Genealogy of the Cherokee Conrad Family

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11Onai. Hamilton Conrad
1112Rattlinggourd Conrad. Mary Toney
2Hair Conrad. Ollie Candy and Melvina McGee
OK3Youngwolf Conrad. Jennie Taylor
4Quatie Conrad. Alexander Brown, Archibald Fields and John Benge
111213Dorcas Rattlinggourd. Richard Foreman
2Tony Rattlinggourd. Lucretia Tiger
OK3Jackson Rattlinggourd. Elsie Wilson              |A54
4Sallie Rattlinggourd. Samuel Foreman and Peacheater Sixkiller
5Catherine Rattlinggourd. George Washington Campbell
6Daniel Rattlinggourd. Eliza Abigal Looney
7John Rattlinggourd. Nannie Mannion
8Margaret aRttlinggourd. Benjamin Downing
9David Rattlinggourd* Nannie Jennings nee
10Charles Rattlinggourd. Lucy McIntosh*, Levisa McIntosh*, Elizabeth Campbell*, ____Benge and Susie Hair
112213Elizabeth Hair. Daniel Hopkins
2Susie Hair. Charles Rattlinggourd
3Jefferson Hair. Chinosa O’Fields, Mary Tyner nee Sanders and Eliza Ramsey nec Tyner
4Diana Hair. Wade Hampton Robertson
5John Hair. Lucy Robertson, Annie Sanders, Mary Butler and Lucy Justice
6Nannie Hair*
7Mary Hair. John Ramsey
8James Hair. Sarah Davis, Susie Reese and Nellie Robertson
9Elizabeth Hair. Ashhopper
10Ollie Hair. Wallace Vann
11Eliza Hair. Starr Deerinthewater, Johnson Blythe and George Roberts
113213Susie Wolf. Samuel Ballard and Michael Bridgemaker
2Nannie Wolf. Thomas Starr
OK3Margaret Wolf. Daniel McCoy
4Annie Wolf. William Williams and James Sterling Price
5Dennis Wolf. Isabel Fields and Peggy McDaniel
114213John Lucien Brown. Elizabeth Coody nec Meade, Minerva Coker nee Foster and Mary Lowrey nee Simpson
2Jennie Fields. Allen Ross
OK3Anderson Benge. Elizabeth Busky and Susan Henrietta Foreman
115213John Terrapin. Ga-ho-ka Ratliff and Nannie Blalock nec Bark
2Jennie Terrapin. So-sa and Edward Foreman              |A53
OK3James Terrapin*
4Thomas Fox Conrad. Caroline Wheeler
11121314Anthony Foreman. Nellie Buffington and Eliza Toney
2Lucinda Foreman. John Foster
3John Foreman. Susie Leach
4Lewis Foreman
5Amos Foreman* Eliza Gunter
6William H. Foreman. Letitia Woodward
7Thomas Foreman*
8Ruth Foreman. Patrick Lyman
9Edward Foreman*
10Emily Foreman. Wallace Ratliff
11George Foreman. Mary Lowrey

A53 Tradition avers that Jennie Taylor, a Scotch woman married a member of the English aristocracy named Fox. That they had two sons and then separated, the father retaining the elder, on whom the right of primogeniture would vest the estates and she kept the younger brother, who was thence forward known as Charles Fox-Taylor. The widow later married a HoIlander named Conrad and emigrated to America, settling in the vicinity of the Cherokees. Charles Fox-Taylor married Jennie Walker, a grand daughter of the Ghi-ga-u, and his half brother; Hamilton Conrad married Onai, a full blood Cherokee woman of the Bird clan. The descendants Charles Fox-Taylor were known as Taylors.

Hamilton and Onai Conrad had five children; Rattlinggourd, Hair, Youngwolf, Quatie and Terrapinhead Conrad. Although Hair Conrad was the only one except a grandson of Terrepinhead who retained his full patronymic. Rattlinggourd and his descent were always known as Rattlinggourds. Youngwolf’s generation were known by the family name of Wolf and Terrapinhead’s children and descendants were known as Terrapins, with the exception of his youngest son, who although a full brother to the other children was known as Thomas Fox Conrad.

Terrapinhead’s only daughter, Jennie, married a half blood Spanish Cherokee whose only name was So-sa or Goose but he became locally known as Dick Spaniard, on account of his extraction. Upon his enlistment in the confederate service he gave the name So-sa and upon the adjutants query for a Christian name, he said Johnson or as the Cherokees pronounced it, Jonson would do. He was killed in a skirmish at Tahlequah and Jennie named their posthumous son; John Johnson using the father’s assumed Christian name for his surname.

A54. Jackson Rattlinggourd was born in 1809. Married Elsie Wilson born in 1808. She died October 4, 1884. He died on April 10, 1885.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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