MacDonald McDonald Family Records


A101 SOMERLED: married Ragnhilbis, daughter of Olave, King of Man. He was Baron of Argyle from 1140 to 1164; slain at Battle Renfrew. Also known as Rex Insularum (King of Isles). (From him are descended not only the Macdonalds, who were allied by intermarriages with the Norwegian Earls of the Orkneys, Hebrides and Isle of Man, but also the MacDonells, one of the most powerful of Irish families.)

A102 REGINAL, SON OF SOMERLED: married Fonia, granddaughter of Fergus, Prince of Galloway; d. 1207. He was lord of Isles and succeeded by his son, Donald, from whom descended the “Clan Donald” (Macdonalds).

A103 DONALD: Lord of Isles, married daughter of Walter Stewart and d. prior to 1249. From this on the descendants were called Macdonald.

A104 AUGUS MOR: Lord of Isles; married daughter of Sir Colin Campbell of Lochow.

A105 AUGUS OG: Lord of Isles and hero of Battle of Bannockburn; m. Agnes (dau. of Guy O’Cohen, a branch of the O’Neils).

A106 JOHN: Lord of Isles and Earl of Ross; m. Princess Margaret (dau. of ROBERT 11, (STUART) KING OF SCOTLAND and his wife, Lady Elizabeth Mure).

A107 JOHN MOR: Lord of Dunnyveg and Earl of Antrim; m. Margery Bissett (heiress of Seven Glens of Antrim); was assassinated in 1427 by James Campbell.

A108 MARCUS: m. Amy (dau. of Olahan, Lord of Derry); slain in battle when young.

A109 CHARLES (OR TURLOUGH): was Capt. of Galloglasses (the heavily armed troops); migrated to Queens Co., Ireland, and became constable of the Pale and Lovell of Tynekill; d. 1435.

A110 JOHN CARROGH: Lord of Tynekill, described as “The best Captain of the English”; slain in 1466.

A111 CHARLES OG (OR TURLOUGH OG): Lord of Tynekill; slain in battle 1503.

A112 JOHN: Lord of Tynekill; killed in 1514.


A114 CALVAGN, OR CALLA, also called MACTURLOUGH: had a grant of Tynekill from Queen Elizabeth in 1562; was slain June 18th, 1570.

A115 HUGH Buy: Lord of Tynekill and Ballycastle; m. Mary Moore; d. in 1618.

A116 BRYAN: younger son.

A117 ALEXANDER: a distinguished Commander of Galloglasses; m. a dau. of Thos. Archibald of Wicklow.

A118 BRYAN: emigrated to America; m. Mary Combs; served as Lieutenant in Col. Francis Toole’s regt. under King James II, Monarch from 1685 to 1688. On Nov. 18, 1689, he bought 693 acres from William Penn near New Castle, Del., and d. there. For his descendants in America see Chapters (F) and (G).

Macdonald, McDonald,



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