MacDonald McDonald Family Records

Laurence McDonald

L214 LAURENCE MCDONALD: b. in Knocklonagad, Garryhill, County Carlow, Ireland, 1821; d. August, 1885; m. Margaret Foley (b. 1836, in Ballykelly, Priest’s Haggard, Sutton’s Parish, Co. Wexford, Ireland; d. August 29, 1900, at Chicago, Illinois).

(1) Thomas: b. Oct. 6, 1857, in New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland; d. July 2, 1890, Chicago, Ill.; had, besides 3 other ch.
(A) Patrick Francis: resides in Chicago.
(2) Bridget: b. March 12, 1859; resides in Chicago.
(3) Margaret: b. Sept. 1, 1860; m. John Kavanagh.
(A) Philip: m. and has two ch.; 1. in Chicago.
(B) Margaret: m. Charles McCarthy and has 3 ch.; 1. in Chicago.
(C) Anna: deceased.
(D) Laurence A.: m. Helen Smith; has 6 ch.; 1. at Altadena, California.
(4) James: b. Jan. 12, 1862, in Chilcomb Lodge, Rosbergon, Co. Kilkelly, Ireland; d. May 18, 1885, at Chicago; unm.
(5) Patrick Joseph: b. Mar. 17, 1863, Chilcomb Lodge; m. Jan. 28, 1891, in Fresno, Calif., Carolina Louise Mann (b. Mar. 27, 1864, at Galion, Ohio; dau. of John Alexander and Martha J. (Bodley) Mann). Add.: 450 East Adams Street, Los Angeles, Calif.
(A) Laurence Earl: b. Jan. 7, 1892; m. Ellen Travers, Mar. 7, 1923.
(a) Laurence Joseph: b. Jan. 14, 1924.
(b) James Anthony: b. Dec. 24, 1927.
(B) Ethel Mae: b. Sept. 14, 1893; m., June 25, 1919, Edward B. Murray.
(a) Patrick Charles: b. June 4, 1920.
(b) Margaret Louise: b. Jan. 29, 1922.
(c) Edward Bernard: b. Oct. 23, 1923.
(d) Ethel May: b. Nov. 25, 1925.
(C) Genevieve Beal: b. Aug. 14, 1896; m., July 4, 1929, Warren Birdsell.
(D) David Eugene: b. April 17, 1900; m., July 15, 1922, Elsie Baird.
(a) Mary Loraine: b. May 1, 1923.
(6) Mary Ann: b. Chilcomb Lodge; m. M. D. O’Sullivan; both d. in Chicago. Ch.: Daniel, Margaret, Laurence, Mary, David, Agnes, Joseph-all married excepting Joseph, and all live in Chicago.
(7) Lawrence Thomas: b. Aug. 14, 1866, Chilcomb Lodge; m. Sarah McBride, Oct. 24, 1901.
(A) Francis: b. Jan. 17, 1903; m. Dorothy Walker, Oct. 2, 1926.
(B) Beatrice: b. Sept. 16, 1907.
(8) Annie: b. July 12, 1867, Chilcomb Lodge; d. May 18, 1885, at Chicago; unm.
(9) John William: b. March 5, 1869, Chilcomb Lodge; m. Mamie Kennedy.
(A) Margaret: married and living in Chicago.
(B) Ellen Teresa: married and living in Chicago.
(10) David: b. March 25, 1870, Chilcomb Lodge; d. in infancy.
(11) Johanna: b. Dec. 28, 1871; m. James McNally of Chicago; no issue.
(12) David L.: b. June 5, 1874; now The Rt. Rev. Mons. D. L. McDonald, pastor of St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, Chicago.
(13) Ellen Teresa: b. Feb. 29, 1876, Chilcomb Lodge; m. John J. Meehan; lives in Chicago; no issue.

Macdonald, McDonald,



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  1. This info is wrong. DM and Mary had 9 children. My great great grandfather was one of the children and I have his bible in my basement with the correct names and dates. Also Donald Malcolm was NOT the name he used when he came to America in 1822.

    Macdonald, McDonald,



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