Genealogy of the Cherokee Daniel Family

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11 Nannie Still   Marmaduke Daniel
1211 James Daniel. Mary Buffington. See Grant 11121384
2 Moses Daniel. Martha Tarrant
3 Catherine Daniel. Ellis Buffington. See Grant 111271374
4 Mary Daniel. Thomas Buffington and Lewis Blackburn   |A43
5 Walker Daniel*
6 John Ross Daniel. Martha Martin. See Grant 1112133445
7 Nannie Daniel
8 Jennie Daniel*  Hiram McCreary
9 Thomas Daniel*
114213 Susannah Buffington. Alfred Hudson
2 Joshua Buffington. Elizabeth Welch and Sabra Lynch.
OK 3 Nannie Buffington*  Thomas Fox Taylor
4 Elizabeth Blackburn. Alfred Scudder
5 Frances H. Blackburn. Madison Hudson and Samuel Weil
6 Mary Blackburn. Thomas Fox Taylor and George Harlan Starr*
7 Sarah G. Blackburn. Jackson Rogers                            | A42
8 Louisa Blackburn. Alfred Thompson and Henry Curtis Rogers
9 Cynthia Emily Blackburn. John S. Oliver
10 Martha Catherine Blackburn. William Pierce Nichols
11421314 Louisa C. Hudson*  Jacob Alberty
2 Joshua Thomas Buffington Hudson. Sarah Berry
11422314 Nannie Buffington. William West Alberty, James Blake and William  Levesque Wilder
2 William Wirt Buffington. Josephine Bell and Caroline Thompson nee McCord
OK 3 John Ross Buffington. Nancy Jane Bryan
4 Webster Buffington*
5 Eliza Buffington. Joseph George Washington Vann
6 Mary Jane Buffington. Robert Fletcher Wyly
11424314 Josephine Helen Scudder. Matthew Bell
2 Frances Henrietta Scudder. Thomas Allen Warwick. OK 3 Jacob McCarty Scudder*
4 Lewis Blackburn Scudder. Malinda Elmira Kelly
5 William Henry Harrison Scudder. Margaret J. Garmany
11425314 Lewis Blackburn Hudson. Nannie Malinda Williams
11426314 John Martin Taylor*
12417314 Laura Rogers. Thomas Dunn Bard

A42. Jackson Rogers born October 12, 1816. Married February 7, 1844 Sarah G. Blackburn, born June 3, 1821. He enlisted in Company B, First Georgia Infantry under Colonel William Dabney. He was captured in July 1864 and held at Camp Douglas, in Chicago, until he was paroled on June 16, 1865. He was elected a member of the Georgia legislature in 1875. He died May 14, 1899.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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  1. Hope Cottengaim

    Thank you for this post! I’ve been able to trace my history all the way back to Nannie Still, full blood Cherokee.

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