Genealogy of the Cherokee Downing Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

11Major DowningA14
1112George Downing
2John Downing. Jennie and Nannie
3William Downing
4Nannie Downing
111213James Downing
2Alexander Downing. Oo-go-yo-sti
3John Downing. Leah Lovelady
4Elizabeth Downing. Stephen Whitmire
112213Ollie Downing*
2Samuel Downing. Susie Dougherty and Elsie Dougherty
3David Downing. Peggy Dougherty
4Isaac Downing*
5Peggy Downing. Archibald Tuckwa
6Nellie Downing*
7Moses Downing. Oo-yo-sti or Polly and Lydia
8Elizabeth Downing. Galcatcher
9Celia Downing* Ezekial McLaughlin
10Jesse Downing* Chicken
11Charlotte Downing. Ellis Beck
12William Downing. Elizabeth Dougherty and Elsie Downing
13Cynthia Downing. Joseph Beck
14James Downing.  ______ Parris
153Catherine Downing*  _____Still
16John Downing. Ollie
17Sallie Downing. Tadpole
114213Thomas Pettit. Catherine
2James Crittenden. Nancy Hughes and Ko-ta-Ka-ya
3Jennie Crittenden. Jack WrightA15
4Margaret McSwain. Avery Vann
5Elizabeth McSwain. David Welch
11121314George Downing
2Peacheater Downing
11122314Lethe Downing. Hiram Bright
2 Annie Downing. Pumpkin or Murphy
3Charles Downing*
4Scudders Downing. Polly Bean and Catherine Tiesky nee Foreman
5John Downing*
11123314Martha Jane Downing. Jackson Smith and Joshua Morgan

A14. Major Downing, said to have been a Major in the British army married a full blood Cherokee woman of the Wolf clan.

A15. Tradition says that after a violent storm on the coast of South Carolina a baby was found on the beach, leashed to a spar. He was well clothed and the only word that he could articulate was “Jack and upon being adopted by a family known as Wright, he was known as Jack Wright. He married Jennie Crittenden.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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