Fort Michillimackinac

Mackinac Baptism Records 1755-1759

January 18, 1755, I, the undersigned, solemnly baptized Charle Louis Bourassa, legitimate son of René Bourassa and of Anne Charlotte Veronique Chevalier, his father and mother. The godfather was Mr. The Chevalier de Repentigni, the Officer Commanding for the King at the Sault; and the godmother Mde de L’anglade. *** M. L. Lefranc, Miss. of […]

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Mackinac Marriage Records 1770-1779

July 28, 1773, I, the undersigned Vicar-General of Illinois received the mutual marriage consent of Sieur Hyacinthe Amelin, trader; and of Marie Joseph Maingans, and gave them the nuptial Benediction according to the form prescribed by the Holy Roman Church and in the presence of Sieurs Louis Cardin and Charles Chaboiller, friends of the husband;

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Register of Interments in the Parish of Michilimackinac

The register of interments was evidently not as carefully kept as those of marriages and baptisms. The following first four entries have been abstracted from the baptismal register, being entered after the records of baptisms on the death of the child previously baptized. The record kept by Father Le Franc, beginning in 1754 and continuing

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Fort Michillimackinac and Fort Holmes

Fort Michillimackinac, with over three centuries of history, began at Saint Ignace due to the efforts of Father Marquette and the Sieur de la Salle, representing the Church and State, respectively. Established among the Ottawas by Marquette, it was fortified by La Salle, who also lost the Griffon, the first Great Lakes sailing vessel. Lauded by local tribes, Michillimackinac’s name means Great Turtle. Despite fortifications by notable figures like La Motte Cadillac, the fort waned with Detroit’s rise and eventually relocated to Mackinaw City. It saw bloody conflict when Indians, aligned with Pontiac, massacred the English garrison in 1763. The site changed hands between British and American control through wars until being garrisoned for the last time in 1895. Now restored and maintained by Michigan’s park commission, the revered fort remains a historical tourist destination.

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A Short History of Michilimakinak

No more colorful settlement existed in the Middle West than the mission and fort at the Straits of Mackinac, for the French early realized its importance and directed their westward explorations from this base. The concentration point for the fur trade of the Middle West, Mackinac held an important place for many years, both during the British and American regimes.

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Mackinac Baptism Records 1770-1779

I, the Undersigned Royal Notary, the Justice of the peace at Michilimakina, Certify that, in the absence Of the Missionary of the said post, the daughter of Charles Sanguinet and of Veronique Cardin, Born on the twenty-seventh of September of this year, was privately Baptized by Sieur Pierre Chaboille. In testimony whereof we have signed

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Miscellaneous Notes In The Mackinac Registers

In the original Mackinac Register these are scattered through the register, in the neighborhood of entries on other subjects. They are here brought together under one head. July 22, 1787, after invoking the enlightenment of the Holy Ghost, we, the undersigned, elected by a majority of votes, as church wardens of the church of Ste.

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Registers of the Parish of Michilimackinac

The records from the register at Michilimackinac are here provided as they were translated by Edward O. Brown back in 1889. His translation came from a transcript of the original, which latter is kept in the parish church of Ste. Anne, at Mackinac. Annotated throughout are Mr. Brown’s biographical knowledge of the events of Michilimackinac and the people within. Don’t pass over the footnotes for the record, you may find a biographical reference hidden there!

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Mackinac Marriage Records 1780-1789

April 19, 1781, the Marriage Ceremony was solemnized between Thomas Stone and Margaret Paterson, daughter to Geo. Paterson, soldier in the 8th Regiment, by their mutual consent and before the undersigned witnesses. In testimony whereof the said Parties have also affixed their names – the Ceremony performed by Patrick Sinclair Esq., Governor of the Post.

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