Title Page for Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa

Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa

The full manuscript contains a condensed history of the state of Iowa, a number of biographies of distinguished citizens of the state of Iowa, a descriptive history of Story county and numerous selected biographical sketches of the citizens of Story County, Iowa.

In 1846 the boundaries of Story County were created. The county comprised 576 miles of mostly prairie land. Story County is named after Joseph Story, a United States Supreme Court justice, in 1853. The first settlers in Story County came mainly from Indiana, New York, and Pennsylvania. Later, many Norwegians, Germans, and Danes came directly from overseas and inhabited the area. The first large population influx occurred during the 1850s.

The manuscript contains 229 biographies of prominent men and leading citizens of Story County, Iowa.

Biographical Sketches of Story County, Iowa

Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa

Surname Given Extra Read
Addison Edwin H 276
Alderman Theodore Elihu 458
Allen Charles W Dr. 276
Apland Oley 278
Aplin Arthur D MD 279
Arrasmith Wesley 280
Arrasmith William 281
Ashford Oliver G 282
Baldwin Frank M 285
Ballard Russell W 285
Banks Ambrose K 286
Barnes George M 287
Barnes Ira 287
Bates Elnathan 288
Bates William O 289
Beckley Lemuel Holmes 289
Bigelow D A 290
Boardman Homer C 291
Boardman William K 292
Bowen Jesse 292
Boyd George W 293
Boyd Knud P 293
Briley Elisha 294
Buck A H 295
Budd J L Prof. 294
Bump Martin V 296
Bunce Densmore J Dr. 296
Burkhart John C 297
Campbell Charles E 297
Chamberlain W I Dr. 299
Chamberlin H Dewey MD 300
Chamberlin Oliver 298
Chandler Alphonso 301
Christian Charles 302
Christian John 302
Clift Nathaniel R 303
Coggshall Eugene 303
Confare Falcon M 305
Confare Norman H 304
Cook Charles 307
Cook Charles W 308
Cook James W 306
Cook John 306
Coyle Campbell Rev. 309
Cramer Frank Bertis 309
Dakins S W 310
Danskin George 311
Davis John E 312
Dickey Charles H 313
Dodds Robert 313
Duea Jonas 314
Dunahoo Andrew 315
Dunahoo John 314
Dunkelbarger Nathan 316
Dunkelbarger Orra L 317
Dyer George W 317
Eagleburger Jacob 318
Earl James 318
Erickson Michael 319
Ersland Anfen 319
Ersland Knute A 320
Fatland Brit. O. 321
Ferner James D 322
Fetterhoff Jacob R 322
Finch Francis M 323
Fitchpatrick Joseph A 323
Fitton Jonathan H 327
French John O 327
Fry Edward R 328
Funson Hugh M 328
Furnas Elwood 329
Gates William 329
Gifford E W 330
Golly John M 331
Golly William H 330
Gossard M W 331
Gossard Sarah J Mrs 332
Gossard Thomas M 332
Grafton William Hill MD 333
Graves A J 335
Grimm A H 337
Groseclose John 337
Grove Joshua B 335
Grove Mons C 336
Hainline Andrew J 338
Hall Thomas 340
Handsaker William 340
Hanks DeWitt Clinton 342
Hanks George R 341
Haverly Charles E 343
Hawthorn James Hon. 344
Hemstock George W 345
Hesson John P 346
Holmes Henry D 347
Hopkins Peter W 347
Hostetter John I Dr. 348
Hoyman George W 348
Hunt Leigh S J 349
Hunter Andrew J 350
Hutchison James 350
Hyden G 351
Illingworth M D 351
Jarvill Thomas 353
John John W 354
Johnson Edwin 355
Johnson Elias 355
Jones Albert 356
Jory John 357
Kellogg George Albert Hon. 359
Kimble Richard 363
King Jay A 363
Knapp Seaman Asahel LLD 364
Kyle William Vance 365
Lamb Daniel 366
Lande Amos A 367
Lang David L 367
Langland Ole C 368
Lash George 368
Lee Jacob C 369
Livingston Michael D 370
Lockridge William 371
Lovell J C 372
Mackey D H 380
Martin J Francis 381
Martin William D 380
Mauser Martin L 382
Maxwell Angeline Mrs 384
Maxwell George M Hon. 383
Maxwell J W 385
May Richard 385
McCall Thomas Clifton Hon. 375
McCarthy C G Hon. 376
McKee Thomas James 376
McLain Frank A 377
McLain Howard P 378
McNichols Michael 379
McWherter Aaron 379
Michaelson Samuel J 386
Miller Jefferson 386
Miller William A 387
Mills J A 388
Mitchell Rotheus Hayward 388
Morse C M 390
Neasham John William 390
Nelson Oley Hon. 390
Nernes Ole 392
Netterfield Miami (Hanks) Mrs 393
Norton Isaac B 395
O'Neil John 397
Olinger James M 396
Olson Abel 397
Olson Ole J 396
Page C P 398
Patridge Lyman 398
Payne William P Prof. 399
Peck John 400
Pettenger Joseph 401
Porch Thomas 402
Ray Judiah 402
Reed J Fred Prof. 403
Reid Isaiah Rev. 403
Reid Samuel 405
Rich John 405
Rich Samuel 406
Richardson Edward G 407
Richardson Robert 406
Ringheim I A 408
Robinson Henry Harrison 409
Robison Robert Alexander 408
Roe Ole O 410
Ross T J 410
Rygh John C 411
Sawtell Joseph C 412
Scott John Col. 412
Shearer Elias W 419
Sheldahl Erik 420
Sheldon Dwight D 423
Sheldon Parley 421
Silliman Rothmer J 423
Smay William 424
Smeltzer Thomas B 425
Smith I L Capt. 426
Smith James S 428
Smith Lee H 427
Smith Levi 426
Smith Robert D 427
Sowers George W 429
Spring William Waitt 429
Stanton E W Prof. 430
Stark Jacob M 431
Statler Sam S 431
Stevens J L Hon. 432
Stevens William H 432
Stewart John R 433
Stitzell George MD 434
Stole Osmond O 435
Templeton George 435
Templeton H M Dr. 437
Tendeland M A 437
Thatcher Thomas 438
Thompson Frank D 439
Thompson James 439
Thompson John 440
Thompson Lorenzo D 440
Thurston James 441
Tichenor Martha Mrs 441
Torry John W 442
Twedt John 443
Underwood George A 443
Utterback William W 444
Vanscoy Jesse E 444
Veneman William J 445
Vinje David J 446
Walker Isaac 446
Ward Orris (Morgan) Mrs 447
Warren John 448
Webb Milton P 449
Welch A S Dr. 450
Wells John M 451
Wherry Andrew D 452
Whitaker Thomas 452
Will John W 453
Wilson Henry Jr. 453
Wilson Orpheus W 454
Wood Curtis A 457
Wood Jesse R 457
Wood William K Hon. 456
Wortman A 449
Young Solomon 458
Title Page for Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa
Title Page for Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa. Click on image to read entire manuscript.

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[box type=”info”] Source: Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa: A Condensed History of the State, a number of biographies of Distinguished Citizens of the same, a Descriptive History of the County names herein and numerous selected Biographical Sketches of the Citizens of such County. Illustrated. Chicago: The Goodspeed Publishing Company. 1890.[/box]

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Addison, Alderman, Allen, Apland, Aplin, Arrasmith, Ashford, Baldwin, Ballard, Banks, Barnes, Bates, Beckley, Bigelow, Boardman, Bowen, Boyd, Briley, Buck, Budd, Bump, Bunce, Burkhart, Campbell, Chamberlain, Chamberlin, Chandler, Christian, Clift, Coggshall, Confare, Cook, Coyle, Cramer, Dakins, Danskin, Davis, Dickey, Dodds, Duea, Dunahoo, Dunkelbarger, Dyer, Eagleburger, Earl, Erickson, Ersland, Fatland, Ferner, Fetterhoff, Finch, Fitchpatrick, Fitton, French, Fry, Funson, Furnas, Gates, Gifford, Golly, Gossard, Grafton, Graves, Grimm, Groseclose, Grove, Hainline, Hall, Handsaker, Hanks, Haverly, Hawthorn, Hemstock, Hesson, Holmes, Hopkins, Hostetter, Hoyman, Hunt, Hunter, Hutchison, Hyden, Illingworth, Jarvill, John, Johnson, Jones, Jory, Kellogg, Kimble, King, Knapp, Kyle, Lamb, Lande, Lang, Langland, Lash, Lee, Livingston, Lockridge, Lovell, Mackey, Martin, Mauser, Maxwell, May., McCall, McCarthy, McKee, McLain, McNichols, McWherter, Michaelson, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Morse, Neasham, Nelson, Nernes, Netterfield, Norton, O'Neil, Olinger, Olson, Page, Patridge, Payne, Peck, Pettenger, Porch, Ray, Reed, Reid, Rich, Richardson, Ringheim, Robinson, Robison, Roe, Ross, Rygh, Sawtell, Scott, Shearer, Sheldahl, Sheldon, Silliman, Smay, Smeltzer, Smith, Sowers, Spring, Stanton, Stark, Statler, Stevens, Stewart, Stitzell, Stole, Templeton, Tendeland, Thatcher, Thompson, Thurston, Tichenor, Torry, Twedt, Underwood, Utterback, Vanscoy, Veneman, Vinje, Walker, Ward, Warren, Webb, Welch, Wells, Wherry, Whitaker, Will, Wilson, Wood, Wortman, Young,


Story County IA,


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