Genealogy of the Cherokee Blair Family

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11Quatie.   Jonathan Blythe
1112Sarah George Blair
2Nannie Blythe. George Blair
3James Blythe*
111213James Blair*
2Elizabeth Blair. John Lowrey
3Lewis Blair. Polly Benge* and
4Catherine Blair. _____McCuen
5Lucy Blair. Samuel Houston Benge
6Amy Blair*
7Margaret Blair. Obediah Benge
8Jonathan Blair*
9Charles Blair*
10Thomas Blair. Margaret Sanders
11Sallie Blair*
12Susannah Blair*
13Eliza Blair. George Washington Baldridge
14 Mary Blair. Albert Johnson
15Bettie Blair. Robert E. Sutton


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

3 thoughts on “Genealogy of the Cherokee Blair Family”

  1. My Great Grandmother is Ida Mae Blair, of Elizabeth WV, born 1877, wife of my Great Grandfather Emery Eaton, they moved to Athens-Nelsonville OH, and had 5 or 6 boys, one being Grandpa Lonnie Eaton 1900-1989? My father Jack, 1930-2011, said we had a Cherokee Great Grandmother…that would be Ida M Blair

  2. Gregory S Hendrix

    My Great, Great Grandfather was George Blair. George came from North Carolina to Oklahoma on the trail of tears. On this trip he lost his wife and his sister (along with her husband and four children). He re-married his wife’s sister (who also came on the trail along with her children). Unsure when Cornelius came into the family.

  3. I just took a YDna test and apparently. Related to the above Blairs. However our last name we know is Cornelius and first shows up in Cumberland Kentucky. But list his parents as being from North Carolina.
    I have learned while trying to tract my Native blood someone always knows.
    If a person reads this comment and knows why the last name switched from Blair to Cornelius I would greatly appreciate the knowledge.

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