Genealogy of the Cherokee Hendricks Family

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11Susannah. William Hendricks
1112James R. Hendricks. Nannie Woodall
2Annie Hendricks. George Peacheater and. Felix Riley
OK3Jane Hendricks. John Terrell and Green Parris
4Margaret Hendricks. Andrew Woodall
5John Hendricks. Pretia Tiesky and Mary Jane Brogan nee McLaughlin
6Nancy Hendricks. Henry Chambers
7Susannah Hendricks. Abraham Woodall
8Catherine Hendricks. James Chambers
9William H. Hendricks. Narcissa Crittenden and Ann Eliza Benge nee Linder*
10Willis Hendricks. Araminta Fish
11Franklin Hendricks. Annie Terrell nee Woodall
12Elizabeth Hendricks. James R. Gourd
13Thomas Hendricks. Nellie Ragsdale
111213Jennie Hendricks. John Ragsdale
2Jonas Hendricks
3Dennis Hendricks  Eliza Jane Fish
4Minerva Hendricks Joseph Poorboy and George Craft
5Cornelia Hendricks
6Louisa Hendricks. _____Miles
112213Susan Riley. Ellis R. Gourd
2William Beatty. Louisa Parris
3Sallie Beatty
4Looney Price. Sarah Wofford
113213Rebecca Terrell. Coleman Roberson
2Nannie Terrell. Green Terrell
3Elizabeth Terrell. George Bolin
4Sallie Parris
5Henry Parnis. Barbara Marshall
6Emma Parnis. Stephen Spears
7John Parris. Catherine Terrell
114213Daniel Woodall. Emeline Ragsdale
2William Woodall.      Potts
3Annie Woodall. Aaron Terrell
4Caroline Woodall. John Beaver Post
115213Elnora Hendricks. George R. Gourd
116213 Ann Eliza Chambers*
2Mary A. Chambers. John Ross Hicks
OK3Vann Chambers  Jennie diana McCoy
4Elizabeth Chambers  Lippman Rosenthal and Charles Lamb*


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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