Seth Hastings Family of Clinton New York

The “Family Record of Dr. Seth Hastings, Senior” by Francis H. Hastings is a genealogical account that documents the ancestry and descendants of Dr. Seth Hastings, Sr., born in Hatfield, Massachusetts, in 1745. This work briefly traces his lineage back to Deacon Thomas Hastings, who emigrated from Ipswich, England, to New England on the ship Elizabeth in 1634. Deacon Thomas Hastings became a freeman in Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635. The book then advances to a brief overview of the family of Dr. Seth Hastings, Sr., before delving into detailed records of his descendants. The genealogy extends to various families allied to the Hastings through marriage, incorporating a wide array of surnames:

Ackley, Ames, Arms, Atkinson, Averill, Barker, Bassett, Bates, Belden, Benham, Bennett, van Bergen, Berry, Billings, Bingham, Blake, Bristol, Brown, Burt, Candler, Carter, Cheney, Clark, Cleveland, Cooley, Coy, Crehore, Crittenden, Curtis, Curtiss, Davis, Day, Dickson, Douglass, Downey, Dreisbach, Earle, Egbert, Ely, Emmons, Fanning, Farley, Fish, Flagler, Foot, Foote, Galt, Gilbert, Gillett, Gossick, Gott, Gridley, de Groot, Guernsey, Habberton, Hamilton, Hawks, Hayden, Hickox, Hinman, Holmes, Howard, Hubbard, Huddleston, Hunting, Johnston, Jordan, Judd, Kellogg, Kimball, Knapp, Krom, Laing, Lawrence, Lee, Major, McLean, McMurran, McNair, Marschalk, Marsh, Martindale, Meech, Moody, Moore, Nevinson, Newman, Nichols, Nott, Otis, Owen, Page, Parmaele, Parker, Parsons, Peck, Petit, Pomeroy, Pratt, Risdon, Roberts, Robinson, Scott, Scudder, Seymour, Sears, Sheehan, Sheldon, Sibley, van Sinden, Smiley, Smith, Smyth, Snelling, Soden, Southworth, Stanton, Stebbins, Stevens, Stever, Stewart, Straight, Sumner, Swan, Swanzy, Thalheimer, Trowbridge, Truax, Tucker, Vail, de Veaux, Walcott, Watson, Weir, Wells, White, Wilder, Wight, Wiley, Williams, Wolcott, Wood, Woolsey

Compiled from records maintained by Francis H. Hastings’ father over sixty years, the genealogy also integrates information from other sources such as “The Hastings Memorial” by Mrs. Lydia N. Buckminster and a pamphlet by Prof. Herbert B. Adams. These sources provide additional insights into the Hastings family lineage, particularly focusing on the Hatfield physicians Thomas Hastings, Sr., and Jr., who were the grandfather and great-grandfather of Dr. Seth Hastings, Sr.

The Hastings family traces its roots back to notable English and Scottish lineages, including connections to royal families and historical figures such as Henry, Lord Hastings, and George, the Earl of Huntingdon. This genealogical record serves as a valuable resource for descendants of Dr. Seth Hastings, Sr., and provides a comprehensive view of the family’s historical and genealogical significance.


Hastings, Francis H., Family Record of Dr. Seth Hastings, Senior: Of Clinton, Oneida County, New York, Cincinnati : Earhart & Richardson, Superior Printers, 1899.



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