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Macdonald of Clanranald

The Macdonalds of Clanranald trace their descent from the great family of the Lords of the isles, and when the vassal clans became separate communities, each under its own chief, the Clan Donald proper gradually divided into three factions-supporting the claims to precedency of the branches Clanranald, Glengarry, and Sleat, respectively-thus effectually destroying its power as an organization. It has long been recognized that the question of precedence can never be decided, and thus with a view to creating a better feeling, a compromise to enable them to act together for the common interest was arranged by the Chiefs of the three factions in 1911.

B119 REGINALD (OR RANALD) DE ILE (family name Macdonald): became first chief of the branch of Clanranald; d. 1386; five sons, including,
(1) Allan: 2nd of Clanranald-B120.
(2) Donald: 1st chief of the branch of Glengarry.
13120 ALLAN: d. 1419; s. by eldest son of first wife, dau. of Stewart of Appin.
B121 RORY: d. 1481; m. dau. Donald Macdonald, of Dunnyveg.
(1) Allan: his heir-B122.
(2) Hector: progenitor of the MacEachens (or sons of Hector).

B122 ALLAN: d. 1505; a distinguished warrior; kept at bay all other forces brought to bear against the Clan during troubled times following fall of the Lordship of the Isles; prevented the subjugation of the W. Highlands; recognized by the Crown as the next heir, on the death, in 1502, of John, 2nd chief of Sleat, only acknowledged heir of Hugh, half-brother of John, 10th and last Lord of the Isles; m. three times, having eight sons and one dau.; by 1st wife, Florence (dau. Donald Macian) were,
(1) Ranald Bane: his heir-13123.
(2) Alexander: subsequently became 7th chief-B125
(3) Ranald Gallda: son of Allan by Isabella (dau. of Lord Fraser); slain at Blairlene-B 127.

B123 RANALD BANE: led clan four years; went to meet King at Perth and d. there, 1509; m. Catherine (dau. Lachlan MacIntosh); s. by his eldest son,

B124 DUGALL: apparently a madman, showed himself incapable to last degree; lost lams in Skye; general conduct of affairs exasperated clansmen, who saw themselves on point of ruin; assassinated 1520, and uncle Alex. elected chief (not necessary, for documents prove him next legitimate heir); sons by irregular unions.
(1) Allan: progenitor of the branch of Morar.
(2) Lachlan. (3) Alexander.
(4) Ranald: 1st of the Bornish branch.

B125 ALEXANDER [B122-(2)]: eight sons by “handiest” unions (rite recognized in Highlands but not in Lowlands); d. about 1530; s. by eldest son,

B126 JOHN MUIDERTEACH: (or of Moidart); greatest chief Clanranald ever had; succeeded when all was chaos, not only in the Clanranald through the incapacity of Dugall, but in the Isles severally, through the fall of the lordship; fought hard to establish his position and still harder to maintain it, especially as he was a staunch supporter of Queen Mary; was a born leader of men; took out charters from the crown to establish right to lands (first having to obtain a precept of legitimation, since he was the offspring of a handfast union). The Latin word “Capitanus,” used to translate “Chief,” was the cause of fierce controversy and was supposed to have proved John an illegitimate interloper. He was kidnapped by the Crown, 1540, and imprisoned at Edinburgh. Lord Lovat, Chief of the Clan Fraser, invaded Moidart and installed Ranald Gallda. John escaped and, powerfully supported, drove out Ranald Gallda, slaying him and most of his party at the battle at Blairlene. John m. three times and had 8 sons; d. 1574.
(1) Allan: his heir (by Margaret, dau. of Macian of Ardmurchad) B 128.
(2) John: 1st of the branch of Glenaladale (by dau. of Macdonald of Knoydart)-See F187.

B127 RANALD GALLDA: slain by John Muiderteach, after which the latter was again Chief.

B128 ALLAN: d. 1593; by dau. of Macleod of Harris, had,
(1) Allan Og: murdered by brothers. by Janet (dau. of Maclean of Duart), had,
(2) John: of Strome; accidentally killed at Strome where he was being fostered by Glengarry.
(3) Angus: the heir-B129.
(4) Donald: s. Angus-B130.
(5) Ranald: 1st of the branch of Benbecula.
(A) Angus Og: progenitor of the branches,-1st, of Milton (to which Flora Macdonald of 1745 fame belonged); 2nd, of Dalilia.
(B) A Son: 2nd of Benbecula.
(a) Donald: 3rd of Benbecula; 14th Chief of Clanranald-B135.
(b) James: (a grandson of Ranald though perhaps not a bro. of Donald); 1st of the branch of Belfinlay.
(6) John: 1st of the branch of Kinlochmoidart.
(7) Rory.
(8) Margaret: m. Donald MacDonnell, 7th of Glengarry.
(9) Marion: m. Roderick MacNeill, of Barra.
(10) Letitia: m. Alex., 2nd of Glenaladale.

B129 ANGUS [B128-(3)]: captured by the Macleods and killed; brother.

B130 DONALD [B128-(4)]: knighted by James VI, to whom he made mission; m. Mary (dau. Alex. MacDonald, of Dunnyveg); d. 1617; s. by eldest of four sons.

B131 JOHN: (known as second John of Moidart); strong supporter I; fought with distinction under Montrose; m. Marion (dau. Sir Roderick Macleod); d. 1670.
(1) Donald: the heir-B132.
(2) Marion: m. Lachlan Maclean, 8th of Coll.
(3) Catherine: m. McNeill, of Barra.
(4) Anne: m. Ranald Oge Macdonald, 2nd of Benbecula.

B132 DONALD: served with father under Montrose; later with Earl Antrim in Ireland; m. (1) 1655, Janet (dau. Sir Donald Macdonald Sleat); m. (2), Marion (dau. of John, 14th of Macleod); three sons and three daus.; d. 1686; s. by eldest son.

B133 ALLAN: joined Dundee with his tutor, Donald Macdonald; [B128-(5)-(B)-(b) above, and B135 below], 3rd of Benbecula, and greatly contributed to victory at Killiecrankie; refused to take oath to new Government when all hope of success for the Cause vanished; retired to France with brother Ranald and completed education; obtained commission under Duke of Berwick and served in his campaign in Spain; severely wounded at the battle of Almanza; collected his vassals and joined Mar when he raised his standard for the Stewarts; took prominent part in all subsequent operations; led right wing of Mar’s army at Sheriffmuir where he fell, 1715; burnt Castle Turrim before leaving for South so it couldn’t fall into hands of the enemy; his house at Ormiclate, S. Uist, accidentally burned day he fell at Sheriffmuir; m. Penelope (dau. Alex Mackenzie, Gov. of Tangiers under Charles II); s. by brother.

B134 RANALD: did not leave France with Allan; Clan in disgrace after Rising of 1715, so unable to do so; d. unm. at St. Germains, 1725; s. by cousin,

B135 DONALD [B128-(5)-(B)-(b)]: 3rd of Benbecula, where he d., 1730; m. (1) Margaret (dau. Donald, 13th of Clanranald).
(1) Ranald: b. 1692; his heir-B136. m. (2) Margaret (dau. Geo. Mackenzie, of Kildin).
(2) James: d. unm., 1719.
(3) Alexander: 1st of the branch of Boisdale.
(4) Anne: m. John Mackinnon.

B136 RANALD: (known as Old Clanranald of the ’45); lived in retirement in Benbecula; took no active part in Rising of 1745, but was arrested for complicity in escape of Prince Charles from the Hebrides because arrangements were made from his house where principal actors, Flora Macdonald and Neil MacEachen, were staying as guest and tutor respectively); returned to Benbecula and d. there, 1766; m. Margaret Macleod of Luskintyre; had, with other issue,
(1) Ranald: his heir-B137.
(2) Donald: who fought for the Stuarts in ’45; later joined gov’t and was killed as a Capt. in the Fraser Highlanders at the storming of Quebec, 1759.
(3) William: lieut. 78th regt.; 1st of the branch of Ormiclate; d. 1779.

B137 RANALD: (known as Young Clanranald of the ’45); educated at St. Germains at the expense of Penelope, widow of Allan; here made acquaintance of Prince Charles and Jacobite party, becoming a staunch adherent; tried to dissuade Prince Charles from attempting Rising of 1745, but failing, joined him with all the men he could collect and supported them at his own expense; helped him till all was lost; gave large bond to enable army to leave Edinburgh (burden so crippled family
that it never recovered); after Culloden took refuge in France, until discovered; was mentioned as Donald instead of Ranald in the bill of attainder; after executions of Jacobites stopped, returned and lived unmolested in Benbecula; assisted Lord Macdonald, head of the Sleat branch, to raise regt.; m. (1) Mary (dau. Lord Basil Hamilton) and had,
(1) Charles James Somerled: d. 1755. m. (2) Flora (dau. of John, younger of Mackinnon); d. 1776; had, with three daus.,
(2) John: his heir-B138.
(3) James: a col. in the army; d. 1838.
(A) Ranald;
(B) Archibald;
(C) James;
(D) John; (all d. without male issue).
(E) Flora Mary: m. (1) Hon. Arthur Annesley (eldest son 10th Viscount Valentia); m. (2) Col. Hon. George Devereaux; d. 1884.
(a) A son: 11th Viscount.

B138 JOHN: m. (1) 1784, Katherine (dau. Rt. Hon. Robt. Macqueen), by whom he had 5 ch.; m. (2), Jane (dau. Colin, 2nd of Boisdale) who d. s. p., 1794.

B139 REGINALD GEORGE: b. 1788; J. P. and D. L.; M. P. for Plympton. On the death of Henry, Cardinal of York, the last representative of the Stuarts, trustees decided that the Chief of the Clan should emerge from retirement. They sent him to London during Regency. Financial difficulties and bond of 1745 overwhelmed him and obliged him to sell his estates. Matriculated his arms in 1810, as Chief and Captain of Clanranald. He was b. 1788; m. (1) 1812, Lady Caroline Anne Edgecumbe (dau. of Richard, 2nd Earl of Mount Edgecumbe) and had six children; m. (2) Anne (dau. Wm. Cunningham); m. (3), 1855, Elizabeth Rebecca Newman; d. 1873.
(1) Reginald John-B140.
(2) Caroline Sophia: m. 1842, Hon. Chas. Henry Cust; d. 1887; issue.
(3) Emma Hamilton: m. 1840, Hon. and Rev. Alfred Wodehouse; d. 1852; issue.
(4) Louisa Emily:- m. (1) Chas. Win. Marsham; m. (2), 1856, Col. Hugh Fitzroy; d. 1897.
(5) Flora (Hon.): Woman of the Bedchamber to H. M. Queen Victoria; d. unm., 1899.
(6) Sarah Anne: m. (1) 1848, Baron Porcelli, a Sicilian nobleman; m.
(2) Major Woodhouse.

B140 ADMIRAL SIR REGINALD JOHN: R. N.; K. C. B.; K. C. S. I.; Chief of Clanranald; b. 1820; m. 1855, Hon. Adelaide Louisa Vernon (dau. 5th Lord Vernon); d. 1899.
(1) Allan Douglas: Chief of Clanranald-B141.
(2) Angus Roderick: late representative-B142.
(3) Adelaide Effrida.
(4) Maud: m. 1919, Alex. Tysson Meares.

B141 ALLAN DOUGLAS: Chief of Clanranald; late Capt. R. A.; b. 1856; m. (1), 1896, Gertrude Carter; m. (2), 1897, Marion Cecelia (dau. Theodore Sahelberg of Coblentz and Melbourne); d. s. p., 1908; s. by brother.

B142 ANGUS RODERICK: 23rd Chief of Clanranald; b. 1858; m. 1884, Leuco. line Helen (dau. Rev. Henry Clarke, M.A.)

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  1. This info is wrong. DM and Mary had 9 children. My great great grandfather was one of the children and I have his bible in my basement with the correct names and dates. Also Donald Malcolm was NOT the name he used when he came to America in 1822.

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