Genealogy of the Cherokee Chisholm-Wilson Family

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11Malinda Wharton. Thomas Chisholm and William Wilson  |A44
1112Jennie Elizabeth Chisholm. Joseph Blagne Lynde and Caswell Wright Bruton
2Alfred Finney Chisholm. Margaret Harper
OK3William Wharton Chisholm. Susie Pindar
4Narcissa Clark Chisholm. Robert Latham Owen
5Emily Walker Wilson. Napoleon Bonaparte Breedlove
OK3William Wilson* Alice Coody
111213Alice Lynde. William Otway Owen
2Caroline Walton Bruton. John Washington Breedlove
OK3Robert Owen Bruton*
4Wilson Otho Bruton. Mary L. Goodman
113213Alice Chisholm. James Henry Cobb
2Narcissa Chisholm. * Matthew Archer and Frank Taylor
11421314William Otway Chalmers Owen
OK2Robert Latham Owen. Daisy Hester
115213Lelia Wilson Breedlove. James Senora Stapler
2Walter Winchester Breedlove. Priscilla Williams
OK3Emma Maria Breedlove*
4Florence Breedlove. Othie Andrew Smith
5Jennie Breedlove*
11121314Robert Otway Owen. Rowena Booth
2Jennie Owen. Charles Heald
OK3William Otway Owen. Mary H. Severs

A44. Malinda Wharton was born December 25, 1803 in Virginia. She married Thomas Chisholm, born in 1790. He was elected Third Chief of the Western Cherokees on July 16, 1834. The Principal Chief at that time was John Jolly and the Second Chief, was Blackcoat. Thomas Chisholm was attacked with typhoid fever at the council at Tahlonteeskee and on being taken to his home on Beatty’s Prairie, he died on November 12, 1834. Mrs. Chisholm’s second husband was William Wilson, born October 14, 1811. She died on February 19, 1864 and he died on June 20, 1897.

Chisholm, Wilson,

Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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