Genealogy of the Cherokee Foreman Family

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The descendants of Anthony Foreman, a Scotchman who married two full blood Cherokee wives.

11Anthony Foreman. Susie and ElizabethA26
1112John Foreman. Nannie Drumgoole nee Doublehead and Ruth Springston
2Catherine Foreman. James Bigby
OK3Thomas Foreman. Susannah Brewer nee Fields
4Nannie Foreman. Bushyhead
5Sallie Foreman. William Hicks
6 Richard Bark Foreman. _____and Rachel Seabolt
7Archibald Foreman. Aky Brewer and Theresa KerrA27
8Elsie Foreman. James Spears
9Stephen Foreman. Sallie W. Riley and Ruth Candy nee Riley
10Edward Foreman. Minerva Kerr
11Mary Foreman. Thomas Barnes
12Alexander Foreman. Ruth Phillips* and Sarah Fields
111213Richard Foreman. Sallie and Dorcas Rattlinggourd
2John Foreman. Lucretia and Ya-ki-ny
OK3James Foreman. Delialh Fields
4Elizabeth Foreman. Edley Springton
5Elizabeth Foreman. John Elliott
6Johnson Foreman. Elizabeth B. Mann
112213Mary Ann Bigby. David TaylorA28
2Jennie Bigby. Andrew Taylor
OK3Thomas Wilson Bigby. Margaret Catherine Adair
4James Bigby* Louisa Levi
5Elizabeth Bigby. Moses Fields
6Wiley Bibgy. Mary McLaughlin and Elnora Nicholson
7Sallie Bigby. Leonard Bonaparte Williams
8Jackson Bigby*
9Susie Bigby. Felix Riley
10Malinda Bigby. William Guilliams and Jesse Redman
113213Nannie Foreman. Allen Gafford and Martin North
2Samuel Foreman. Sallie Rattlinggourd

A26. Anthony Foreman was a Scotchman. His second wife, Elizabeth was a niece of his first wife.

A27. Archibald Foreman was born on January 1, 1801 and died on May 28, 1838.

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A28. Mary Ann Bigby was born on August 9, 1802. She married David Taylor, born December 16, 1791 in Orange County, Virginia.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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