Y.

BREWSTER SOLON Y., (Pleasant Valley) r 47, dairy 16 cows, and
farmer 139.

Brown Asahel, (Jeffersonville) r 22, farmer with George R.

Brown Ephraim, (Jeffersonville) r 18, farmer, leases of C. Warner 200.

Brown George R., (Jeffersonville) r 22, dairy 17 cows, sugar orchard 1,200 trees, farmer, leases of Mrs. S. J. Morgan 165.

Brush Edwin R., (Cambridge) allo. physician and surgeon, h South st.

Brush John, 2d, (Cambridge) retired farmer 210, h Main st.

Brush Reuben, (Cambridge) barber and hair dresser, dealer in drugs, groceries, jewelry and stationery, South st., h do.

BRUSH SALMON, (Cambridge) allo. physician and surgeon, and farmer 68, Main st.

BUCHANAN WILLIAM D., (Jeffersonville) allo. physician and surgeon.

Buker Charles, (Jeffersonville) retired farmer zoo.

Buker Charles B., (Jeffersonville) retired farmer 300.

Buker Dennis R., (Pleasant Valley) r 40, mail carrier from Pleasant Valley postoffice to Cambridge Borough, farmer 23.

Buker Emerson, (Jeffersonville) r 26, (Buker & Son,) dairy 30 cows, farmer 376.

Buker Joseph B., (Jeffersonville) r 26, (Buker & Son,) farmer, leases 376.

Buker Luther, (Jeffersonville) r 36, retired farmer, aged 80 years.

Buker Warren C., (Jeffersonville) r 36, dairy 8 cows, farmer 119.

Buker Zenas D., (Pleasant Valley) r 47, postmaster, proprietor store.

Buker & Son, (Jeffersonville) r 26, (Emerson B. and Joseph B.,) farmers 137.

Bulkley Charles 0., (Cambridge) teamster, and farmer about 60.

Bulkley George W., (Cambridge) farmer 60, h Main st.

Burnor John, (Cambridge) r 16, farm laborer.

Burnor Joseph. (Jeffersonville) r 26, laborer.

Butler Frank P., (Pleasant Valley) r 48, farmer with Ormond B.

BUTLER ORMOND B., (Pleasant Valley) r 48, dairy 10 cows, farmer 79, mountain land 50.

CADY HARRISON F., (Cambridge) r 42, dairy 26 cows, breeder of grade cattle, agent for Champion mower and reaper, sugar orchard 1,400 trees, farmer 235. (Died Nov. 20, 1882.)

CAMPBELL McKAY, (Jeffersonville) carpenter and builder, and dealer in country produce, Main st.

Carleton Rosamond, (Jeffersonville) widow of Enoch, farmer 6.

CARPENTER AUGUSTUS M., (Jeffersonville) r 7, carpenter and joiner, wheelwright, farmer 150.

Carpenter Fred, (Jeffersonville) dealer in country produce, lister, farmer in Belvidere 200, occupied by Phineas Carpenter.

CASE ADDISON B., (East Fletcher) r 13, farmer 65.

Case Anson, (North Cambridge) r 12, sugar orchard 480 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 84.

Case Romeo H., (East Fletcher) r 2, general merchant in East Fletcher. Caswell Homer, (Cambridge) farm laborer, h South st.

Chadwick Elias, (Jeffersonville) r 26, retired farmer 250.

Chase Alden, (East Fletcher) r 1, retired farmer.

Chase Andrew W., (Fast Fletcher) r 1, farmer 70.

Chase Frank H., (Cambridge) carpenter and builder, Main. Chase Hiel B., (East Fletcher) off r 1, farmer 80.

Chase Isaac, (Cambridge) r 19, farmer, leases of E. O. Safford 115.

CHASE JOSEPH B., (Cambridge) r 45, dairy 24 cows, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, farmer, leases 220.

Chase Zina G., (East Fletcher) r 1, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 150.

Chayer John B., (Cambridge) blacksmith, South st., h off r 43.

Chayer Joseph, (Jeffersonville) r 20, blacksmith.

CODDING JOHN, (Waterville) r 5, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 180.

COLGROVE HAMPTON A., (Cambridge) blacksmith, Main st., h do.

Colman Henry, (Jeffersonville) r 3, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, dairy 21 cows, and farmer 200.

COLTON MERRITT, (Jeffersonville) baker and farmer in Dunham, P. Q., 75, agent for granite monuments.

CONNOLLY PETER, (Cambridge) pensioner, South st. Cook Benjamin S., (Cambridge) r 42, farmer 2.

Cornell Henry M., (Cambridge) r 41, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 140.

Cornell Stephen, (Jeffersonville) farmer 23.

Corse Benie W., (Jeffersonville) r 26, farmer, leases of B. B. Westman 70.

Corse Thomas H., (Cambridge) r 45, dairy 21 cows, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, farmer, leases of C. D. Gates 300.

Covey Henry A., (Cambridge) farmer, leases of Mrs. George Story 94.

Cox Mary M., (Cambridge) r 16, farmer 290.

Curtis Cornelia, (Cambridge) r 15, widow of Salmon, sugar orchard 1000 trees, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 176 1/4.

Curtis Homer B., (Cambridge) r 15, administrator of S. Curtis’s estate, and farmer, with Cornelia.

Curtis Merritt, (North Cambridge) r 2, prop. saw-mill.

Curtis Perry S., (Cambridge) r 15, farmer, with Cornelia.

Curtis Waite, (North Cambridge) r 14, widow of Oel C., farmer 160.

Curtis William H., (Cambridge) r 14, farm laborer.

Cutting Albert J., (Cambridge) farmer 50, h Main st.

Cutting Daniel W., (Cambridge) farmer 130, h Main st.

Davis Clarence A., (Jeffersonville) r 7, works for J. W. Green.

Davis Lewis A., (North Cambridge) r 12, farmer in Fletcher 65.

Davis Merrill L., (East Fletcher) r 1, farm laborer.

Davis Oscar E., (Waterville) r 4, farmer for John H. Page.

Delano Jehial, (Jeffersonville) r 8, farmer 114.

Dickinson Dennison M., (Cambridge) r 40, dairy 30 cows, breeder of pure blood Jersey cattle, farmer 100, and with Hiram B. 270, and 100 mountain land.

DICKINSON HIRAM B., (Cambridge) r 33, dairy 25 cows, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, farmer, with Dennison M. 270.

Dickinson Orange H., (Cambridge) r 33, farmer with Hiram B.

Dickinson Royal A., (Jeffersonville) r 22, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer 125.

Dickinson Samuel, (Jeffersonville) r 22, retired farmer, owns 240 occupied by F. S. Edwards.

Dodge Freeman H., (Jeffersonville) r 25, dairy 8 cows, farmer too, and 6 1/2 wood lot.

Dodge Nathaniel C., (Jeffersonville) r 25, retired farmer.

Dodge Ralph R., (Jeffersonville) r 7, works for T. A. Raymon.

DONNELLY PETER, (Cambridge) pensioner, was private in Co. F, 2d Reg’t Vt. Vols., in war of the Rebellion, now blind, h South st.

Dougherty Patrick J., (Jeffersonville) foreman on railroad, h Main st.

Dougherty Katy J. Mrs., (Jeffersonville) milliner, h Main st.

Downey Henry B., (Jeffersonville) r 8, leases of Amaziah J. Wheelock 150.

Duff John, (Pleasant Valley) r 48, farmer 55.

Dyke Dallas L., (Jeffersonville) r 3, harnessmaker, farmer, leases of John Austin 80.

Edwards Ashton W., (Jeffersonville) r 24, dairy 40 cows, breeder of grade Durham, Ayrshire, and Jersey cattle, farmer, leases of Thomas Edwards 300.

EDWARDS FRANK S., (Jeffersonville) r 22, dairy 15 cows, sugar orchard 800 trees, farmer, leases of S. Dickerson 240.

Edwards Fred B., (Jeffersonville) r 22, farmer, 100 mountain land.

Edwards Matthew, (Jeffersonville) r 22, retired farmer 150.

Edwards Moses N., (Cambridge) r 43, stone mason, farmer 18.

EDWARDS THOMAS, (Jeffersonville) r 24, retired farmer, owns farm of 300.

Ellinwood Avaline, (Cambridge) widow of Eli, owns farm of 225 in Fletcher, Franklin Co.

Ellinwood Burton S., (Cambridge) farmer 40, Main St.

Ellsworth Edgar, (Pleasant Valley) r 40, clock tinker and farmer.

Ellsworth Martin, (Pleasant Valley) r 48, farmer 150, mountain land 80.

Ellsworth Merritt, (Pleasant Valley) r 40, dairy 13 cows, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, farmer 130, and mountain land 80.

Ellsworth Merritt L., (Pleasant Valley) r 40, farmer, in Underhill 30.

Faneuff Narsens, (Jeffersonville) r 26, painter.

Ferington Henry W., (Cambridge) r 45, farmer 25. Served in Co. 1, 4th regiment, for two years.

Fisher Joseph, (Jeffersonville) r 26, farm laborer.

FLAGG ROBERT S., (Jeffersonville) superintendent of schools, allo. physician and surgeon, prop. Vermont Soap Stone Co.’s quarry, farmer 75, in Waterville 105, Church st., h do.

Fletcher Andrew C., (Jeffersonville) dealer in stock, farmer 130, h Main St. Fortier Henry W., (Jeffersonville) r 6, harness maker and carriage trimmer, Main, owns h and lot.

Foster Orrin E., (Jeffersonville) r 7, dairy 23 cows, and farmer, leases of Henry Smiley 160.

French Jason 0., (Jeffersonville) r 6, farmer z0.

FRENCH JUDAH G., (Jeffersonville) r 24, dairy 16 cows, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, farmer 260 occupied by Henry Hebb.

French Mark, (Jeffersonville) r 36, resident.

Fuller Roscoe S., (Jeffersonville) r 6, 50 head of young cattle, breeder and dealer in horses, farmer, leases of Willard 350.

FULLINGTON ADDISON E., (East Fletcher) r 9, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 100.

Fullington Bradbury, (East Cambridge) r 6, retired farmer, owns farm of 217 occupied by Harrington C.

Fullington Fred H., (East Cambridge) r 6, dairy 10 cows, farmer, leases of John T. 155.

Fullington Harrington C., (East Cambridge) r 6, dairy 21 cows, sugar or chard 1,100 trees, farmer, leases of Bradbury 217.

FULLINGTON HENRY E., (North Cambridge) r 13, carpenter and joiner and farmer 52.

Fullington John F., (East Cambridge) r 6, retired farmer 160, occupied by Fred H.

Gallhar John, (Jeffersonville) r 31, farm laborer.

GALLUP FRANCIS, (Jeffersonville) r 27, retired farmer, aged 93 years, owns h and lot.

Gallup Smith, (Jeffersonville) r 37, farmer.

GATES CLARA D., (Cambridge) r 42, widow of Gardner, owns in different farms about 500 acres.

GATES CLARENCE D., (Cambridge) general merchant, and farmer 1,000, Main st., h do.

Gates Ephraim J., (Cambridge) farmer, in Underhill 100, and in Cambridge 400, h South st.

Gates Laurette, (Cambridge) widow of Jonathan E , farmer, with Ephraim J.,. South st.

Gibson George W., (Jeffersonville) r 24, farmer, leases of B. M. Davis 40.

Goodwin Hobert N., (Cambridge) carpenter and joiner, h South st.

Gould Samuel, (Jeffersonville) r 22, dairy 8 cows, farmer 130.

Gravlin Antoine, (Jeffersonville) r 37, farmer, leases of Roscoe Fuller 400.

Gravlin Charles, (Jeffersonville) r 37, farm laborer.

GRAVLIN ELMER E., (Cambridge) r 32, farm laborer. Gravlin

George, (Jeffersonville) r 37, farm laborer.

GRAY HORATIO N., (Cambridge) dealer in flour, feed, shelf and heavy hardware, groceries, etc., Depot st., h do.

Green Francis, (Jeffersonville) r 6, old resident, aged 85.

Green Julius W., (Jeffersonville) r 7, dairy 30 cows, sugar orchard 1,800 trees, farmer 400.

GRISWOLD ALONZO C., (Jeffersonville) r 26, station agent on B. & L. R. R., express agent for U. S. & C. Express Co., telegraph operator, owns house and 11 acres.

Griswold David C., (Jeffersonville) r 26, tub manufacturer.

GRISWOLD LEONARD S., (Cambridge) r 32, dairy 7 cows, sugar orchard 900 trees, farmer 110.

GRISWOLD WILLARD H., (Jeffersonville) town clerk, notary public, agent for Vermont Mutual Insurance Co., Holbrook plows and Syracuse wagons, farmer 30, and in Fletcher 150.

Guellow Hayford T., (Jeffersonville) r 26, shoemaker, owns house and lot.

HALL WILLIAM, (Cambridge) r 14, carpenter and joiner, owns house and lot.

HAWLEY ALMON A., (East Cambridge) r 6, dairy 8 cows, sugar orchard 550 trees, farmer 100.

HAWLEY NEWELL A., (Cambridge) r 17, agent for Smith American Organ Co., dairy 10 cows, and farmer 84.

Heath Sanford W., (Pleasant Valley) r 40, retired farmer, owns farm of 70, occupied by Chas. H. Powell.

Hebb Cresser, (Cambridge) r 42, dairy 20 cows, sugar orchard 500 trees and farmer, leases of Albert McClellan.

Hebb Henry, (Jeffersonville) r 24, farmer, leases of J. G. French 235.

HEBB MARK E., (Cambridge) r 16, sugar orchard 800 trees, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, and farmer, leases of S. Mudgett 140.

Hebb William, (Jeffersonville) r 37, stone mason.

Henley John W., (Pleasant Valley) r 38, farmer for Margaret.

Henley Margaret E., (Pleasant Valley) r 38, widow of Edward, dairy 17 cows, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 230.

Hitchcock John D., (Jeffersonville) r 31, dairy 25 cows, farmer, leases of C. Warner 185.

HOBART CHARLES, (Cambridge) r 42, retired carriage maker, and farmer 50.

Holmes Byron B., (Cambridge) postmaster, refused information; is a very smart man, in his own estimation.

Holmes Charles C., (Jeffersonville) r 27, dairy 11 cows, sugar orchard 450 trees, farmer 35, leases 78 of William.

Holmes George W., (Jeffersonville) r 26, carpenter and builder, farmer 50.

HOLMES ORLANDO, (Jeffersonville) r 27, dairy 7 cows, 15 head young cattle, agent for Babcock chain pump, farmer 150.

HOLMES WILLIAM M., (Jeffersonville) r 26, retired farmer, owns farm of 78.

Horner Eri, (Jeffersonville) r 24, farm laborer.

Howe Orlando H., (Jeffersonville) r 9, carpenter and joiner.

Hunt Erastus B., (Jeffersonville) shoemaker and farm laborer, 11 Main st.

Hunt Samuel G., (Waterville) r 7, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 300.

HUNTLEY JACOB, (Pleasant Valley) r 48, retired shoemaker, aged 84.

Hutchins Luther, (Pleasant Valley) r 49, farm laborer.

Ives Oscar, (East Cambridge) r 6, farm laborer.

Jackson George W., (Cambridge) r 16, dairy 21 cows, and farmer, leases of Mary Cox 290.

Jones Delia A. Mrs., (Cambridge) dressmaker, Main st.

Jones George, (Cambridge) r 32, dairy 14 cows, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer 153.

Jones Paul B., (Cambridge) (Stinehour & Jones) h Main st.

JONES THOMAS T., (Cambridge) house, sign and ornamental painter and grainer, fresco painting, paper-hanging and calsomining a specialty.

Junor Joseph, (Cambridge) r 42, teamster.

Keith Charley, (Cambridge) farm laborer, h South st.

Keith Ira A., (Cambridge) r 16, farm laborer.

Keith James, (Cambridge) farm laborer, h off Main st.

Keith Unite W., (Cambridge) r 44, farmer 70.

Kelly George, (East Cambridge) r 6, farm laborer.

King Napoleon, (Jeffersonville) r 23, farm laborer.

Kinsley Alonzo, (Jeffersonville) farmer, leases of Mrs. R. Carleton 7.

Kinsley Perry, (North Cambridge) r 12, retired shoemaker.

Kittle Phoebe, (Pleasant Valley) r 49, widow of William.

Knight Darius, (Cambridge) r 20, sawyer.

KNOX GEORGE 0., (Cambridge) dealer in watches, clocks, spectacles,. jewelry, &c., Main st., h do.

Laborda Edwin, (Jeffersonville) r 8, farm laborer, owns h and lot.

Laborda Eldof, (Jeffersonville) r 8, farm laborer.

LABOUNTY HENRY F., (North Cambridge) r 14, dairy 13 cows, and farmer with Mrs. Waity Curtis 160.

Labounty John M., (Cambridge) r 19, blacksmith.

Labounty Justin M., (Cambridge) r 19, blacksmith and horse-shoer.

Lamplough Alfred, (Jeffersonville) r 21, farm laborer.

Lamplough Jonathan, (Jeffersonville) r 36, prop. of saw and planing-mill, farmer 43, and wood lot 250.

Lang Edward, (Cambridge) r 44, farmer 80.

Lang John, (Jeffersonville) r 21, dairy 40 cows, farmer 250.

Lang William, (Cambridge) r 42, farmer, leases of G. W. Buckley 70.

Lang William, (Jeffersonville) r 22, dairy 18 cows, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer 200.

Langdell Elzaphan D., (Waterville) r 5, jeweler, farmer 172, in Belvidere 200, in Waterville 85, and in Johnson 267.

Langdell Jacob D., (Waterville) r 5 1/2, farmer 82.

LARABEE L. HOWARD, (Waterville) r 4, farmer, with Norman.

LARABEE NORMAN B., (Waterville) r 4, dairy 17 cows, and farmer, leases of J. C. Carpenter 200.

LAVIGNE ANDREW J., (Jeffersonville) proprietor of Chadwick House, livery in connection.

Law Charlotte B., (Cambridge) resident, h South St.

Lawrence Benjamin F., (Cambridge) r 42, farmer, dairy 25 cows, sugar orchard 950 trees, leases of Mrs. C. D. Gates 250.

LEARNED JOHN A., (Cambridge) dairy 34 cows, and farmer, leases of E. J. Gates 500.

LEASE GURDEN D., (Jeffersonville) telegraph operator and station agent, on B. & L. R. R.

Lease Austin D., (East Fletcher) r 2, farm laborer.

LEAVITT HIRAM, (Waterville) r 7, breeder of grade Durham cattle, dairy 21 cows, and farmer, leases of Henry Smiley 350.

Leddy Peter, (Cambridge) r 3r, farmer, leases of D. W. Cutting.

LEONARD HENRY, (Cambridge) dealer in tin, stoves and hardware, also patentee of Leonard’s patent strainer pail spout, Main St., h do.

Lewis David, (Cambridge) retired farmer, Main St.

Long Thomas, (Jeffersonville) r 21, farmer 14.

MACKIE ROBERT, (Jeffersonville) r 31, stone mason, owns house and lot.

Macoy Byron G., (Cambridge) r 19, undertaker and manufacturer and dealer in furniture.

MACOY WESLEY D., (Cambridge) r 16, cooper, carpenter, and farmer 40.

Malanson Joseph, (Jeffersonville) r 25, farm laborer.

Malanson Joseph J., (Jeffersonville) r 6, works for J. W. Green.

Manchester W. Henry, (Waterville) r 5, farmer, with John Codding.

Marcher Edwin, (Cambridge) laborer, h off Main St. Maynard John, (Jeffersonville) r 7, farm laborer.

McCallan Albert, (Cambridge) r 32, constable, retired farmer.

McNany George, (Jeffersonville) laborer.

Meacham Mary, (Pleasant Valley) r 48, resident, owns h and lot.

Melendy Augustus M., (Jeffersonville) r 26, farmer 5.

MELENDY ALFORD. (Jeffersonville) r 8, farmer 85.

MELENDY CHARLES N., (Jeffersonville) r 9, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, dairy 33 cows, sugar orchard i,800 trees, and farmer 260.

MELENDY ERNEST E., (Jeffersonville) r 38, dairy 24 cows, sugar orchard 2,000 trees, farmer, leases of H. N. Melendy Z00.

Melendy Horace N., (Jeffersonville) retired farmer, 2d selectman, owns farm of zoo, occupied by Ernest.

MELENDY JOHN F., (East Fletcher) r 7, farmer.

MELENDY JOSEPH H., (Jeffersonville) r 37, dairy 40 cows, 40 head young cattle, sugar orchard 2,000 trees, farmer 600, and in Eden 250.

MELENDY WILLIAM, (Jeffersonville) r 8, justice of peace, dairy 10 cows, 60 head of young stock, and farmer 250.

Melvin Adelia T., (Jeffersonville) widow of Edwin.

MELVIN GEORGE E., (Jeffersonville) dealer in groceries, provisions, drugs, medicines, tinware, candy, tobacco and cigars, Main st., h do.

Melvin Junius L., (Pleasant Valley) r 48, dairy 10 cows, agent for and owner of Gray’s sawing and threshing machines, farmer 43.

MONTAGUE HARRY, (North Cambridge) r 13, retired farmer zoo.

Morgan Harvey J., (Cambridge) r 19 cor 14, carpenter and joiner.

MORGAN JAMES B., (Cambridge) allo. physician and surgeon, Main st., h do.

Morgan Merritt J., (Cambridge) r 19, dairy 15 cows, farmer 150.

MORGAN SARAH J., (Jeffersonville) r 22, widow of Hiram A., farmer of 165, occupied by G. R. Brown.

MORGAN WILLIAM S., (Jeffersonville) r 27, retired farmer, owns farm of 450.

Morris James, (Pleasant Valley) r 40, farmer 100 mountain land.

MORSE HARMON, (East Cambridge) r 6, dairy 17 cows, apiary 13 colonies, farmer 150, occupied by Fred Putnam.

Morse Thomas, (East Fletcher) r 10, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 175.

Morton Rose, (Cambridge) r 42, widow of John, owns h and lot.

Mudgett Eben S., (Cambridge) r 16, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 270.

Mudgett Edward P., (East Fletcher) r 16, dairy 17 cows, and farmer 130.

MUDGETT SAMANTHA, (Cambridge) r 16, farmer 134.

Nefin John W., (Cambridge) r 44, farmer, with Patrick.

Nefin Patrick, (Cambridge) r 44, farmer 75.

Nichols Frank, (East Fletcher) r 2, dairy 17 cows, and farmer 140.

Norton Anson H., (North Cambridge) r 13. farm laborer.

Notemyer Andrew, (Jeffersonville) r 24, farm laborer.

Notemyer William, (Jeffersonville) r 24, farm laborer.

Nye Benjamin F., (Jeffersonville) r 6, farmer.

Nye Henry H., (Jeffersonville) r 3r, dairy 20 cows, owns horse-power wood saw, farmer 173.

Ober Charles A., (Jeffersonville) r 25, dairy 15 cows, sugar orchard 900 trees, farmer 225.

Page Bradley J., (Jeffersonville) r 8, farmer 70.

Page George W., (Jeffersonville) r 8, farmer, with Bradley J.

PAGE JOEL W., (Jeffersonville) r farmer 215, in Waterville 125.

Powell Egbert, (Jeffersonville) r 34, oldest resident of town, aged 95, has resided in town for 93 years.

POWELL FRANK, (Jeffersonville) r 24, farmer, with Elizabeth.

Powell Ira M., (Jeffersonville) r 27, dairy 15 cows, farmer, leases of Wm. S. Morgan 150.

Powell Martin E., (Jeffersonville) r 27, farmer 50.

POWELL MARY ELIZABETH, (Jeffersonville) r 24, widow of George W., dairy 30 cows, sugar orchard 700 trees, farmer 250.

POWELL TRUMAN D., (Jeffersonville) r 34, dairy 35 cows, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer 300.

Preston Thomas H., (Pleasant Valley) r 47, carpenter and joiner.

Prior Charles, (Pleasant Valley) r 40, dairy 13 cows, 17 head young cattle, farmer 115.

PRIOR EARL, (Pleasant Valley) r 40, farmer 75, with Charles, 115.

Putnam Emerson, (Pleasant Valley) r 47, now in California.

Putnam Fred, (East Cambridge) r 6, dairy 17 cows, farmer, leases of Harmon Morse 150.

PUTNAM JOEL, (Cambridge) r 43, dairy 17 cows, sugar orchard goo trees, agent for Post’s sap spouts, farmer zoo, in Underhill 85, and in Westford 14.

Randall Martin, (Jeffersonville) dealer in oysters, shoemaker, h Main st.

RANSOM STEPHEN D., (Jeffersonville) r 33, carpenter and builder, owns h and lot.

Raymore Harrison, (Jeffersonville) r 28, farmer.

Raymore Henry, (Jeffersonville) r 7, farmer, with Truman A.

Raymore Norris C., (Jeffersonville) high sheriff of Lamoille Co., farmer 18.

Raymore Truman A., (Jeffersonville) r 7, dairy 14 cows, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 165.

Raymore W. Harrison, (Jeffersonville) farmer.

Raymore Wells W., (Cambridge) r 14, sugar orchard 340 trees, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 126.

Read Anna S., (Jeffersonville) r 20, resident with Silas H.

Read Silas H., (Jeffersonville) r 20, farmer 200.

Recor Peter, (Cambridge) r 32, day laborer.

Reed Sarah A., (Jeffersonville) resident farmer 40.

REYNOLDS CHARLEY R., (Jeffersonville) r 2, section hand on P. & O. R. R.

Reynolds James, (Pleasant Valley) r 49, farm laborer.

Reynolds James E., (Jeffersonville) off r 23, dairy 11 cows, farmer, leases of Charles Powell 120.

REYNOLDS JOHN S., (Jeffersonville) r 24, dairy 25 cows, sugar orchard 1,200 trees, farmer, leases of A. Hobert 800.

Reynolds Joshua C., (North Cambridge) r 12, wheelwright, carpenter and miller.

Reynolds Losen, (Jeffersonville) off r 24, farmer 100.

REYNOLDS ORANGE W., (Cambridge) general merchant, Main st., cor South.

Reynolds Patrick, (Pleasant Valley) r 49, farmer 10.

Reynolds Peter, (Pleasant Valley) r 49, farmer 100, wood lot 100.

Reynolds Peter, Sr., (Pleasant Valley) r 49, retired farmer.

Reynolds Robert B., (Jeffersonville) r 8, farmer 15.

Rice Franklin H., (North Cambridge) r 13, farmer 200.

Richards Austin J., (Jeffersonville) r 36, farmer, with Charles.

RICHARDS CHARLES B., (Jeffersonville) r 36, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, farmer 190.

Risin David, (Jeffersonville) r 8, section hand.

Risin Sarah J., (Jeffersonville) r 8, widow of Peter, owns h and lot.

Rogers Newton E., (Cambridge) r 41, breeder of grade Durham cattle, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 110.

Rooney Alban B., (Jeffersonville) farmer 100, in Johnson.

Royce Samuel W., (Cambridge) r 42, farmer, dairy 25 cows, leases of Mrs. C. D. Gates, farm of l00.

Ruggles Apollus H., (Cambridge) farm laborer.

Russell William M., (East Fletcher) r 2, dairy 11 cows, farmer, leases of S. Risden 80.

Safford Azuba, (Pleasant Valley) r 48, widow of Jones, resident, owns h and lot.

*SAFFORD JOHN M., (Cambridge) r 19, manuf. of lumber, felloes, and chair stock. [Card on page 354.]

Safford Julius D., (Pleasant Valley) r 48, prop. of saw, feed, and planing mill, and. farmer 13.

Safford Madison, (Cambridge) r 14, surveyor and farmer, in Underhill 100.

Safford Nelson, (Pleasant Valley) r 48, retired farmer, owns 50.

SAFFORD SAMUEL M., (Cambridge) r 14, first grand juror, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 140.

Scott Herbert W., (Waterville) r 5, farmer, leases of Simon 130.

Scott Simon, (Waterville) r 8, farmer 130.

SCOTT WILLIAM M., (Cambridge) wheelwright and undertaker, also general repair shop.

Seely Lyman J., (Jeffersonville) r 28, old resident.

Seeley Spelman S., (Jeffersonville) off r 24, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 150, and l00 wild land.

Shanly John, Jr., (Pleasant Valley) r 47, farmer 25k.

Shanly Pat J., (Jeffersonville) r 7, engineer for E. W. Peck & Co.

SHERMAN OTIS, (Cambridge) r 40, dairy 25 cows, sugar orchard 800 trees, farmer 200.

SINCLAIR FREDERICK H., (Jeffersonville) r 20, dairy 15 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, 78 head, and farmer, leases of Chauncy Warner.

SMILIE HENRY, (Waterville) r 4, first selectman, justice of peace, and farmer 500.

Smiley Levi V., (Waterville) r 4, farmer, with Henry.

Smith Leviah L., (Jeffersonville) retired carpenter, mechanic, assistant postmaster, h Main St.

Smith Maria, (Pleasant Valley) r 47, widow of Cyrus S., farmer 87.

SMITH WILFORD W., (Cambridge) marble worker, Main st., h do.

Spencer Phineas, (Jeffersonville) r 20, resident.

ST. CYR HENRY H., (Jeffersonville) r 26, blacksmith and horse-shoer.

Stearns Frank J., (East Fletcher) r 9, section hand P. & O. R. R.

Stearns Rufus W., (Cambridge) r 45, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 62.

Stinehour Albert G., (Cambridge) r 20, butcher, Main St.

STINEHOUR IRVING A., (Cambridge) r 20, engineer.

Stinehour Stephen E., (Jeffersonville) teamster and farmer, leases of S. A. Reed 40

Stinehour & Jones, (Cambridge) (Albert S. & Paul J.) butchers, Main St.

Stinson Samuel, (Cambridge) r 42, resident, owns h and lot.

STORY BERT J., (Cambridge) station agent B. & L. R. R., h Main St.

Story Hubbel L., (Cambridge) mason, h Main st,

Story Polly A. Mrs., (Cambridge) dealer in fancy goods, Main st., h do.

Stowell Henry J., (Cambridge) farmer r 14, Main St.

Stratton Sheldon, (Cambridge) retired farmer, h Main St.

Sullivan Sarah, (Cambridge) widow of John, resident, h South St.

Thomes Henry A., (Cambridge) r 43, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer, leases of J. F. Wires 70.

Thomas Oscar 0., (North Cambridge) r 1z, blacksmith.

Thompson Daniel C., (Jeffersonville) r 39, diary 21 cows, sugar orchard 1,500 trees, farmer 300.

Thorp W. Edon, (Cambridge) r 41, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, diary 12 cows, and farmer 70.

Tillotson Theophilus, (Jeffersonville) r 26, farm laborer.

Turner Charles W., (Cambridge) insurance agent.

Turner Joseph W., (Cambridge) retired merchant, owns store, and h and lot, and 35 acres.

Usley Joseph, (Jeffersonville) r 7, farmer leases of Willard Fuller.

Vial Seymour C., (Cambridge) M. E. clergyman, h Main St.

Varnom Harvey W., (Jeffersonville) road master on the St. Johnsbury & Lake Champlain R. R., h Main St.

WAITE CHARLES B., (Cambridge) insurance agent.

Wakefield Mary J., (Cambridge) milliner, Main st., bds hotel.

Walker Arthur, (North Cambridge) r 12, diary 23 cows, and farmer 240.

WALKER DANIEL C., (North Cambridge) r 12, postmaster, carpenter, 3d selectman, farmer in Fletcher 250.

Wallace Charles, (Cambridge) r 41, diary 10 cows, and farmer 75.

WARNER CHAUNCEY, (Cambridge) r 20, 55 head young cattle, and farmer 200.

Warner Rebecca, (Jeffersonville) widow of Harrison, owns house and lot.

Waters Azro B., (Waterville) r 7, farmer 175.

Watkins David H., (Jeffersonville) r 7, farmer 230.

WATKINS DAVID H., (Jeffersonville) retired clergyman in Christian church, farmer 4.

WATKINS FRANK H., (Jeffersonville) r 8, farmer. Watkins Mason, (Jeffersonville) resident.

Wesson Silas B., (Jeffersonville) r 7, farmer, with O. E. Foster.

Westcot Eli B., (Cambridge) wheelwright and painter, h South St.

Westman Benjamin B., (Jeffersonville) r 31, farmer 145.

Westman Chester, (Jeffersonville) r 29, carpenter and cooper, farmer 11.

Westman Orson C., (Pleasant Valley) r 40, diary 13 cows, farmer 106.

Weston Ara J., (Cambridge) r 16, diary 14 cows, and farmer, leases of Henry Stowell 150.

Weston John, (Cambridge) r 16, diary 20 cows, and farmer, leases of Jessie Hubbard 190.

Wetherby Charles B., (Jeffersonville) (Wetherby & Page,) Main St.

Wetherby & Page, (Jeffersonville) (Charles B. W. and John B. P.,) dealers in dry goods, groceries, ready-made clothing, boots and shoes, hardware, and general merchandise, also plows, harrows, etc., Main St.

Wheelock Amaziah J., (Jeffersonville) r 8, farmer 160, and in Franklin 200.

WHEELOCK EDWIN, (Cambridge) Congregational clergyman, Main st.

Wheelock Lucius A., (Jeffersonville) r 26, owns and runs saw-mill.

WHEELOCK WALTER J., (Jeffersonville) r 7, dairy 13 cows, and farmer, leases of Walter, Jr., 30.

WHIPPLE THADDEUS S., (Cambridge) prop. livery stable and American House, and farmer 48, Main cor South.

WHITCOMB TRUMAN, (Jeffersonville) r 22, sugar orchard 450 trees, farmer 140.

Whitney Elbert N., (East Fletcher, Frank. Co.,) r 2, farmer, leases of H. B. Fullington & Son 375.

Whitney Lorenzo, (North Cambridge) r 12, farm laborer.

Wilcox Edmund W., (Jeffersonville) retired cloth dresser.

WILCOX FRANCIS, (Jeffersonville) sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 9 cows, farmer 100, and leases 11.

Wilcox Jared F., (Jeffersonville) carpenter and joiner.

Wilcox Joel M., (Jeffersonville) r 26, lister, postmaster, miller, and farmer 85.

Willey B. Franklin, (Cambridge) r 42, dealer in horses and cattle, owns house and lot and 200 acres wild land in Johnson.

Williams Cyrus W., (Jeffersonville) r 21, cooper and farm laborer.

Wills James H., (Cambridge) r 42, section boss on B. & L. R. R., owns house and lot.

WILSON JOHN M., (Jeffersonville) r 9, manuf. of English liniment.

WILSON MERRITT C., (Jeffersonville) r 2 cor 9, dairy 18 cows and farmer.

WIRES HARLOW, (Cambridge) r 32, dairy 20 cows, sugar orchard 325 trees, farmer 130, and wood lot 47.

WIRES JOHN F., (Cambridge) r 42, farmer 70.

Wood Elias, (Waterville) r 16, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, and farmer 40.

WOOD HIRAM, (Jeffersonville) r 7, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 135.

Wood Lewis H., (Jeffersonville) r 7, farmer, with Hiram.

Wood Olive, (Cambridge) off r sq, widow of Dwelly, farmer 15.


Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and business directory of Lamoille and Orleans Counties, Vt., for 1883-1884. Hamilton Child. 1887.

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