Biographical Sketch of Frank Edward Cudell

Cudell, Frank Edward; architect; retired; born, Herzogenarth, Germany, May 11, 1844; studied architecture in Aix-La-Chapelle, Germany; came to New York in 1866; then came to Cleveland and has resided here since; four years employment by local architects; opened own office in 1871; at the end of a year, formed partnership with J. N. Richardson, firm name Cudell & Richardson; drew plans for the Perry Payne, Beckman, McBride Brothers, Jewish Orphan Asylum, Educational Alliance, Masonic Temple Buildings, and St. Joseph’s and St. Stephen’s Churches; in 1890, with-drew from the firm, because of ill health; in 1878, invented ball sewer gas trap, the manufacturer of this article requiring special tools and men specially trained; withdrew from architecture and engaged in laying out Mueller Ave. and Cudell St.; during the ad-ministration of the late Mayor Tom L. Johnson, took a large interest in public building matters; in this capacity, did much for the good of the city; in 1903, gave to the city, free, a plan of the group plan; it was the result of much study; was adopted by the city, but afterward rejected through unfair means; have given to the city for park purposes the Detroit Ave. frontage from West Boulevard to W. 100th St.

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