MacDonald McDonald Family Records

Officers of the Continental Army

Adam McDonald (S. C.). Captain 1st South Carolina, 17th June, 1775; Major, 16th September, 1776; was killed in 1777, the date and place not stated.

Alexander (Del.). Regimental Quartermaster, Delaware Battalion of the Flying Camp, July to December, 1776.

Barney (Va.). Ensign 4th Virginia, 6th January, 1777; 2d Lieutenant, 29th November, 1777; deserted 7th March, 1778.

Daniel (N. J.). Major New Jersey Militia, 1777-1778.

Donald (Pa.). 2d Lieutenant 3d Pennsylvania, 1st January, 1777; omitted, March, 1777.

James (S. C.). Captain 1st South Carolina, 17th June, 1775; was Captain South Carolina Dragoons in 1777.

John (Pa.). 1st Lieutenant 6th Pennsylvania Battalion, 9th January, 1776; Captain of Swope’s Pennsylvania Battalion of the Flying Camp, July, 1776; taken prisoner at Fort Washington, 16th November, 1776; exchanged 2d November, 1780, and did not return to the army.

William (Ga.). Lieutenant 4th Georgia, 1779 and 1780.

William (N. J.). 2d Lieutenant 3d New Jersey, 21st March, 1776; cashiered, 1st August, 1776.

Macdonald, McDonald,



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  1. This info is wrong. DM and Mary had 9 children. My great great grandfather was one of the children and I have his bible in my basement with the correct names and dates. Also Donald Malcolm was NOT the name he used when he came to America in 1822.

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