Birds Eye View of Cleveland in 1887

Cleveland Ohio Biography – The Book of Clevelanders

Birds Eye View of Cleveland in 1887
Birds Eye View of Cleveland in 1887

Cleveland Ohio Biography – The Book of Clevelanders is a biographical dictionary of men of the city of Cleveland Ohio.

From time to time ephemeral publications spring up pretending to add to biographical literature sketches of “leading” and “prominent” men for a consideration. There is no limit to this form of exploitation on the one hand and vanity on the other. Meanwhile the main object of any such attempt, the setting forth of the facts, without comment, is lost and with it whatever value might otherwise attach to the print.

This is the first book of its kind published in Cleveland for Clevelanders. That it is no larger is due to the modesty of hundreds of men who have refrained from filling up the inquiry blanks sent them lest their motive be misunderstood. To this cause must be ascribed the absence from the pictorial pages of many photographs of men whose biographical sketches are here included.

The book has been confined to living subjects because it is intended to make this a current publication, dealing with current matters. Other publications are available for historical purposes. Moreover, its main purpose was to offer a list of the younger men the men who are making the Greater Cleveland to come, rather than their elders. No attempt has been made to select for the purposes of this publication any class of men, beyond the thought that they should represent the city of today.

No space for any purpose has been sold in this book. The remarks following each name are autobiographical. Not a word has been added and except for unimportant changes affecting the phraseology employed, every man’s description is his own. Too many have modestly declined to enter as fully into their achievements as the publishers might have wished. But while the comment, here and there, may seem brief, it was deemed best to adhere to truth and facts, no matter how briefly stated, than to err on the other side.

Nothing more is claimed for this volume than accuracy and dependability as to the sketches included. Another issue may induce cooperation by many others whose names are among the missing.

The Cleveland Ohio Biographies


The Book of Clevelanders: A Biographical Dictionary of Living Men of the City of Cleveland. Burrows Book Company. 1914.

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  1. Looking for any info on my great great great grandmother. She was either Cherokee or Shawnee. I believe that was the tribes living in southern Ohio at that time. Her name was Martha Hamilton. Had a daughter Sarah Ann Hamlet or Hamblett. Sarah’s father was John Hamlet son of was Benjamin Hamlet was one of the early settlers whom helped establish a station to protect their families near the site of present village of Staunton, which went by the name of “Dutch Station”. Benjamin was born in Ky and married Chloe Kimball. They son, John was married to Martha (the Indian), in 1829. The marriage was not dated in records so I don’t know where this date came from. Sarah Ann, their daughter was born 30th of April 1833 near Dayton, Ohio then called Montgomery Co. Her mother died when she was a baby. Billie and Annie Booker took her in and raised her till 11 years old. Her father remarried a woman that refused to have anything to do with her. I would guess it was because she was Indian. Sarah had to work for food and clothing. George and Mary Simmons of the Troy Hotel took her in. Sarah Ann married Wm. Blackmore 7 Oct. 1852. If you have any info on Martha Hamilton or can tell me where to look, I would really appreciate it. Any family member that may have had info has now passed. Thank you for your time. Deb Teaters in Olathe, Co.

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