MacDonald McDonald Family Records

Prominent MacDonalds of America, Past Generations

ANDREW ARCHIBALD MACDONALD: Canadian statesman; b. 1829, at Three Rivers, P. E. I., to which his grandfather, Andrew, with his retainers, emigrated from Scotland in 1806. He was Consular Agent for the United States at Three Rivers, 1849-70; represented Georgetown the House of the Assembly, 1854-70; and was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of P. E. I., 1884.

DONALD: loyalist; b. Scotland, 1712. He raised a body of loyal Scots and Regulators in January, 1776, was commissioned their General by Gov. Josiah Martin, and marched upon Wilmington. The militia was called out in haste and he was among the prisoners captured. He was confined in Halifax jail and afterward in Philadelphia, until he was finally exchanged.

HUGH: Canadian jurist; b. Antigonish, Nova Scotia, 1827; admitted to bar in Nova Scotia, 1855, and became Queen’s Counsel, 1872. He was elected a mem. of the Provincial Parliament for Inverness, 1859-62; later declined the Solicitor-Generalship, and, after serving in several high Offices, in 1873, was’ appointed judge of the Superior Court of Nova Scotia for life.

JAMES MADISON: clergyman, b. in Limerick, Me., 1812. He was graduated from Union College, 1832, and from Yale Theological Seminary, 1835, , and ordained pastor of 3rd Congregational Church of Berlin, Conn., the same year; delivered a course of lectures on homiletics at Boston University in 1874.

MOSES: congressman; b. Limerick, Me., 1814; bro. of James Madison. He served in the Legislature and in Congress, and was collector of customs at Portland, 1857-61.

JAMES WILSON ALEXANDER: sculptor; b. Steubenville, O., 1824. He moved to New York in 1865, and executed colossal statues for several states. Besides these, his work included busts of various ‘men, including Peter Cooper and John Van Buren. He painted portraits and landscapes in oil, lectured on art and science, and wrote analytical criticisms on American artists.

JOHN: Canadian M.P.; b. Saratoga, N. Y., 1787; s. of John, who came to Saratoga from Perthshire, Scotland, a few days before the birth of his son.’ In 1840 he was a member of the Legislative Council of Upper and Lower Canada; was for some time a Colonel of Leeds Militia, held local offices in Gananoque, and, with his bro. Charles, paid for the first church erected there.

HERBERT STONE: Canadian jurist; b. Gananoque, 1842; s. John, Canadian M.P.; grad. Queen’s University, 1859. In 1878 he was appointed Senior judge and later became revising-officer for several electoral districts. He had charge of the Orange incorporation bills in 1873, and that year went on lecturing tour in Ireland.

JOHN: Canadian merchant; b. Perth, Scotland; from 1824 to 1849 engaged in business in Toronto, Can., and became one of wealthiest merchants in the country. He was a member of the general conference of the M. E. Church, was actively connected in the Evangelical Alliance, the Bible Society, and the Y. M. C. A. In Nov., 1887, he became a mem. of the Dominion Senate, and later gave $40,000 to found a Toronto hospital. He was author of the pamphlet “Business Success”.

SIR JOHN ALEXANDER: Canadian statesman; b. Glasgow, Scotland, 1815; s. of Hugh, who emigrated from Sutherlandshire and settled in Kingston, Can., in 1820. In 1846 he was appointed Queen’s Counsel and afterward became a bencher, ex-officio, of the Law Society of Ontario. He was elected M. P. for Lennox, Carleton and Kingston Counties, became Receiver-General, and, later, Commissioner of Crown Lands; was the recipient of many honorary scholastic degrees.

JOHN SANDFIELD: Canadian statesman; b. St. Raphaels, Glengarry, 1812. His grandfather had come there from Scotland, in 1786, with one of those Highland migrations by which the County of Glengarry was almost exclusively colonized. At Cornwall Grammar School, he was declared “dux” of the school at the end of two years, although the usual course was three. In 1862 he was called upon by Lord Monk to form a government after the defeat of the Cartier-Macdonald administration. This he did, and remained Premier until he resigned in 1864. -In 1867 he became Premier of the Province of Ontario.

DONALD ALEXANDER (brother of John Sandfield): statesman; b. St. Raphaels, Glengarry, Ont., 1817. He was elected Postmaster-General of Glengarry for several terms, but resigned to accept the office of Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, 1875-80. He was President of the Montreal and Ottawa Junction Railroad, and Lieutenant-Colonel in command of the Glengarry reserve militia.

Macdonald, McDonald,



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  1. This info is wrong. DM and Mary had 9 children. My great great grandfather was one of the children and I have his bible in my basement with the correct names and dates. Also Donald Malcolm was NOT the name he used when he came to America in 1822.

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