MacDonald McDonald Family Records

 American MacDonald and McDonald Families

1210 LIEUTENANT BRYAN McDONALD: b. in Arklow, County Wicklow; served in Col. Francis Toole’s regt. under King James II; emigrated to America and on Nov. 16, 1689, bought from William Penn 693 acres of land near New Castle, Delaware, and died there, 1707; m. Mary Doyle (Combe?). For his ancestry see chapters (C) and (F).

1211 BRYAN McDONALD: 1686-1757; m. Catherine Robinson; moved to Botetourt Co., Virginia.
(1) Edward: 1720-1760; m. Mary …..
(2) Joseph: 1722-1809; m. Elizabeth Ogle.
(A) Bryan: 1753-1802; m. Mary Bane.
(a) Bryan: 1784-1863; m. Elizabeth Tellace.
1. John Saring: 1816; m. Susan Ecas. Ch.: Henry (m. Virginia Broce), Howard, Jonas (m. Nancy Ann Alls), Joseph, Benjamin.
(b) Hercules: 1786; m. Margaret Brown.
1. Lewis: 1827; m. Martha Burgess. Ch.: Mordecai (1863), Charles H. (1866), Columbus (1870).
(c) Richard: 1795; m. Mary Ingram; 7 ch.
(d) Jonas: 1797; m. Susan Clark; m. (2), Ida Jane Smith.
1. Bryan: 1843; m. Rebecca Gore; 2 ch.
2. Jonas: 1848; m. Ann Fellinger. Ch.: Allen H. (1870), George L. (1872).
(e) John: 1800-1861; m. Elizabeth Henderson.
1. Astynox: 1837; m. Jane Dingess. Ch.: Geneta, Dingess; Charles.
2. Bolivar: 1838; m. Mary Gartner. Ch.: John Alexander (1868), Lewis Scott (1871).
3. Maltravis: 1842; m. Perlina Drop; 2 ch.
(B) John: 1756-1807; m. Miss Sawyer; m. (2), Miss Canady.
(a) Frederic: m. Sarah Halpain. Ch.: John, William, George (m. Mary Hipes), Frederick (m. Julian Loop).
(b) Alexander: d. 1854; m. Susan Springer; m. (2), Mrs. Moulton; m. (3), Mrs. . . . ..
1. John: 1805-1853; m. Sallie Ford. Ch.: Richard Joseph.
2. Levi: 1811-1845; m. Martha Short. Ch.: Richard.
3. Elihu: 1813-1873; m. Mary Short; 3 ch.
(c) Joseph: 1782-1857; m. Elizabeth Gordon; 3 ch.
(d) John: d. 1848; m. Mary Maples.
1. John Smith: 1820-1865; m. Fannie Ayers.
(e) Robert: d. 1860; m. Nancy Morris.
1. James: m. Elizabeth Crawford; m. (2), Mrs. Eliza Reeves (nee Dupree). Ch.: James Robert, William J. 2. Arnold: m. Mary Ida Ayres. Ch.: John R., William A., Charles A.
3. Robert: m. Eugenia Stinson. Ch.: Robert J., William A.
4. Louis J.: m. Kate Asbury. Ch.: Rufus, Frank, Lewis.
(C) Joseph: 1758-1839; m. Nancy Sawyers.
(a) William: m. Susan Lewis; m. (2), Bathsheba Lewis; m.
(3), Nancy Hays. Ch.: Stephen, Joseph (m. Elizabeth Saybold), Levi, William, Milton and Rufus.
(D) Edward: 1761-1835; m. Kesiah Stevens.
(a) Lewis: d. 1820; m. Sarah Harvey. Ch.: Gordon (m. Miss Dingess), Lewis (m. Sallie Taylor).
(b) Joseph: 1789-1866; m. Nancy Chapman; m. (2), Mrs. Rhodey Pack.
1. Lewis: 1823; m. Virginia T. McDonald; m. (2), Mrs. Sallie Vickias (nee Keffer). Ch.: John Lewis (1874).
(c) Stephen: 1793-1851; m. Susan Peck.
1. John Black: 1824; m. Bethsheba Peery. Ch.: Evans P. (1848), Albert (1852), George (1857), John (1863),
2. Cyrus: 1826; m. Lavinia W. Moore. Ch.: William J. (1853), Charles B. (1855), Rush (1857), Walter C. (1864), Emmet (1870).
3. Andrew Jackson: 1829; m. Pauline Grove. Ch.: Harry L. (1870).
4. Crockett: 1839-1874; m. Ella V. Hall. Ch.: John (1864), Robert (1870).
5. Whitten: 1846; m. Clara Bird. Ch.: Frank (1869), William R. (1872).
(d) William: d. 1863; m. Mariah McDonald.
1. Edward: 1834; m. Lizzie A. Dowd. Ch.: Charles Otis (1858), William Mark (1860), Edward Blake (1865).
(E) Richard: 1763-1809; m. Mrs. John Martin (nee Mary Long)
(a) James: 1797-1865; m. Martha Shepard Peter.
1. Richard Hays: 1820; m. Mrs. Sarah Maria Steinagel (nee Whipple). Ch.: Frank Virgil (1852), Richard Hays (1854). DeWitt Livingston: 1828; m. Martha Ellenor Hunter. Ch.: James Monroe, Jr. (1858), William Hunter (1861). Marcus Linsey: 1833; m. Ralphine North. Ch.: Marcus Linsey (1868).
(b) Joseph: 1799-1861; m. Mrs. Foster; 1 ch.
(c) Griffin: 1801; m. Harriet Ann North; m. (2), Mrs. John J. LaRoche (nee Frazer).
A. James Long: 1841-1871; m. Florence Kimberly; 1 ch.
(F) Alexander: 1763-1843; m. Elizabeth Taylor.
(a) John: 1795-1825; m. Sarah Flunoy. Ch.: Joseph (1822) Alexander (b. 1823; m. Miss Collier).
(b) Edward: 1797; m. Martha Silvers.
1. James Monroe: 1831; m. Nannie Tallis; 1 ch.
2. William Alexander: 1841; m. Mary Adeline Mitchell Thompson. Ch.: Augustus (1870), Charles Edward (1872).
(c) Zachariah: 1799; m. Sallie Yeocum.
1. DeKalb Lafayette: 1836; m. Fannie Murth. Ch.: David Rice (1870), Jesse Murth (1872).
2. James William: 1838; m. Mary Bosley. Ch.: John Alexander (1870), Daniel Rice (1872).
(d) Daniel: 1803-1873; m. Martha McMurtry.
1. Rufus Lee: 1832; m. Mary Ann Wilson. Ch.: John Irving (1858), Robert Wilson (1866), Rufus Lee (1871).
(e) Silas H.: 1812; m. Sarah Donald.
1. Daniel: 1844; m. Anna S. Landis. Ch.: John Donnell  (1870), Lee Landis (1874).
(G) William: 1766; m. Ursula Huff (Hough?); m. to Alabama.
(a) Jonathan, M.D.: 1798-1886; eminent physician; built and was first president of Nashville & Decatur Ry.; m. Mary Briggs Malone.
1. Joseph Bibb: 1834-1883; col. in C. S. A.; lawyer; m., 1858, Henrietta Alston Bacon (1840-1907).
A. John Bacon: b. Athen, Ala., Feb. 8, 1859; d. 1926; m., Aug. 23, 1888, Katherine Celia Murphy, dau. of Hon.
Daniel Murphy of San Antonio. For a short sketch of his life see Chapter (J).
a. Joseph Edmund: Nov. 8, 1890-Jan. 8, 1916.
b. Robert Dyer: b. Ft. Custer, Mont., Aug. 27, 1892; Captain, U. S. Army.
c. Lila May: b. May 1, 1894; m., 1917, Gordon McPherson of London. Ch.: Gordon and Ian A.
d. John Bacon, Jr.: b. Ann Arbor, Mich., Aug. 3, 1897; U. S. N.
e. Sue Alston: b. Washington, D. C., July 2, 1902.
2. Thomas James: 1836; m. Madgie Simpson; 3 ch.
3. Jonathan Robert: 1843; m. Elizabeth W. Anderson. Ch.: Jonathan (1870), Charles.
4. Sterling Payne: 1845; m. Sarah Jane Foster; 1 ch.
(H) Jonas: 1771-1856; m. Elizabeth Foster.
(a) Charles: 1798=1864; m. Dioney Dickinson; 1 ch.
(b) William: 1800; m. Lucinda Patton. Ch.: Taylor Patton (1836).
(c) Joseph: 1802-1855; m. Lorena Ross; 5 ch.
(d) Floyd Fetchig: 1819; m. Jane Black. Ch.: Jonas Cloyd (1852), Charles Black (1860).
(I) James: 1774-1825; m. Elizabeth New; m. (2), Mrs. Mary Flint (nee Davis); m. (3), Mary Flunoy.
(a) Jonas: 1801-1873; m. Matilda Robinson.
(3) Bryan: 1732-1777; m. Susan Ogle.
(A) William: 1756-1833; m. Nancy Ann Robinson.
(a) Bryan: 1781-1841; m. Miss Nancy Thomason. Ch.: James (m. Miss Thomas), John (m. Miss Hodge), Lewis (m. Miss Snidon).
(b) William: 1799; m. Sarah Merrell. Ch.: Samuel C. (1859). (B) Edward: 1761-1855; m. Mary Rowland.
(a) James: 1793; m. Kitty Jones.
1. Benjamin Jones: 1827; m. Sophronia Patterson; m. (2), Marie Louisa Beard. Ch.: John Patterson (1855), James Richard (1858), George (1863), Franklin Jones (1870), William Edward (1872), Albert Gilson (1874). (b) William: 1795-1858; m. Nancy McDonald. Ch.: Roland (b. 1824; m. V. E. Brown; m. (2), O. J. Paine), Jonas (1830), Milton (1839).
(c) Bryan Rowland: 1797-1874; m. Elizabeth McDonald. Ch.: Lewis Foster (1826; m. Nancy McDonald), Charles Taylor (1832; m. Caroline E. Rice), Floyd Joseph (1839), Constantine (1842), George Alexander (1844).
(d) George: 1801; m. Susan M. Harvey.
1. Edward Harvey: 1831; m. Matilda Towson. Ch.: Edward Towson (1870).
2. Lewis: 1833; m. Magdalena Lewellyn. Ch.: Charles R. (1863), Robert T. (1873), James (1873). (C) George: 1767-1815; m. Ruth Owen.
(a) George: 1810; m. Nancy Sesler.
1. George Edward: 1849; m. Mary T. Jones; 2 ch. (D) Edward: 1812; m. Catherine Sesler.
(a) John Edward: 1841; m. Mandola Shufflebayer. Ch.: Holman Jackson (1867), Montgomery Warren (1871), David Edward (1874).

Macdonald, McDonald,



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  1. This info is wrong. DM and Mary had 9 children. My great great grandfather was one of the children and I have his bible in my basement with the correct names and dates. Also Donald Malcolm was NOT the name he used when he came to America in 1822.

    Macdonald, McDonald,



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