Wolcott, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

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Ainsworth Eli W., (Wolcott) r 6 cor 8, farmer.

Albee Elias W., (Wolcott) r 32, farmer, with M. A., on estate of Celinda.

Albee Merrill A., (Wolcott) r 32, farmer of E. W., on estate of Celinda.

Aldrich Gregory S., (Wolcott) r 38, blacksmith.

Allen Laura E., (Wolcott) r 24, widow of Wilbur, teacher.

Amsden Abbott J., (Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 5, farmer 20.

Andrus Azro G., (North Wolcott) r 14, works in saw-mill, owns h and lot.

ANDRUS ORRIN R., (Wolcott) r 24, lister, dairy 9 cows, farmer 112.

Andrus T. Orvis, (North Wolcott) r 13, carpenter and joiner, farmer 100.

ARBUCKLE TIMOTHY C., (Wolcott) r 32, town treasurer, undertaker and furniture dealer, manufacturer of carriages and sleighs, repairer, and farmer 15.

Arbuckle Timothy, (Wolcott) r 32, general blacksmith and horse-shoer.

Atkins Almond S., (Wolcott) r 32, farm laborer.

Austin Everett S., (Wolcott) r 34, leases with H. H. Pike farm 200.

Bailey Benjamin W., (Wolcott) r 35, farmer.

Bailey Charles A., (Wolcott) r 35, dairy 11 cows, farmer, leases of B. Guyer 100.

Bailey Chester N., (Wolcott) r 43, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 230.

Bailey William C., (Wolcott) r 43, farmer.

Baker Harriet, (North Wolcott) r 14, (Mrs. Wm.,) dressmaker.

Baker Isabelle, (Wolcott) r 40, widow of E. D., resident.

Baldwin Alger J., (North Wolcott) r 14, cooper and carpenter.

Baldwin Daniel. (North Wolcott) r 14, farmer.

Baldwin Hannah, (North Wolcott) r 14, (Mrs. Daniel,) farmer, with H. C., owns 50.

Baldwin Henry C., (North Wolcott) r 14, cooper, painter, and farmer, with Mrs. H. So.

Batchelder Albon B., (Wolcott) r 41, farmer, with G. A.

Batchelder Charles, (Wolcott) r 40, laborer in saw-mill.

Batchelder George A., (Wolcott) r 41, farmer.

Bates Charles W., (Wolcott) r 32, allo. physician and surgeon.

Bedell Daniel C., (Wolcott) r 21, farmer.

Bedell George W., (North Wolcott) r 2, farmer 28 1/2.

Bedell Luther A., (Wolcott) r 21, (M. A. & L. A.)

Bedell M. A. & L. A., (Wolcott) r 21, (Minea A. and Luther A.,) farmers 95

Bedell Minea A., (Wolcott) r 21, (M. A. & L. A.)

Bedford Benjamin, (Wolcott) r 41, farmer 100.

Benjamin Esther S., (Wolcott) r 32, widow of Phineas, resident, owns farm 175.

Bennett Ambrose, (Wolcott) r 37, carpenter, cooper, and farmer 35.

Bennett Charles, (Wolcott) r 38, farm laborer.

BENTLEY EDGAR A., (Wolcott) r 33, farmer 7.

Boardman Albert N., (Wolcott) r 4, farmer 100.

Boardman Amos W., (Wolcott) farmer, with Warren.

Boardman Edwin 0., (Wolcott) r 38, jobbing lumberman.

Boardman Orra, (Wolcott) r 27, laborer.

Boardman Warren, (Wolcott) r 40 Opp. 42, apiary 20 swarms, farmer So.

Boomhour Arthur, (Wolcott) r 30, farm laborer.

Boutelle Salena E., (Wolcott) r 38, (Mrs. W. A.,) milliner, owns property in Montpelier, Washington Co.

BOYNTON Al N., (North Wolcott) r z, prop. of saw-mill, sugar orchard 800 trees, and farmer 120.

Boynton Charles W., (North Wolcott) r 2, farmer 75.

Boynton Lyndall C., (North Wolcott) r 2, sawyer for A. N. Boynton Noah, (North Wolcott) r 14, farmer 10.

BROWN ALBERT, (Wolcott) r 4, lumberman, wool grower, breeder of fine horses, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 300.

Brown Angie D., (Wolcott) r 4, school teacher.

Brown Dexter, (Morrisville) off r 46, farmer, leases of S. Bridge, of Morristown, 100 acres.

BRUCE MILTON, (North Wolcott) r 22 cor 17, 2d selectman, dairy 8 cows, and farmer. 145.

Bruce Nelson R., (North Wolcott) r 22, farmer, with Milton.

Bullock Benjamin, (Wolcott) r 24, resident, aged 74, owns farm 100.

Bullock Martin Z., (Wolcott) r 4, farmer 100.

Bundy Loren S., (North Wolcott) r 16, farmer 190.

BUNDY HARVEY B., (Wolcott) r 32, prop. custom flouring-mill, wholesale and retail.

Burnell Milo S., (Wolcott) r 38, (Varnum, Burnell & Rust,) express, telegraph and station agent St. J. & L. C. R. R., owns house and lot.

Camp Eugene A., (Wolcott) r 32, works in saw-mill.

Camp Harley W., (North Wolcott) r 14, librarian of T. R. C. library, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 100.

Camp Nathan J., (North Wolcott) r 14, farmer 50.

CAREY JOHN, (Wolcott) r 25, farmer, leases of J. P. Ferrin 50.

Carley Henry H., (Wolcott) r 40, laborer in saw-mill.

Carr Lewis R., (Wolcott) r 9, farmer 65.

CATE WILLIAM W., (Wolcott) r 32, (Steam Mill Co.,) prop. of saw-mill at Wolcott, also with B. W. Green owner of Morrisville bakery, and owns 233 acres in Hardwick.

Chase William A., (Wolcott) r 32, boot and shoemaker, owns house and lot.

*CLARK CHARLES E., (Wolcott) r 38, manuf. of wagons, carriages and sleighs, and general blacksmith.

CLARK MOSES H., (Wolcott) r 34 cor 33, dairy 15 cows, farmer, leases of E. Guyer about 200.

Cleaveland Charles L., (North Wolcott) r 11 cor 12, leases on shares of C. J. & F. E. Sheldon 100 acres.

Cleaveland Enoch J., (Wolcott) r 35, farmer, leases of A. Cross, of Quebec, Canada, 100 acres.

COBLEIGH JAMES, (Elmore) r 45, farmer 78.

Cogswell Orlando S., (Wolcott) r 32, wagonmaker.

Colgrove Nathan, (Wolcott) r 39, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 125.

CONANT MILTIMORE, (Wolcott) r 32, carpenter and joiner, and builder.

Corrigan Marilla W., (Wolcott) r 24, owns farm 88.

Cram Elhanan W., (Wolcott) r 24, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 120.

Cram Ellen A., (Wolcott), r 24, school teacher.

Cross Frank, (Wolcott) r 10, farm laborer for E. Lewis.

Cross Thomas, (Wolcott) r 6, farmer 8.

Cummings Almira, (Wolcott) r 32, widow of Edwin.

Currier Arthur, (Wolcott) r 39, farm laborer.

Currier I. & R. L., (Wolcott) r 30, (Israel and Rodney L.,) dairy 10 cows, and farmers 140.

Currier Israel, (Wolcott) r 30, (I. & R. L.,) aged 79.

Currier Rodney L., (Wolcott) r 30, (I. & R. L.,) town auditor. Cushman Holmes, (Wolcott) r 38, teamster.

Daley George C., (Morrisville) r 34, millwright, runs saw-mill belonging to C. Page, of Morrisville.

Danforth Charles W., (Wolcott) r 38, farm laborer.

Darling Alvaro R., (Wolcott) r 42, dairy rr cows, and farmer 150.

Darling Elial G., (Wolcott) r 33 cor 21, traveling salesman, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 130.

Darling Marcellus F., (North Wolcott) r 20, farmer 50. Darling Rufus, (North Wolcott) r 20, retired.

Darrah Peter, (Wolcott) r 39, manager of town farm of 200 acres.

Davis Calvin C., (Wolcott) r 25, farmer 20, and on r 10 owns 100 acres.

Davis George C., (Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 28, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 125.

Davis J. Elbert, (Craftsbury, Orleans Co.,) r 5, dairy 12 cows, and farmer, leases of P. D. Pinney 250.

Davis James P., (Wolcott) r 24, 3d selectman, farmer 60.

Davis Joseph A., (Wolcott) r 41, machinist, and farmer 125.

Davis Pardon, (Wolcott) r 24, dairy 21 cows, and farmer 200.

Davis Theodore A., (Wolcott) r 41, owns farm 125.

Davis Wallace 0., (Wolcott) r 24, farmer, with Pardon.

Dexter Ephraim P., (Wolcott) r 11, farmer 70.

Dexter Hattie E., (Wolcott) r 11, school teacher.

Dimick Albert G., (Wolcott) r 38, farm laborer, 1 1/2 acres.

Dimick Charles H., (Wolcott) r 38, farmer 85.

Dimick Marcus C., (Wolcott) r 38, farmer, with C. H.

Douglass David, (Elmore) r 45 cor 44, wool grower 35 sheep, farmer 65, and leases of W. Griswold, of Elmore, 100 acres.

Downing Adin 0., Wolcott) r 42, farm laborer.

Downing George E., (Wolcott) r 42, farm laborer.

Downing Richard, (Wolcott) r 42, farm laborer.

DROWN ADDISON P., (Wolcott) r 9, farmer 200.

DROWN GEORGE L., (Wolcott) r 42, farmer and mason.

Durky Eli, (Wolcott) r 40, laborer, h and lot.

DUNBAR ELISHA N., (Wolcott) r 32, miller.

Dunham Janette C., (Wolcott) r 32, widow of D. B.

Dunham Milton M., (Wolcott) r 22, farmer, leases of W. T. Herrick, of Winooski, 75.

Dunham Oliver P., (Wolcott) r 33, laborer in saw-mill.

DWINELL MALBRO J., (Wolcott) r 28, dairy 9 cows, farmer 160, 60 of woodland, and half interest in r 20 acres in Greensboro.

Earle Emma C., (Wolcott) r 32, (Mrs. H. A.) dressmaker.

Eastman William F., (Wolcott) r 32, works in saw-mill.

Eaton Oscar, (Wolcott) r 24, farmer 100.

Emerson Hiram J., (Wolcott) r 10, laborer at saw-mill.

Fairman Erastus P., (Wolcott) r 32, allo. physician and surgeon.

Farnham Sherman A.. (Morrisville) sawyer for H. S. Haskins.

Ferrin Alpheus A., (Wolcott) r 25, farmer 39.

Ferrin John P., (Wolcott) r 25, thresher and farmer 50, woodland 37.

Fife Seth A., (Wolcott) r 23, (Wolcott Steam Mill Co.) general merchant, dealer in clothing and furnishing goods, treas. of Wolcott Steam Mill Co., owns part of 400 acres timber land.

Fisher Calvin A., (Wolcott) r 10, farmer, owns 40 acres in Elmore.

FISHER CHARLES E., (Wolcott) r 3, dairy 13 cows, farmer 230.

FISHER CHRISTOPHER C., (Wolcott) r 40, lister, agent for the Buckeye mower, poultry storer, stock dealer, dealer in poultry, and farmer 200.

Fisk Adelbert, (Wolcott) r 11, farm laborer.

Fisk Eli J., (Wolcott) r 11, farm laborer.

Fisk Hamilton, (Wolcott) r 11, farm laborer.

Fisk Mary E., (Wolcott) r 11, widow of Jonathan, owns 6 acres.

Folsom George, (Wolcott) r 4, dairy 12 cows, farmer 175.

Folsom Hobert, (Wolcott) r 4, farms on shares with George.

Fowler Samuel P., (Wolcott) r 21, farmer 100.

Franklin Elisha D., (North Wolcott) r 14, harness maker, and farmer 15.

Garvin Samuel, (North Wolcott) r 15, farmer 80.

Gates Eliza A., (Wolcott) r 32, widow of Siloam, resident.

Gifford Charles A., (Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 26, farmer, leases of J. Davis.

Gifford Lydia, (Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 26, widow of Ziba, resident.

Gilcris Joseph, (Wolcott) r 32, carpenter and builder.

Gilcris Oliver D., (Wolcott) r 26, farmer, leases of A. E. Judivine 65.

Gile Charles C., (Wolcott) r 30, farm laborer.

Govro Henry R., (Wolcott) r 32, laborer.

Gowen Joseph T., (Wolcott) r 22, farmer, with C. B. Johnson, leases of Udell estate 325.

Graves James, (Wolcott) r 39, town charge.

Greene Sidney T., (Wolcott) r 24, carpenter and builder, farmer, leases of Mrs. Corrigan 88.

Griffith Wesley, (Wolcott) r 10, works in saw-mill.

Grout Ira D., (Wolcott) r 38, farmer, son of Wm. M.

Grout William M., (Wolcott) off r 33, farmer 75.

Guyer Eliza, (North Wolcott) r 14, widow of Bradley.

Guyer Earl, (Wolcott) r 33, proprietor of saw-mill, farmer 22, and 80 acres timber land.

Guyer Martha R., (Wolcott) r 34 cor 33, resident, aged 78.

Hamilton Charles S., (North Wolcott) r 1 cor 2, pastor M. E. church at North Wolcott.

HARRIS FOSTER N., (Wolcott) r 32, section foreman St. J. & L. C. R. R., h and lot.

Harris Leon M., (Wolcott) r 32, farmer.

Harris Mary, (Wolcott) r 32, (Mrs. F. N.,) milliner and dressmaker.

Hart George, (Wolcott) r 10, works in saw-mill.

Hastings Charles S., (Elmore) r 44, dairy 12 cows, farmer 140.

Hastings Hiram A., (Wolcott) off r 38, farmer 106.

Hastings James A., (Wolcott) r 44, farmer, leases on shares of Mr. Russell, of Elmore, 65.

Hatch Clarence A., (Wolcott) r 40, sawyer for C. H. Reed.

Hicks Curtis, (North Wolcott) r 16, farmer 200.

Hicks John, (Wolcott) r 16, farm laborer.

Hill Horace L., (Wolcott) r 21, dairy 10 cows, farmer, leases of Orson Stone 200.

Hill Judith, (Wolcott) r 36 cor 45, widow of Moses.

Hill Solomon, (Wolcott) r 21, retired farmer.

Hines Chester L., (Wolcott) r 32, carpenter and builder, and sawyer.

Hines Nathan, (Wolcott) r 9, farmer 53.

Nines Samuel L., (Wolcott) r 8, sawyer, owns farm 53.

Hodge Oscar, (Wolcott) r 22, farmer, leases of George Wilkins, of Stowe, 75.

Hodgen Moses, (Wolcott) r 40, works in saw-mill.

Holron Dwight M., (North Wolcott) r 14, postmaster and grocer.

Holton Fred H., (North Wolcott) r 14, with Harvey.

Holton Harvey, (North Wolcott) r 14, manufacturer of butter-tubs, and farmer 75.

Holton John F., (North Wolcott) r 14, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 60.

Hubbard Charles H., (Wolcott) r 33, leases of Wm. Grout 75.

Hubbard George F., (Wolcott) r 33, farm laborer.

Hubbell Climena, (Wolcott) r 34, widow of Thaddeus, resident.

Hubbell Joseph F., (Wolcott) r 34, cooper, and farmer 37.

Hubbell Justus T., (Wolcott) r 34, dairy 12 cows, wool grower, and farmer 200, wood land too.

HUBBELL MYRON R., (Wolcott) r 32, inventor and manuf. of the

Hubbell plow, and Hubbell automatic car coupler.

Hubbell Rebecca, (Wolcott) r 24, (Mrs. J. F.,) owns farm 37.

Hughes William, (Wolcott) r 38, railroad builder.

Hubbell Thaddeus P., (Wolcott) treats diseases of the ear.

Hutchins Dana N., (Wolcott) r 33, teamster for E. Guyer.

Hutchins John C., (Wolcott) r 32, farmer with L. S.

HUTCHINS LEWIS S., (Wolcott) r 32, farmer 60.

Hutchins Polly, (Wolcott) r 32, widow of Parley, resident, aged 84.

Johnson Calvin, (Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 5 cor 6, retired farmer.

Johnson Charles B., (Wolcott) r 22, dairy 26 cows, farmer, with Joseph Gowen, leases of the Udell estate 325.

Johnson Frank G., (Wolcott) r 24, stone mason, and farmer.

Johnson George C., (Wolcott) r 3, farmer, with Mark C. 65.

Johnson Mark C., (Wolcott) r 3, farmer, with George C. 65.

Johnson Stevens J., (Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 5 car 6, dairy 20 Cows, farmer 325.

Jones Angie, (Wolcott) r 32. (Mrs. Truman,) dealer in general merchandise, clothing and furnishing goods.

JONES EDWARD F., (Wolcott) r 32, traveling salesman.

Jones George W., (Wolcott) r 40, laborer in saw-mill

JONES JUSTUS T.. (Wolcott) r 32, manager of Miss Angie Jones’s store.

Jones Nathaniel K., (Wolcott) r 32, laborer in saw-mill.

Jones Truman, (Wolcott) r 32, carpenter and joiner, agent for Fairbanks scales, owns farm 120.

Jordan Clesson W., (Wolcott) r 35, dairy 14 cows, farmer 60, and leases of C. Stevens 100.

Jordan Medad, (Wolcott) r 35, retired farmer.

Jordan William S., (Wolcott) r 24, farm laborer.

KEELER ANSON H., (Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 8, farmer 40.

Keeler George A., (Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 8, farmer, with A. H.

KEELER GEORGE B., (Wolcott) r 40, foreman in C. H. Reed’s saw-mill.

Keeler Willie A., (Wolcott, or Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 8, butter buyer.

Kipp Fred C., (North Wolcott) off r 18, farmer, leases of Moses Terrill, of Cady’s Falls, 100.

Knight Philo J., (Wolcott) r 40, farmer 25. Soldier in the 1st Vt. Cavalry and 11th Infantry.

Kusic Byron R., (Wolcott) r 26, farmer, leases of A. Town 75.

KUSIC HENRY A., (Wolcott) r 30, works farm for Mrs. Joseph Titus.

Kusic Richard R., (Wolcott) r 26, resident.

LANE EDWIN G., (North Wolcott) r 13, farmer 135.

Lanphear Clara M., (Wolcott) r 36, milliner.

LANPHEAR NELSON, (Wolcott) r 36, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 130.

Lanphear Oscar B., (Wolcott) r 36, farmer, son of Nelson.

Laraway Joseph, (North Wolcott) r 16, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 200.

Larrabee Lattany D., (Wolcott) r 26, dairy 10 cows, works on shares for T. Jones 120.

Larrabee Thomas, (Wolcott) r 30, farmer.

Lawrence Charles, (Wolcott) r 32 cor 31, lumber dealer, and farmer, leases 40.

Lawson William A., (Wolcott) r 43, carpenter, and farmer 7.

LEACH MOSES J., (Wolcott) r 32, town clerk, supt. of schools, notary public, and druggiSt.

Learned Julian M., (North Wolcott) r 16, farmer 100.

LeBaron George J., (Wolcott) r 33, sawyer.

Leckner Fred, (Wolcott) r 22, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 45.

Leckner John B., (Wolcott) r 22, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 190.

Leckner Paul, (Wolcott) r 22, farmer 43.

Lewis Edgar R., (Wolcott) r 10 cor 12, farmer 53.

Linton James L., (Wolcott) r 10, works in saw-mill.

Loomis Norman, (Wolcott) r 10, works in saw-mill.

LOWELL JOHN F., (Wolcott) r 41, carpenter, dairy 10 cows, farmer, leases of J. A. Davis 125 acres on r 41.

LUCE OLIVE R., (Wolcott) r 32, (Mrs. S. D.,) milliner, dealer in fancy goods, and dressmaker.

LUCE SIMON D.. (Wolcott) r 32, stone mason.

Luce W. Newman, (Wolcott) r 13, farm laborer.

Luce Zebina A., (Wolcott) r 31, farmer 65.

Lynton James, (Wolcott) r 10, works in saw-mill.

Lyon Martin D., (Wolcott) r 32, works in saw-mill.

Mann Edward C., (Wolcott) r 38, tinsmith and hardware dealer.

Mann Erastus E., (Wolcott) r 24, first selectman, farmer 88.

Marshall Almond A., (Wolcott) r 40, works in saw-mill.

Marshall Reuben J., (Wolcott) r 22, farmer, with J. B. Leckner.

MARTIN GEORGE W., (North Wolcott) r 15, farmer, with L. B.

Martin John D., (Wolcott) r 24, farmer 125.

MARTIN LUCIUS B., (North Wolcott) r 15, farmer 50.

Martin Ralph, (Wolcott) r 24, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 150.

Mason Newel, (Wolcott) r 9, farmer 200.

MAY HENRY A., (Wolcott) r 38, house, carriage, sign and ornamental painter, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 20.

McKnight George A., (Wolcott) r 33, farm laborer.

McKnight William J., (Wolcott) r 32, laborer.

MILES EDMOND, (Wolcott) off r 26, dairy 12 cows, farmer, leases of O. E. Titus 230, and owns in Greensboro 80 acres.

Mills George, (Wolcott) r 38, laborer.

Mills John, (North Wolcott) r 15, farmer 60.

Mills, (Wolcott) off r 38, widow of Reuben, resident, occupies 25 acres.

Miner Franklin C., (Wolcott) r 32, laborer.

Moody Herbert W., (Wolcott) r 10, engineer at steam mill, and keeps boarding-house.

Morrow John, (Wolcott) r 32, farmer and teamster.

Morse Eunice, (Wolcott) r 40, (Mrs. Andrew,) owns house and lot.

Morse Flora L., (Wolcott) r 32, school teacher.

MORSE JOHN, (Wolcott) r 32, pastor M. E. church.

Moulton Charles G., (Wolcott) r 26 cor 25, farmer 60.

MOULTON CHARLES W., (Wolcott) r 25, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 150.

Mudgett Udner J., (Wolcott) r 32, lumber dealer, and dealer in butter, eggs, maple sugar and country produce.

Nelson David, (Wolcott) r 12, farmer, leases of S. R. Parker 200.

Nichols Alpheus H., (Wolcott) r 32, carpenter and builder, and farmer 15.

Noyes Levi S., (Wolcott) r so, laborer in saw-mill.

Noyes William S., (Wolcott) r 31, prop. chair-stock, rake and fork-handle factory in Underhill, Chitt. Co.

Olmstead Lavina E., (Wolcott) r 40, owns farm 2 1/4.

Osgood Anson A., (Wolcott) r 32, laborer.

Paddleford George B., (Wolcott) r 42, farmer 32.

Parker Francis L., (Wolcott) r 31, farm laborer.

PARKER HENRY P., (Wolcott) r 11, carpenter, and farmer 200.

Parker Herbert H., (Wolcott) r 11, sawyer and farmer.

Parker Martin S., (Wolcott) r 11, with H. P., farmer.

Parker Joel R., (Wolcott) r 1 x, proprietor of saw-mill, farmer 6.

PARKER R. F. & W. M., (Wolcott) r 32, (Richard F. and Willis M.,) general merchants.

PARKER RICHARD F. HON., (Wolcott) r 32, (Parker, Mudgett, & Co., R. F. & W. M.

Parker, and Wolcott Steam Mill Co.,) attorney and counselor at law.

Parker, Mudgett & Co., (Wolcott) (R. F. Parker, U. J. Mudgett, and

P. K. Gleed, of Morrisville,) dealers in all kinds of lumber.

Parker Squire R., (Wolcott) r 12, dairy y cows, farmer 100.

PARKER WILLIS M., (Wolcott) r 32, (R. F. and W. M.,) postmaster.

Potter Fidelia, (Wolcott) r 3, widow of Austin, owns 230 acres.

Peake Clarence, (Wolcott) r 35, laborer.

Peake Mason 0., (Elmore) r 44, farmer 63.

Pearson Daniel, (Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 29, farmer 52.

Peck Cornelius V., (Wolcott) r 32, wool grower 27 sheep, farmer 130.

PECK FRANCIS E., (Wolcott) r 33 cor 23, butcher, apiary 8 swarms, and farrier, manufacturer of condition powders for horses and cattle, and with Jerra, farmer.

Peck James L., (Wolcott) r 32, farmer, leases of C. V. Peck 130.

PECK JERRA, (Wolcott) r 33 cor 23, farrier, and farmer 56.

Peck Mary A., (Wolcott) off r 38, (Mrs. S. H.,) owns one-third interest in 220 acres of timber land.

Peck Royal H., (Wolcott) r 32, resident, real estate owner, lumber dealer.

Peck Seth H., (Wolcott) off r 38, stone mason, farmer 25, and on road 40 owns 16 acres.

Pennock George W., (Wolcott) r 42, (G. W. & S. G. Pennock.

Pennock G. W. & S. G., (Wolcott) r 42, (Geo. W. and Samuel T.,) dairy 13 cows, farmer 130.

Pennock Samuel G., (Wolcott) r 42, (G. W. & S. G. Pennock.)

Phillips Albert E., (Wolcott) r 32, house and carriage painter, and barber.

Pierce Arthur L., (Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 41, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 130.

PIKE ADNA B., (North Wolcott) r r, justice of the peace, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 160.

Pike Hiram H., (Wolcott) r 34, leases with E. S. Austin, dairy 7 cows, farm 200, of J. H. Bennett, of Trunbridge.

Poor John H., (Wolcott, or Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 5, constable and collector, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 250.

Pressey Charles H., (Wolcott) r 40, farmer 2.

Pressey John H., (Wolcott) r 40, telegraph operator, dealer in fruits, confectionery, etc.

Preston Joseph, (Wolcott) r 32, resident, aged 83.

Preston Lucy P., (Wolcott) r 32, town liquor agent.

Pryor George H., (Wolcott) r 40, laborer in saw-mill.

Putman Clarence, (North Wolcott) r 14, farmer 50.

PUTNAM ORRIN J., (North Wolcott) r 14, millwright and farmer 80.

QUIMBY ALBERT H., (Wolcott) r 10, carpenter, farmer 100.

RANDALL EUGENE A., (North Wolcott) r 1, farmer.

REED CHARLES H., (Wolcott) r 40, prop. of saw-mill and manuf. and dealer in lumber and chair stock, and owns 475 acres timber land.

REED CORNELIUS A., (Wolcott) r 33, wool grower 28 sheep, dairy 10 cows, farmer 210.

Richardson Chauncey J., (Wolcott) r 32, pastor Congregational church.

Richardson Elias, (Wolcott) r 40, laborer in saw-mill.

Richardson Fred B., (Wolcott) r 10, works in saw-mill.

Richardson Lucian B., (Wolcott) r 46, dairy 10 cows, farmer 90.

Richardson Leon M., (Wolcott) r 40, laborer.

ROBBINS CHARLES, (Wolcott) r 24, farmer 75.

Robbins Don A., (Craftsbury, Orleans Co.,) off r 5, farmer 46.

Robbins Jacob J., (Wolcott) r 32, grocer and butter buyer, bds Wolcott House.

Robbins William P., (North Wolcott) r 13, farmer, leases of C. C. Fisher.

Russ Albert E., (North Wolcott) r 15 cor 16, farmer 50.

Russell Lewis D., (Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 8, dairy 25 cows, farmer 200.

Russell William G., (Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 8, farmer, with L. D.

Sabin Oliver, (Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) south from Akers pond, farmer, leases 260.

SANBORN IRA C., (North Wolcott) r 2, town auditor, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 70.

Sanborn John H., (Wolcott) r 9, farmer 65.

Scott John W., (Wolcott) r 30, dairy 16 cows, wool grower 43 sheep, farmer 230.

Scott Marcus D., (Wolcott) r 30, town lister, farmer 110.

Scott Olive, (Wolcott) r 30, widow of Darius, resident, aged 69.

Scribner Simon W., (Wolcott) r 6, farmer 135.

Sessions David P., (Wolcott) r 32, section hand St. J. & L. C. R. R.

Sheldon Charles J., (Wolcott) r 32, farmer, with Frank P. 100.

Sheldon Frank P., (Wolcott) r 32, farmer 100 on r 11 cor 12.

Sheldon William, (Wolcott) r 32, farmer.

Shippy David W., (Wolcott) r 35, carpenter.

Silver William, (Wolcott) r 40, farmer.

Simonds Thomas, (Wolcott) r 10, engineer at steam mill.

Slayton Charles F., (Wolcott) r 4, farmer.

Slayton Edson, (Wolcott)r 24, justice of the peace dairy 12 cows, farmer 200.

Slayton Henry A., (Wolcott) r 13, farmer 40.

Slayton Lavina H., (Wolcott) r 27, (Mrs. Elisha) boarding-house.

Sleeper David D., (North Wolcott) r 2, farmer 80.

Sleeper Timothy, (North Wolcott) r 2, retired carpenter.

Smith Clarence E., (Wolcott) r 32, works in saw-mill.

Smith Harvey, (Wolcott) r 36 cor 45, farmer 50.

Smith Herbert H., (Wolcott) r 32, works in saw-mill.

Smith Hiram, (Wolcott) r 40, farmer 13.

Smith Hiram E., (Wolcott) r 32, harnessmaker.

Smith John, (Wolcott) off r 26, farm laborer.

Smith John, (Wolcott) r 39, town charge.

Smith Perez, (Wolcott) r 32, laborer.

Smith Richard M., (Craftsbury, Orleans Co.,) r 5, lumberman, sugar orchard 800 trees, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 250.

Smith Walton R., (North Wolcott) r 16, farm laborer.

Spaulding Lucius W., (Elmore) off r 46, wool grower 60 sheep, dairy to cows, and farmer 250.

Spaulding Wallace W., (Wolcott) r 22, lumberman, and farmer 90.

Spiller Joseph F., (Wolcott) r 24, farmer 60.

Stevens Howard L., (Wolcott) r 38, (P. A. & H. L. Stevens.)

Stevens P. A. & H. L., (Wolcott) r 38, breeders of horses, agent for Bradley’s phosphate, Pacific guano and plaster, and farmer 240.

Stevens Prince A., (Wolcott) r 58, (E. A. & H. L. Stevens,) trustee of U. S. deposit fund, justice of the peace, and insurance agent.

Stratton W. Oscar, (Wolcott) r 32, harnessmaker and carriage trimmer, agent for Singer sewing machine, owns house and 1 acre.

Strong Celia L., (North Wolcott) r 14, school teacher.

STRONG FRANK H., (Wolcott) r 32, groceries and provisions, and billiard hall.

STRONG LEWIS M., (Wolcott) r 38, stage driver, mail carrier, and farmer, owns house and 1 acre.

Strong Loraine D., (North Wolcott) r 14;, widow of J. A., owns house and lot.

SYMONDS THOMAS, (Wolcott) r so, engineer at steam mill.

Taft Lee C., (Wolcott) r 22, employee of E. Guyer.

Tallman David A., (North Wolcott) r r, farmer 40.

Taylor George, (Wolcott) r 32, clerk for R. F. & W. M. Parker.

Taylor Henry A., (North Wolcott) r 14, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 12.

Taylor Levi, (Wolcott) r 33, carpenter and joiner, and sawyer for E. Guyer.

Taylor Mary A., (Wolcott) r 33, widow of Harvey, resident.

Terrill Timothy, (North Wolcott) r 14, general merchant, owns farm in Hyde Park 100.

THOMPSON FRANK P., (Wolcott) r 32, sawyer, owns in Hardwick, Caledonia Co., farm 200.

Thompson Isaiah, (Wolcott) off r 26, farm laborer.

Thompson Nathan L., (Wolcott) r 12, farmer 50.

Thompson Sophia, (Wolcott) r 30, widow of James, resident, aged 82.

Thurston Emerson T., (Wolcott) r 33, works in saw-mill.

Tillotson George M., (Wolcott) r 24, leases on shares of E. W. Cram dairy 10 cows and farm 120.

Tillotson Lester, (Wolcott) r 32, farmer 400, in Elmore 100, aged 83.

TILLOTSON LESTER A., (Wolcott) r 32, prop. Wolcott House, auctioneer, dealer in watches, jewelry, fire-arms, harnesses, carriages, horses, etc., owns farm 40.

Tillotson Lester L., (Wolcott) r 24, farmer, with Mrs. Carrigan 88.

Tillotson Sophia, (Wolcott) r 32, (Mrs. Lester,) resident at Wolcott House.

Titus Elmira, (Wolcott) r 30, widow of Joseph, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 240.

TITUS JOHN D., (Wolcott) r 31, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 300.

Titus Orlando E., (Wolcott) r 29, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 250.

Titus Orrin, (Wolcott) r 31, retired farmer.

Town Allen, (Wolcott) r 32, laborer.

Trow Franklin, (Wolcott) r 21, retired farmer, aged 78.

TROW JOHN C., (Wolcott) r 21, apiary 11 swarms, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 140.

Tucker Milo A., (North Wolcott) r 22, farmer 1.

Tucker Rufus W., (Elmore) r 44, farm laborer.

Twiss Charles C., (Morrisville) r 34, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 200.

Twiss Cort, (Morrisville) r 34, farmer, with C. C.

Varnum, Burnell & Rust, (Wolcott) (H. W. Varnum, of Cambridge, M. S. Burnell and J. R. Rust, of St. Johnsbury,) lumber dealers, own 115 acres wild land.

Wakefield Martin V. B., (Wolcott) r 38, (Wakefields & Whitcher.)

Wakefield Moses G., (Wolcott) r 38, (W. & Whitcher,) overseer of the poor, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100.

Wakefields & Whitcher, (Wolcott) r 39, (M. G. and M. V. B. Wakefield, and R. H. Whitcher,) dairy 9 cows, and farmers 130.

Walbridge Martha, (Wolcott) r 30, widow of Ira, resident, aged 77.

Walsh Henry C., (Wolcott) r 40, sawyer for C. H. Reed.

Walsh Marquis J., (Wolcott) r 43, mason, and farmer 8,

Walsh William, (Wolcott) r 43, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 300 trees, far mer 100.

Warren Arthur, (Wolcott) r 32, employee St. J. & L. C. R. R.

Warren George, (Wolcott) r 32, employee St. J. & L. C. R. R.

Warren Joseph S., (Wolcott) r 2S, farmer 60.

Warren Josiah H., (Hardwick, Caledonia Co.,) r 41, farmer 50.

Wells Colby, (North Wolcott) r 14, resident, aged 82.

Wells John, (North Wolcott) r 17, farmer 100.

Wells Matthew A., (Wolcott) r 34, dairy 14 cows, farmer, leases of B. G. Pike, of Irasburgh, 100.

Wheeler James E., (Wolcott) r 12, farmer, leases of M. H. Wheeler 75.

Wheeler Murvin H., (Wolcott) r 38, general blacksmith and horse-shoer, owns on r 12 farm 75.

Whitcomb Lyman S., (Wolcott) r 40, laborer in saw-mill.

Whitcher Renfrew H., (Wolcott) r 38, (Wakefields & Whitcher.)

White George W., (Wolcott) r 31, farmer 150.

Whiting Amos A., (Wolcott)r 32, farmer, for Mrs. E. S. Benjamin 175.

Whitney Newell, (Wolcott) r 34, dairy 11 cows, wool grower 20 sheep, and farmer 155.

Whittemore A. Earle, (Wolcott) r 39, farmer, leases of Wakefields & Whitcher dairy 8 cows, and farm 530.

Whittemore Henry E., (Wolcott) r 33, farmer, with S. C.

Whittemore Schuyler C., (Wolcott) r 33, farmer, leases of G. Wilkins, of Stowe, 100.

Wilcox Martin, (Elmore) r 46, farmer, leases of H. Towne, of Hyde Park, 130.

Wilkinson George, (North Wolcott) r 19, farmer 112, and leases 70.

Willis Dyer Rev., (Elmore) r 46, pastor M. E. church at Elmore Pond, and farmer 20.

Willey Jabez, (Wolcott) r 24, retired Universalist preacher, aged 82.

Wilmerson George H., (North Wolcott) r 13, farm laborer.

Wiltshire George, (Elmore) r 46, farmer, leases of town of Wolcott 50.

Wolcott George P., (Elmore) r 46, leases of Mrs. H. 20.

WOLCOTT HOUSE, (Wolcott) r 32, L. A. Tillotson, proprietor, livery connected, carriage to all trains.

Wolcott Steam Mill Co., (Wolcott) r 10, (S. A. Fife, W. W. Cate, R. F. Parker, and Udner J. Mudgett,) manufacturers of lumber, office with S. A. Fife.

Wood Gilbert N., (Wolcott) r 32, clerk for S. A. Fife. Wood Moses, (North Wolcott) r 16, farmer 100.

Wood Philemon G., (Wolcott) r 32, carpenter and miller. Wood Sylvester, (Wolcott) r 40, works in saw-mill.

Wright George H., (Wolcott) off r 21, farmer 60.

Wright George H., Jr., (Wolcott) off r 21, carpenter, shoe cutter, and wheel-wright.


Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and business directory of Lamoille and Orleans Counties, Vt., for 1883-1884. Hamilton Child. 1887.

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