Genealogy of the Cherokee Grant Family

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11Ludovic Grant.Al
1112Grant. William Emory.
111213Mary Emory. Rim Fawling and Ezekial Buffington.A2
2Elizabeth Emory Robert Due and John Rogers.


3Susannah Emory John Stuart, Richard Fields and Joseph Martin.
11121314John Fawling. Nannie Vann.A4
2William Emory


3Samuel Martin. Catherine Hildebrand, Charlotte Wickett
4Elizabeth Buffington. David McLaughlin and Jeremiah C. Towers
5Susannah Buffington. Jeffrey Beck and Surry Eaton
6Annie Buffington. * James Daniel
7Ellis Buffington Catherine Daniel and Lydia Snow nee Wright
8Mary Buffington. James Daniel
9Thomas Buffington Mary Daniel
11122314Jennie Due. John RogersA6
2 Mary Buffington. David GentryA5

A1. Ludovic Grant, who was said to have been a Scotchman, in a statement recorded on page 301 of the Charlestown, South Carolina probate court in the book of “1754-1 758′ in a sworn statement of January 12, 1756 says “It is about thirty years since I went into the Cherokee Country when I have resided ever since “I speak their language.” He married a full blood Cherokee woman of the Long Hair clan. He was among the Cherokees a the same time that Christian Priber and James Adair was in the nation Grant’s half breed daughter married William Emory, an Englishman.

A2. Rim Fawling, Ezekial Buffington, Robert Due and John Rogers were Englishmen.

A3. John Stuart was stationed at Fort Laudon as the Captain of a British company in 1757. The fort was besieged and captured by the war chief O-go-no-sto-ta on August 7, 1 760. Nearly all of the garrison was killed, but Captain Stuart was rescued and taken to Virginia by the civil chief, Atacullaculla. Stuart was later appointed Superintendent of Indian Affairs, South of Ohio River and married Susannah Emory and their only child was always known as Oo-no-du-tu or Bushyhead and this name has clung to his descendants. Captain Stuart himself was known to his Cherokee acquaintances as Oo-no-du-tu on account of his shock of blond hair. He died at Pensacola, Fla., February 21, 1779. Susannah’s second husband was Richard Fields, an Englishman and her third husband was Brigadier General Joseph Martin, who had the rare distinction of simultaneously bearing commissions to this rank in the militia service of Virginia and North Carolina.

A4. John Fawling’s wife was a half breed Cherokee. Fawling was killed by James Vann, his wife’s brother.

A5. David Gentry, a blacksmith was also the first husband of Tiana Rogers.

A6. John Rogers’ first wife was Elizabeth Due nee Emory and his second wife was his step-daughter Jennie Due.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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