Waterville, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

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Railroad station is Cambridge junction, 4 miles south, on St. J. & L. C., and B. & L. R. R. Daily stage.

Adams Lyman W., (Waterville) r 18, blacksmith, runs turning lathe.

Alford Adial, (Waterville) r 13, farmer, leases of Elias Willey 75.

Atwell Franklin, (Waterville) r 19, farmer 26.

Balch Maria M., (Waterville) r 19, widow of Solomon, resident, h and lot.

Beard B. Willis, (Waterville) r 12 1/2, with Curtis A., farmer.

BEARD CURTIS A., (Waterville) r 12 1/2, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, and farmer 130.

Beard Homer S., (Waterville) r 13, farm laborer.

Bragg Charles E., (Waterville) r 9, sugar orchard Boo trees, dairy 12 cows, farmer 140, and wood lot 50.

Brown Amsden, (Waterville) r lo, carpenter.

Brown Ephraim W., (Waterville) r lo, old resident.

BROWN SAMUEL H., (Waterville) r 12 sugar orchard 450 trees, dairy 12 cows, and farmer I r 2.

Buker Alfred D., (Waterville) r 19, farm laborer.

Buker Harvey R., (Waterville) r 10, farm laborer.

Carpenter Emerson W., (Waterville) r -, farms for John Codding.

Carpenter Joseph G., (Waterville) r 4, farmer, with Lewis W.

Carpenter Lewis W., (Waterville) r 4, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, dairy to cows, and farmer, leases of A. Fletcher 175.

Carpenter William C., (Waterville) r 13, farmer, leases of Mrs. N. Loveland 60.

Central House, (Waterville) r 13, Frederick W. Darrah, proprietor.

CHAFFEE NASON, (Waterville) r 13, borer and layer of pump logs, farmer 2, and wood lot 50.

Cheney Sarah, (Waterville) r 18, widow of Peter, farmer 63.

CHENEY THOMAS J., (Waterville) r q, sugar orchard 130 trees, and farmer 75.

Child Augustus, (Waterville) r 12, farmer 50.

Child Charles, (Waterville) r 12, overseer of poor, justice of peace, town grand juror, and farmer 292.

CODDING JOEL B., (Waterville) r g, 2d selectman, and farmer 125.

Codding Levi, (Waterville) r 9, old resident.

Collins William 0., (Waterville) r 13, teamster, farmer in Stowe 50.

Corey Charles, (Waterville) r 18, allo. physician and surgeon, owns h and lot.

Cutting Allen T., (Waterville) r 3, farm laborer.

Cutting Charles A., (Waterville) r 6, dairy 13 cows, sugar orchard 550 trees, farmer 150, and in Belvidere 70.

CUTTING STEPHEN J., (Waterville) r 6, dairy 15 cows, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer, leases of Albert C. 150.

Darrah Frederick W., (Waterville) r 18, prop, of Central House, and with Mary E., farmer.

Darrah Mary E., (Waterville) r 18, widow of Robert, farmer 25.

DROWN HENRY P., (Waterville) r 17, sugar orchard 600 trees, and farmer 100.

Edwards Henry L., (Waterville) r 18, farm laborer.

Fletcher Andrew, (Waterville) r 4, retired farmer 195, occupied by Lewis W. Carpenter.

Gray Oliver A., (Waterville) r 4, sugar orchard 400 trees, dairy 9 cows, farmer 75, and wood land 125.

Harvey Elmira, (Waterville) r 13, widow of Chester, farmer 20.

Harvey Willie, (Waterville) r 13, with Elmira, farmer.

Hawes Daniel, (Waterville) r 0, farm laborer.

Hayes Lucius, (Waterville) r 13, proprietor of feed and saw-mill, farmer 35.

Hayes Orrin P., (Waterville) r 7, sugar orchard 700 trees, and farmer, leases of E. H. Shattuck go.

Hemenway Amasa S., (Waterville) r 2, farmer, leases of N. Page 100.

Hemenway Simeon, (Belvidere) r 5, farmer 100.

HEMENWAY STEPHEN L., (Belvidere) r 5, prop. of free stone quarry.

Holmes Amos, (Waterville) r 18, miller in D. Dingwall’s mill.

Holmes Harris J., (Waterville) r 19, manuf. of rakes, and fork and hoe handles.

Holmes James L., (Waterville) r 13, works in saw-mill.

Holmes Lyman W., (Waterville) r 13, owns saw and grist-mill.

HOUGHTON BENJAMIN R., (Waterville) r 17, justice of peace, dairy 8 cows, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 101.

Hunter Isaac, (Waterville) r 17, farmer, leases of Seth Clark 115.

Hurlburt George W., (Waterville) farmer.

Hurlburt Julana M., (Waterville) r 15, widow of Benjamin F., farmer to.

Hurlburt Luther H., (Waterville) farmer, leases of D. Willey 130.

Hurlburt Rachel, (Belvidere) r 4, widow of Luther.

Janes Cyrus, (Waterville) r 11, farmer 75.

KELLEY JOHN A., (Waterville) r 18, (Kelley & Son) shoemaker.

KELLEY OMER G., (Waterville) 1 3, (Kelley & Son.)

KELLEY & SON, (Waterville) r 18, (John A. and Omer G.,) manufs. of lace, leather and sheepskin leggins.

Larabee Kate, (Waterville) r 13, widow of Peter.

LEACH AMMI, (Waterville) r 13, blacksmith, horse-shoer, and wheelwright.

Leach Zephaniah, (Waterville) r 8, farmer 60.

Leach Napoleon R., (Waterville) r To, farmer, leases of N. Page.

Leach Nathan W., (Waterville) r 19, farm laborer.

Leach Royal P., (Waterville) r 12, basket maker, and cooper.

Locke Byron H., (Waterville) r 6, farmer, with Thomas J.

Locke Frank R., (Belvidere) r 4, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, farmer 125, and wood lot 125.

Locke Harris H., (Waterville) r 6, fanner, leases of Thomas J. 150.

Locke Thomas J., (Waterville) r 6, farmer 56.

LOCKE VARNOS P., (Waterville) r 6, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 0.

Loveland Martin, (Waterville) r 4, retired farmer 68.

Lowater Richard G., (Waterville) r 15, teamster, owns h and lot.

Manchester Ernest W., (Waterville) r 16, farmer, with Solomon.

MANCHESTER SOLOMON, (Waterville) r 16, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, and farmer 195.

Manchester Stephen R., (Waterville) r 16, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 225.

Mann Edward I., (Waterville) r 14, farmer, leases of M. E. church 100.

MANN GEORGE H., (Waterville) r 18, manuf. of shoe, bread, and steak knives.

Mann Hiram, (Waterville) r 18, manuf. of all kinds of knives.

Marcy Mary, (Waterville) r 19, widow of Joseph, dressmaker, owns h and lot.

Maurice Daniel F., (Waterville) r 19, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 75.

Maynard Edgar M., (Waterville) r 13, farm laborer.

McCuin Margaret, (Waterville) r 13, widow of Richie, old resident.

McCuin James R., (Belvidere) r 3, sugar orchard 400 trees, dairy 6 cows, and farmer 160.

McElroy William, (Belvidere) r 5, farmer 150.

McFarland Moses, (Waterville) r 12, sugar orchard 1,600 trees, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 360.

McManaman John, (Waterville) r 12, sugar orchard 100 trees, and farmer 57.

McManamon Mary, (Waterville) r 13, milliner.

McManamon William, (Waterville) r 13, retired farmer. Miller Phoebe, (Waterville) r 15, widow of Roger.

MILLER SAMUEL R., (Waterville) r 18, 3d selectman, justice of peace, prop. and owner of Mountain Spring House, livery in connection, and farmer 15.

MOUNTAIN SPRING HOUSE, (Waterville) r 50, S. R. Miller, prop. Olin Henry, (Waterville) r 12, first selectman, school committeeman; dairy 11 cows, and farmer 177.

Osley John, (Waterville) r 18, farm laborer.

PIERCE DEXTER R., (Waterville) r 12, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 70.

Potter Dwight F., (Waterville) r 2, farmer, leases of H. Hurlburt 63.

Potter Luke, (Waterville) off r 13, mail carrier and stage driver between Waterville and Jeffersonville, breeder of grade Cotswold sheep, and farmer 45.

Potter Thomas E., (Waterville) r 18, farm laborer.

Prior Elhanan W., (Waterville) r 18, prop. of tin shop, farmer 14.

ROGERS OMAR D., (Waterville) r 13, town representative, blacksmith, horseshoer, and farmer 5.

Russell Martha, (Waterville) widow of Lewis.

Sanderson Weston K., (Waterville) r 8, (Smith & Sanderson.)

SHATTUCK CHAUNCEY, (Waterville) r 7, sugar orchard 700 trees,

farmer 130. Served 3 years and 6 months in Company A, 8th Vt. Regt.

Shattuck Daniel, (Waterville) r 7, cooper, and farmer 4.

Shattuck Edwin H., (Waterville) postmaster, town clerk and treasurer, dealer in general merchandise, and farmer 4.

Shattuck Jemima, (Waterville) r 4, widow of Jerry, farmer 58.

Shattuck Louisa, (Waterville) r 13, widow of Fisk, resident.

SHERMAN JOSEPH, (Waterville) r 12, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer, leases of Henry Smalley 110. Served in 7th Vt. Regt. 3 years.

Smith Elinus W., (Waterville) r 18, (Smith & Sanderson.)

Smith John J., Waterville) r so, carpenter and laborer.

Smith & Sanderson, (Waterville) r 18, (E. W. Smith and W. K. Sanderson) gen’l merchants, dealers in boots, shoes, ready-made clothing, tinware, etc.

Southard Hiram W., (Waterville) r 15, carpenter, and farmer It.

Spooner Spaulding, (Waterville) r 18 cor 15, retired farmer.

Stanley Edward A., (Waterville) r 16, breeder of pure blood Merino sheep, reg., sugar orchard 800 trees, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 150.

Stark Mary C., (Waterville) r 18, widow of George, owns h and lot.

Stevens Alexander, (Waterville) off r 7, farmer 50.

Stevens George M., (Waterville) r 13, mason, farmer 25.

STEVENS JAMES V., (Waterville) r 13, dealer in general merchandise, including ready-made clothing and patent medicines. [Card on page 354.]

Stevens Mark, (Waterville) r t8, clerk for E. H. Shattuck, farmer 32.

Story George L., (Waterville) r t8, pastor of Union church, (Cong. and M. E.)

Stratton Elijah C., (Waterville) r 9, old resident, with Luman H.

Stratton Luman H., (Waterville) r 9, dairy 9 cows, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 154.

Stybles George, (Waterville) r 13, farm laborer.

Taylor Hiriam D., (Waterville) r 19, school teacher.

TAYLOR ORPHEUS T., (Waterville) r 19, (S. G. and 0. T. Taylor.)

TAYLOR S. G. & 0. T., (Waterville) r 19, (Sanford G. and Orpheus T.,) dairy to cows, sugar orchard 600 trees, and farmers 115.

TAYLOR SANFORD G., (Waterville) r 19, (S. G. and 0. T. Taylor.)

THOMAS GEORGE B., (Waterville) r 5, justice of peace for 30 years, dairy 6 cows, and farmer 100.

Thomas Henry H., (Belvidere) r 3, sugar orchard 700 trees, and farmer 13.

THOMAS ORRIN A., (Belvidere) r 5, town lister, and farmer 100.

Thomas Welcome, (Belvidere) r 4, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer 15, leases of C. C. Burton 30.

TILLOTSON CHAUNCEY, (Waterville) r 13, constable, cattle dealer, farmer 400, and in Belvidere 100

TILLOTSON ORRIN, (Waterville) r 16, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 9 cows, farmer r t 5.

Tillotson Truman, (Belvidere) r 3, farmer z.

Tobin Christopher C., (Waterville) r to, dairy 8 cows, and farmer, leases of John Willey 180.

Vorce Nelson P., (Waterville) r 9, farmer too, and wood lot 50.

Weston Lucius K., (Waterville) r 7, farmer, leases of Brunson S. Willey 185.

Wetherell Ephraim B., (Waterville) r 18, carpenter and wheelwright.

Wetherell Myron N., (Waterville) r 12, carpenter and joiner, teamster, and farmer, leases of N. B. Page 200 (see also WITHEREL.)

Wilbur Henry, (Waterville) r 18, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 170.

Wilbur Moses, (Waterville) r 12 1/2, sugar orchard too trees, farmer 100

Willey Bronson S., (Waterville) r 7, mechanic, and farmer 185.

Willey Daniel, (Waterville) r 8, farmer 60, and wood lot 70.

Willey Elias, (Waterville) r 13, retired farmer 75. (Died January, 1883.)

WILLEY FRED S., (Waterville) r 10, agent for New Home sewing machine.

Willey Harriet, (Waterville) r 7, farmer 37.

Willey John, (Waterville) r to, retired farmer, owns farm 180.

Willey John A., (Waterville) r 8, farmer 100

Witherel Wyman, (Waterville) r 14, farmer, leases of Monroe Twist 80 (see also WETHERELL.)


Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and business directory of Lamoille and Orleans Counties, Vt., for 1883-1884. Hamilton Child. 1887.

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