MacDonald McDonald Family Records

Bosville Macdonald of the Isles

D159 ALEXANDER MACDONALD: Lord of the Isle and Earl of Ross by union with dau. of Gillepatrick Roy.

D160 HUGH (AISDUIN) : 1st of Sleat in the Island of Skye, Co. Inverness; descended from Somerled, 1st of the family of the Isles; had a Charter, 1469, from his half brother John, last Celtic Lord of the Isles and Earl of Ross, of the lands of Skirhough in S. Uist, Benbecula in N. Uist, and of Sleat to him and his heirs male (this Charter confirmed 1495, under great seal of James IV); d. 1498.

D161 JOHN: 2nd of Sleat; d. s. p., 1502; s. by half brother,

D162 DONALD GALLOCH: 3rd of Sleat; killed by half brother, Archibald, 1506; m. dau. of John of Islay and Glennis.

D163 DONALD GRUMACH: 4th of Sleat; m. Margaret (dau. Macdonald of Moydert); d. 1534.

D164 DONALD GORM: 5th of Sleat; claimed Lordship of the Isles, besieged castle of Islandoanne to support pretensions and was shot from the battlements in 1539; m. Mary (dau. John Torquil Macleod); s. by infant son.

D165 DONALD GORMESON: 6th of Sleat; m. Mary (dau. Hector Maclean); d. 1573.
(1) Donald Gorm Mor: his heir-D166.
(2) Archibald: the clerk; m. Margaret (dau. of Angus Macdonald of Duniveg to Glennis).
(A) Donald (Sir): 1st Bart.; s. his uncle-D167.

D166 DONALD GORM MOR: 7th of Sleat; m. (1) Margaret (dau. Tormac Macleod); m. (2) Mary (dau. Colin Mackenzie); d. s. p., 1616; s. by nephew.

D167 SIR DONALD: lst Bart. of Sleat in the Island of Skye; supported Charles I in the Civil Wars; created a baronet of Nova Scotia, 1625, with remainder to his heirs male with precedence over Sir Win. Doug las of Glenbervie, created a baronet in the same year; m. Janet (dau. 1st Lord Mackenzie of Kintail); d. 1643.
(1) James (Sir): 2nd Bart.-D168.
(2) Donald: of Castleton: ancestor of Macdonald of Castleton. (3) Margaret: m. 1646, Angus Macdonnell of Glengarry.
(4) Katherine: m. Kenneth Mackenzie of Gairloch; d. s. p. (5) Janet: m. Donald Macdonald of Moydart; d. s. p.
(6) Mary: m. Sir Ewen Cameron.

D168 SIR JAMES: 2nd Bart.; joined the Marquess of Montrose, 1645; sent some of his men to assistance of Charles II when he marched into England, 1651; m. (1), 1633, his cousin Margaret (dau. Sir Roderick Mackenzie); m. (2), Mary (dau. of John Macleod); d. 1678; had, with other issue, (1) Donald (Sir): 3rd Bart.-D169.
(2) Roderick: m. and had issue.
(3) Hugh: of Glenmore.
(4) Somerled : of Sortle.
(5) John: of Backney.

D169 SIR DONALD: 3rd Bart.; m. 1662, Lady Mary Douglas (dau. 8th Earl of Morton); d. 1695.
(1) Donald (Sir): 4th Bart.-D170.
(2) James (Sir): 6th Bart.-D172.
(3) William: ancestor of Macdonalds of Vallay.
(4) Isabella: m. Sir Alex. Bannerman.
(5) Barbara: m. Col. Macdonald of Keppoch.

D170 SIR DONALD: 4th Bart.; joining rebellion of 1715, is said to have been attainted, but no forfeiture followed; m. Mary (dau. Donald Macdonald of Castleton); d. 1718; had, besides 4 daus.,

D171 SIR DONALD: 5th Bart.; b. 1697; d. unm., 1720; baronetcy reverted to uncle,

D172 SIR JAMES [D169-(2)]: 6th Bart.; m. (1) Janet (dau. Alex. Macleod); m. (2) Margaret (dau. John Macdonald of Castleton); d. 1723; had, with other issue,
(1) Alexander (Sir): 7th Bart.-D173.
(2) Margaret: m., about 1738, Sir Robt. Douglas, 6th Bart. of Glenbervie.
(3) Janet: m. Sir Alex. Mackenzie, 5th Bart. of Coul; issue.

D173 SIR ALEXANDER: 7th Bart.; b. 1711; supported the government, 1745; m. (1), 1733, Anne (dau. David Erskine); m. (2), 1739, Margaret (dau. Alex., Earl of Eglinton) mother of the ch. below; d. 1746.
(1) James (Sir): 8th Bart.-D174.
(2) Alexander (Sir): 9th Bart.; 1st Lord-D175.
(3) Archibald (Sir): Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer in England created a baronet, 1813. (Baronetcy became extinct, Oct. 11, 1919.)

D174 SIR JAMES: 8th Bart.; b. 1742; one of greatest scholars and mathematicians of his time; d. unm., at Rome, 1766; s. by brother.

D175 SIR ALEXANDER: 9th Bart.; 1st Lord Macdonald; elevated to peerage of Ireland, 1776, by the title of Baron Macdonald, of Slate, Co. Antrim; raised Macdonald Highlanders in 1778, and another reg’t. in the Highlands and Islands for Government, 1795; Brig.-Gen. of the Royal Company of Archers; Capt. of the Caledonian Band; D. L. for Inverness-shire; m. 1768, Elizabeth Diana (dau. and in her issue co-heir of Godfrey Bosville, of Gunthwaite, Co. York and Diana his wife, dau. Sir Win. Wentworth, 4th Bart. of Bretton); d. 1795. (See E181).
(1) Alexander Wentworth: 2nd Baron-D176.
(2) Godfrey: 3rd Baron-D177.
(3) Archibald: b. 1777; m. 1802, Jane (dau. and co-heir of Duncan Campbell); d. 1861; issue now extinct.
(4) James: Lieut. Col. 1st Regt. of Foot Guards; b. 1783; killed at Bergen of Zoom, 1814.
(5) Dudley Stewart Erskine: b. 1786; d. unm., 1840. (6) John Sinclair: b. 1788; d. before 1812. (7) William: b. 1789; d. before 1813.

D176 SIR ALEXANDER WENTWORTH [D175-(1)]: 10th Bart.; 2nd Lord Macdonald; b. 1773; d. unm., 1824; s. by brother. (See E182).

D177 SIR GODFREY BOSVILLE: 11th Bart.; 3rd Lord Macdonald; entered navy as ensign 60th regt., 1795; lieut-gen. on active list at time of his death; served in Low Countries, West Indies, Cape of Good Hope and Peninsular War till 1814; s. to estates of Thorpe and Gunthwaite, 1813, on death of maternal uncle, Win. Bosville; assumed name of Bosville by Royal Licence 1814; s. to Scottish estates and baronetcy of Nova Scotia and Irish barony on death of brother; assumed name of Macdonald after Bosville in 1824 by Royal Licence; b. 1775; m. 1803, Louisa Maria La Coast (natural dau. of H. R. H. the Duke of Gloucester and Lady Almeria Carpenter); three children before marriage and ten after, all legitimate according to Scottish law, but succession to Irish Barony on different footing; d. 1832; s. to Irish barony by eldest son after marriage, Godfrey Win. W. Bosville Macdonald. (See E183).
(1) Alexander William Robert: dejure 12th Bart.-D178.
(2) Louisa: b. 1802; m. 1826, John (5th Earl of Hopetoun); d. 1854; issue.

D178 ALEXANDER WILLIAM ROBERT: afterwards Bosville; de jure 12th Bart.; b. 1800; took no steps to prove legitimacy and did not assume title; entered in possession of estates of Thorpe and Gunthwaite in accordance with will of great uncle; assumed name of Bosville by Royal Licence, 1832; by decree of Court of Session in Scotland, 1910, in an action of declarator on petition of grandson; found to be eldest lawful son of Godfrey, 3rd Lord Macdonald and 11th Bart.; m. 1823, Matilda Eliza Moffatt (dau. John Bayard); d. 1847.
(1) Godfrey Wentworth Bayard: de jure 13th Bart.-D179.
(2) Julia Louisa: m. 1843, Henry Willoughby, 8th Baron Middleton; d. 1901; issue.

D179 GODFREY WENTWORTH BAYARD BOSVILLE: of Thorpe and Gunthwaite, Yorks; de jure 13th Bart.; b. 1826; did not assume the title; m. 1864, Hon. Harriet Cassandra Willoughby (sister 8th Baron Middleton); d. 1865. His son,

D180 SIR ALEXANDER WENTWORTH MACDONALD BOSVILLE (MACDONALD): 14th Bart.; of Sleat, in the Island of Skye, Co. Inverness; 21st Chief of Sleat; J. P. and D. L., East Riding, Yorks; High Sheriff, 1901; Chairman Quarter Sessions E. R. Yorks, 1920; b. 1865; m. 1886, Alice Edith (dau. late John Middleton); assumed title in 1910 after Court Decree; resumed name of Macdonald in addition to that of Bosville; has matriculated his arms in that name and title in the Lyon Office.
(1) Godfrey Middleton: M. B. E. (1918); b. 1887; m. 1917, Rachel Audrey (dau. Colin Frederick Campbell).
(A) Alexander Somerled Angus: b. 1917.
(B) Jean Alice: b. 1919.
(C) Angela Daphne Rachel: b. 1923. (2) Celia Violet: b. 1889.

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  1. This info is wrong. DM and Mary had 9 children. My great great grandfather was one of the children and I have his bible in my basement with the correct names and dates. Also Donald Malcolm was NOT the name he used when he came to America in 1822.

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