Collection: Genealogy of the Cherokee Indians

Genealogy of the Cherokee Seabolt Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Henry Seabolt. Celia Timberlake and 1112 John Seabolt. Jennie Benge 2 Thomas Seabolt.   Hicks 3 Catherine Seabolt. John Chambers 4 Nannie Seabolt*  A-li-cha 5 Susie Seabolt. Ned Fields 6 Joseph Seabolt. Nannie Campbell nee Hair _______ 7 King Seabolt. Betsey Downing 8 Henry Seabolt. Eliza Benge 9 Elsie Seabolt 10 Margaret Seabolt. Mack Benge 11 Annie Seabolt. Charles Foreman 12 Richard Seabolt

Genealogy of the Cherokee Thompson Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 ________,  _______Thompson 1112 Jack Thompson. Jennie Vann, Nana and Elizabeth Merrell 2 Laugh at mush 3 Ne-coo-ie 111218 William Thompson. Nannie Merrell and Elizabeth Fields ________ 2 Alexander Thompson. Elizabeth Tipton 3 Sallie Thompson. Samuel Mackey 4 Charles Thompson* 5 Nannie Thompson. Benjamin Merrell 6 Elizabeth Thompson  Nelson Riley _______ 7 Margaret Thompson. Elijah Lynch and _____Barker 8 Betsey Thompson. Robert Runyan 9 John Thompson* 10 Richard Thompson. Caroline Simpson and Elizabeth Thornton 11 James Thompson* 12 Jennie Thompson  Samuel Crossland 11121314 Jennie Thompson*  Dr. Yarnall ________ 2 John Thompson. Margaret Fields,

Genealogy of the Cherokee England Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 David England. Susan A. Conner 1112  Martin England 2 Louisa England. Robert Blackstone 3 Irene England. Lee Scrimsher 4 Pinson England* 5 Carlton England* 6 Arminda England. William England, Isaac Scrimsher and Elias Jenkins 7 Mitchell England. Lucinda Jones 8 Saphronia England. Thomas Monroe 9 Sabra E. England* Peter Clark and Andrew Kelly 10 Martha England* 112213 Josephine Blackstone. Stephen Carlisle 2 Pleasant Napoleon Blackstone. Jennie Catherine Lipe. OK 3 Robert E. Blackstone. Sallie Jennings 4 Eliza Blackstone. James McMurry 5 Thomas Blackstone. Rosa Vaught 6 Laura L. Blackstone 113213 Eliza Scrimsher.

Genealogy of the Cherokee Hildebrand Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 John Hildebrand. _____and Susannah Womancatcher 1112 Michael Hildebrand. Nannie Martin 2 Peter Hildebrand. Elizabeth Harlan OK 3 George Hildebrand. Susannah Graves 4 John Hildebrand. Micatiah Terrapin 5 Sarah Hildebrand. Blackcoat and Youngwolf ________ 6 Nannie Hildebrand. Hiram McCreary 7 David Hildebrand. Elizabeth McCarty 8 Mary Hildebrand. ______Hambright and Daniel Hafer 9 Elizabeth Hildebrand. ____Coody 121113 Elizabeth Hildebrand. James Pettit and Robert Armstrong 2 John Hildebrand  Nicey and Annie Wasp 3 Jennie Hildebrand. Joseph Cooksan 4 Margaret Hildebrand. John Catron 5 Delilah Hildebrand. Jesse McLain 6 Elizabeth Hildebrand. Joshua Kilpatrick 7 Stephen Hildebrand 

Genealogy of the Cherokee Smith Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 ______Smith 1112 Cabin Smith 2 McCoy Smith* 111213 Hominy Simth. Aky Fields and Peggy 2 Oo-du-ski Smith. Tiger 3 Tiania Smith. Scraper 4 Go-li-si Smith. Turtle 5 Gu-er-tsa Smith.  SixkilIer 6 Archilla Smith. Agnes Fields 11121814 Ta-cha-gi-si Smith* 11122314 Ta-chi-chi Tiger 2 Redbird Tiger 3 Messenger Tiger. Celia Love 4 Pelican Tiger 5 Mark Tiger  Mary Thompson and Stidham nee Trott 6 Ti-ca-no-hi-la Tiger 7 Dirtthower Tiger 8 Ka-hi-ta Tiger 9 Wa-li-a Tiger 10 Lucretia Tiger. Tony R. Gourd 11123314 George W. Scraper. Louisa McIntosh 2 Archibald Scraper. Malinda McIntosh 3 Charles

Genealogy of the Cherokee Reese Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Nancy. Charles Reese and Alexander McPherson 1112 Susannah Reese. Oo-wa-tie. A37 2 Charles Reese. Nellie McCoy ________ 3 John McPherson. Susie McCoy 4 Andrew McPhersan 5 Alexander McPherson A37. Major Ridge and Oo-wa-tie, or The Ancient, were full blood Cherokees of the Deer clan. They were full brothers and born in Hiwassee town. Susie Wickett was a half blood English Cherokee and Susannah Reese was a half blood Welch-Cherokee. Ridge was a Major of the Cherokee allies of the United States soldiers in the war of 1814. He was killed at about

Genealogy of the Cherokee Halfbreed Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Gu-u-li-si 1112 Lydia Halfbreed  Charles Renatus Hicks 2 Pigeon Halfbreed  Neki Fields 3 Chinosa Halfbreed  Joseph Crutchfield A59 4 Susannah Halfbreed  John Wickett Fields 5 Jennie Halfbreed* A46 6 Elizabeth Halfbreed. Squirrel 7 Jesse Halfbreed. Jennie Fields 111213 Catherine Hicks. Andrew Miller and Thomas Gann 2 George Hicks. Aky Rogers and Lucy Fields 112213 Catherine Pigeon 2 Sulteesga Pigeon. Oo-ye-ki OK 3 Jack Pigeon. Elsie Buzzard 4 Lydia Pigeon. Lewis Cunnigan 5 Alfred Pigeon. Rachel Ketcher, Serena Frazier and Susie McGhee nee Beck 113213 George Hunter ___________ 2 John Crutchfield Mary Etta

Genealogy of the Cherokee Duncan Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 ___Dorcas. Benge and Young Charles Gordon Duncan  |A47 1112 Edmond Benge. Mary Rains _______ 2 John Duncan. Elizabeth Abercrombie 3 Rebecca Duncan. James Landrum 4 Emily Duncan. Alexander Kell 5 Elizabeth Duncan* 6 Lewis Duncan* 7 Charles Duncan. Mahala Abercrombie 111213 Charles R. Duncan. Judith Roach 2 Martha Duncan. David Jones OK 3 John R. Duncan* 4 Jennie Duncan. Thomas Carey 5 Edmond Duncan. Maria Richey and Barbara Ashley 6 William B. Duncan. Narcissa Reeves Foreman nee Carey 7 Lewis Duncan. Mary Spears 8 George Washington Duncan* Martha Carey and Margaret Scrimsher

Genealogy of the Cherokee Riley Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Samuel Riley. Gu-lu-sti-yu and Ni-go-di-ge-yu        |A55 1112 Nannie Riley. John McNary 2 Richard Riley. Diana Campbell 3 Mary Riley. Samuel Keys 4 Elizabeth Riley. Isaac Keys 5 John Riley. Susan Walker 6 Nellie Riley. Charles Coody 7 Sallie Riley. William Keys 8 Lucy Riley. Owen Brady 9 Louisa Riley. Dennis Biggs 10 Loony Riley. Rachel Stuart 11 Rachel Riley. Daniel Milton and James McDaniel _______ 12 James Riley. Jennie Shields and 13 Catherine Riley. Andrew Lacey 14 Martha Riley. John Hall 15 Madison Riley* 16 Nelson Riley. Elizabeth Thompson and Mary Cordell

Genealogy of the Cherokee Conrad Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Onai. Hamilton Conrad 1112 Rattlinggourd Conrad. Mary Toney 2 Hair Conrad. Ollie Candy and Melvina McGee OK 3 Youngwolf Conrad. Jennie Taylor 4 Quatie Conrad. Alexander Brown, Archibald Fields and John Benge 111213 Dorcas Rattlinggourd. Richard Foreman 2 Tony Rattlinggourd. Lucretia Tiger OK 3 Jackson Rattlinggourd. Elsie Wilson              |A54 4 Sallie Rattlinggourd. Samuel Foreman and Peacheater Sixkiller 5 Catherine Rattlinggourd. George Washington Campbell 6 Daniel Rattlinggourd. Eliza Abigal Looney 7 John Rattlinggourd. Nannie Mannion 8 Margaret aRttlinggourd. Benjamin Downing 9 David Rattlinggourd* Nannie Jennings nee 10 Charles Rattlinggourd. Lucy McIntosh*, Levisa McIntosh*,