Genealogies of the Cherokee Indians

The Starr Genealogy is a wonderful tool for genealogists to discover their Cherokee genealogy. Unfortunately, Starr uses a very unique and often confusing method of showing the relationships between people. This article hopes to shed some light on how to use the Starr Genealogy to find your own Cherokee Roots.

Before looking at the genealogies themselves we highly suggest you review our guide to Interpreting the Starr Genealogies.

Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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17 thoughts on “Genealogies of the Cherokee Indians”

  1. My great-grandfather was Elijah Fletcher Starr, descended from Nancy Harlen, daughter of Kingfisher, a Cherokee Chief. I’m trying to find more information on this line of the Cherokee Starr family.
    Thank you,
    Laura George

  2. I’m looking for information about William A Qualls, postmaster, Qualls, OK, and the burning of the post office by the Cherokee Lighthorse Police in 1924…. This is my great, great grandfather.

  3. I am looking for any information having to do with Highsmith or Frazier (Frasier) family’s Native American heritage. Any help what’s so ever is very appreciated. If it helps any, my grandfather went by Two Horses (Larry Highsmith)

    1. I am trying to determine of my 4th great-grandmother had any Native American DNA, Rachel Highsmith who was married to Stephen “Big Fish” Ruddell? Do you have a tree with your Highsmith family on it? I would be very interesting in knowing more about the Highsmith families!

    2. I am also related to the Highsmith family as Rachel Highsmith Woods is my 4th Great-grandmother. Her father was Benjamin Highsmith. Rachel was married to Stephen Ruddell who was captured by Tecumseh and the Shawnees living with them for 17 years. I do have Native American DNA and am trying to figure out from where. Stephen Ruddell’s 1st wife was Native American. Do you have more information on the Highsmith family regarding Native American DNA? Thank you!

    3. Did you find anything out on your Larry Highsmith? When and where was he born? My 4th gg was Rachel HIghsmith who was married to Stephen “Big Fish” Ruddell and am trying to find out where my Native American DNA comes from.

  4. Does anyone have info on Starr line? Rumor that 2 chieftain’s daughters Choctaw & Cherokee, married into my daughter’s line. Her father is William Starr IV, b. 3/26/1958?

  5. I am looking for solid information on Satsa Vann, daughter of John Joseph Vann, who married Thomas Curry. I am descended from John Curry and trying to prove that my John Curry was their son. I do not see the Vann genealogy listed though they were a prominent family and her brother was a chief. Thank you for your help.

  6. i am trying to trace mine and my wifes great grand parents . my great grandfather was half Crow and Irish great grandmother full blooded cherokee. George Skimmehorn Tn born 1836 .Ta-bi-tha Case TN born 1875. Wifes great grandmother born SC MID 1800S BURIED somewhere in Bradley CO,TN NAME lou Snobird or Snowbird

  7. I’m researching the ancestry of my maternal great great great grandfather. Family stories claim that Conrad Bever (b. 1790) (Beaver), a Cherokee Indian, married Mariah Nichols (b. 1796). They had a son Perry Bever, b. 5-18-1823 d. 6-29-1876. Perry married Cynthia Ann Hatch. Their son Hiram P. Bever (b. 2-10-1846 and d. 1-13-1906) is my great great great grandfather. Stories claim that due to Perry’s Cherokee heritage, he was not allowed to be buried in the same cemetery as his wife. I am looking for information as to the tribe in which my grandfather belonged.

    1. Theresa Marie Lee

      I have heard stories that my ancestors had Cherokee blood in them. My gg grandmother was Mary M Bever. Her mother was Cynthia Hatch Bever and father was Perry Bever. Sure would like more info. Thanks so much

      Theresa Lee

  8. trying to find info on Henry and Rebecca “Wa Chia” ( Langley) Moton and
    Clem” Cul Stanga” and Phoebe (Flanagan) Moton
    Benjamin Alfred and Bertha “Moton” Goodwin

    Clem and his brother were supposed to be interpreters for the indians and the white people.
    havent a clue how to find indian names and english names.
    could use all the help i can get. Thank you so much.

    Nicut, Remy, Marble city,in sequoyah co. is where they lived. Roland and Muldrow area close to where Sequoyah had his salt works.

  9. Looking for info on my Grandparents a Sallie Jones (Cherokee) from the Hanover Virginia, Greenville North Carolina area,later in life married Edward Hill and moved to Eufaula Oklahoma in Indian Territory in early 1800s

  10. I’m looking for information on my great grandmother- odds are I will never know but here is the story…around 1902-1906 (details are sketchy) my great grand mother- (a Cherokee Indian) was left on the porch steps of a white settlers home off of the trail of tears that ran through the Natchitoches Louisiana region -now what is known as Golddonna, Coushatta or Ringgold Castor area in Bienville Parish Louisiana. The settlers homestead was in what is now Goldonna …she was left as a newborn infant from her birth family who was on the “trail of tears”. My grandmother-(her daughter is now in her 90’s) and information as to my family history on my paternal side goes only to my living grandmother. I want to know my families history-if anyone or any group of anyone out there has anything they can add or subtract from what I’ve been able to find I would love to know. My great grandmothers name given to her by the white settlers who adopted her according to census was -Myrtle T.- she married a Man named Curtis and had several children – names are Corrine Marie Bedgood (Jones) grandmother, Thurman Bedgood, and Mattie Marie Bedgood (Cloud) -anybody who knows any additional information out there or suggestions as to where else I can find additional information do research would be a tremendous help!! I’ve hit a dead end

    1. The Trail of Tears was in the 1830’s. For the Cherokee it was the winter of 1838-39, no where near 1902-1906. Next it never went near Natchitoches, not even close, hundreds of miles to the north. Next, Cherokees didn’t leave their children on the doorsteps of white people. Didn’t happen. None of the names you mention are Cherokee surnames from the removal period, none appear later on the Guion Miller Roll (the time period you mentioned). That roll was a payment roll and had nothing to do with residency. The only Cherokees having any reasonable proximity to your ancestor during the time period was at the Mount Tabor Indian Community in Rusk County, Texas. Three of the six extended families that make up that band are Cherokee, the others are Choctaw, Chickasaw and Muscogee-Creek. Some of the Creek descendants of the Berryhill family from Mount Tabor, did relocate after the Civil War to Nacogdoches County, Texas, and a few on the Louisiana side. These were Muscogee-Creek, not Cherokee. Finally, the only Indians in the area you list are the Adai which are a part of the Caddo, not Cherokee. Sounds like it is more of a family story than fact. Your story does not meet up wit known facts of the Cherokee. I would suggest contacting the Adai to see if any of the surnames you listed have connection to them. I am sorry but you are not Cherokee.

    2. My great great grandmother (last name Meadows from Goldonna)was told to be Cherokee. They believed her to be 106 in a 5 generation picture taken circa 197o. Names you mentioned are my family

  11. I need some help locating some information regarding my great grandmother. I have been told she was full blooded Cherokee I have her name and that is all I can find. Carrie munhallen married my great grandfather Claude Blackman In laclede county Missouri. Where do I start??

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