MacDonald McDonald Family Records

Moreton-Macdonald of Largie

C143 JOHN MACDONALD: Lord of the Isles; m. Margaret (dau. Robert II, of Scotland); s. by second son,

C144 JOHN MOR MACDONALD: of Isla and Deningveg; m. Marjory Bisset (heir of the Glens, Co. Antrim); had Sir Donald Ballock, ancestor of the Earls of Antrim, and Ranald Bane of Largie in Kintyre, founder of this family who were known as the Clan Ranaldbane; sent by his cousin, the Earl of Ross, as envoy to Edward IV of England, 1461; murdered at Ard-dhu by James Campbell; s. by son,

C145 DONALD MACRANALD BANE: of Largie, 1493-1505; submitted to king, 1505, having been in rebellion; his dau. Marion, of the Zlis, had a grant for life in 1510 from James IV, of Cartynoal, in Kintyre. His descendant

C146 JAMES-: of Largie; fled from the pursuit of the Earl of Argyll in 1594 to his relatives in Antrim; d. there.

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C147 ARCHIBALD MAK CONNELL: of Largie; summoned to appear at Loch-kilkerean before Lord Scone to find sureties for peaceable conduct and exhibit his title, 1605; submitted; lands united and erected into a tenandry. He was father of

C148 ALEXANDER MCCONNELL: of Largie; served heir, 1627; father of

C149 ANGUS MACDONALD: of Largie; at the burning of Inverary, 1647; with the force of Macdonald defeated by Gen. David Leslie, 1647; for-feited for rebellion, 1649; restored 1661; s. by son.

C150 JOHN MACDONALD: of Largie; signed a bond at Blair, 1689, to serve James II with fifty followers; d. 1710; s. by son,

C151 JOHN MACDONALD: of Largie; executed a deed of entail, 1763; m. Eliz. (only dau. John Macleod of Muiravonside, Co. Linlithgow, Advocate, repres. of Sir Norman Macleod, of Bernera, knighted after the Restoration); a dau.,

C152 ELIZABETH MACDONALD: of Largie; s. father, 1768, and uncle of Muiravonside, 1784; m. 1762, Charles Lockhart, who assumed surname of Macdonald; d. 1787.
(1) James: of Largie-C153.
(2) Alexander: heir to his brother-C154.

C153 JAMES MACDONALD: of Largie and Muiravonside; d. s. p., 1793; s. by brother.

C154 SIR ALEXANDER MACDONALD: of Largie and Muiravonside; resumed paternal surname, 1802, on inheriting maternal grandfather’s estates of Lee and Carnwath, Co. Lanark; created baronet, 1806; d. 1816. His eldest son,

C155 SIR CHARLES MACDONALD-LOCKHART: d. 1832; had, besides another dau.,

C156 MARY JANE MACDONALD: heir to Largie; m. 1837, Hon. Augustus Henry Moreton (M. P.; assumed surname of Macdonald); d. 1851.
(1) Charles: of Largie-C157.
(2) Augustus Henry Macdonald: Col. late Coldstream Guards; b. 1848; m. 1878, Anna Harriet Mary (dau. Sir Richard Sutton, Bart.); d. 1918.
(A) Norman Charles Henry: b. 1888.
(B) Cora Emily: m. 1900, K. R. Mackenzie.
(C) Hilda Maud: m. 1898, Col. Sir Simon Macdonald-Lockhart, 5th and last Bart.
(D) Evelyn Geraldine.
(E) Muriel Harriet Charles: m. 1903, James Hainsworth Ismay; issue.
(F) Margaret Olive.
(G) Audrey Beatrice: m. 1913, Maj. August Chas. Oppenheim; issue.
(H) Isla Mary Cecil.
(3) Frances Augusta: m. 1858, Christopher Armitage Nicholson; issue.
(4) Emilia Olivia: m. 1879, Capt. the Hon. Algernon Thomas Moreton; d. 1920. (5) Mary. (6) Julia: m. 1878, Sir Thos. Digby Pigott, C.B.; issue. (7) Jane Geraldine: m. 1894, Rev. Edmond Pigott.

C157 CHARLES MORETON-MACDONALD [C156-(1)]: of Largie; b. 1840; m. 1870, Eliz. Hume (dau. Arch. Campbell of Glendarnel); d. 1879.
(1) John Ronald: of Largie-C158.
(2) Esther: m. 1898, T. W. Westropp Bennett; d. 1920.

C158 The LATE JOHN RONALD MORETON-MACDONALD: of Largie, Co. Argyll; J. P. and D. L.; M.A., Oxon; late lieut. 3rd Vol. Batt., Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; b. 1873; m. 1906, Daisy Maud (now of Largie), twin dau. of the late Brig.-Gen. Eyre Macdonnell); d. 1921.
(1) John: b. 1908.
(2) Elizabeth: b. 1909.
(3) Charles Angus: b. 1913

Macdonald, McDonald,



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  1. This info is wrong. DM and Mary had 9 children. My great great grandfather was one of the children and I have his bible in my basement with the correct names and dates. Also Donald Malcolm was NOT the name he used when he came to America in 1822.

    Macdonald, McDonald,



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