Genealogy of the Cherokee Ghigau Family

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Descendants of the Ghi-ga-u, commonly called Nancy Ward.

11Ghi-ga-u. Kingfisher and Bryan WardA22
1122Catherine. Samuel Candy, John Walker, Ellis HarlanA23
2Fivekiller* Catherine
OK3Elizabeth Ward. Joseph Martin and _____Hughes
111213Samuel Candy. Elizabeth West
2John Walker.  Elizabeth Sevier nee Lowrey
OK3Jennie Walker Charles Fox, _____Taylor and John McIntoshA53
4Nannie Harlan. Caleb Starr
5Sallie Harlan. Jacob West
6Ruth Harlan. Joseph Phillips
7Elizabeth Harlan. Peter Hildebrand.A25
8George Harlan. Nannie Sanders, Annie May,* Eliza Riley*
9Ezekial Harlan. Hannah Lewis
10Susannah Harlan. Otterlifter
11313James Martin*
2Nannie Martin. Michael Hildebrand
OK3Rachel Hughes. Charles Rogers.
11121314Ollie Candy. Hair Conrad
2Thomas Candy. Susan Graves, Catherine Gentry nee Drew
3George Washington Candy. Elizabeth Hughes Bell and Elizabeth Webber nee Watie
4Samuel Candy*
5Nannie Candy. John Harlin and Henry Cobb
6John Walker Candy. Mary Watie and Electa W. Adams
11122314John Walker. Emily Meigs and Nannie Bushyhead
OK2Carter Walker. Sallie Brewer
11123314Richard Taylor. Ellen McDaniel and Susie Fields
2Fox Taylor. Mary Vann and Lucy Otterlifter
OK3Susan Taylor. Samuel Parks
4Nellie McIntosh. James McDaniel
11124314Mary Pauline Starr. Austin Rider and James Woods*
2James Starr. Nelie Maugh and Susie Maugh
3Thomas Starr. Nannie Wolf
4Ruth Starr. John Bean
5Ezekial Starr. Mary Upshaw
6Sallie Starr. Jesse Mayfield


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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