Montana Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Alexander, Fort, Montana – On Yellowstone River, opposite mouth of Rosebud River. Assinniboine, Fort, Montana – On Beaver Creek, Choteau County. Baker Camp, Montana – Name changed to Fort Logan. Belknap Fort, Montana – On the Yellowstone River. Benton Fort, Montana – Choteau County; now town of that name. Big Horn Barracks, Montana – Name …

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Frontier and Colonial Forts of the United States

List of colonial forts, frontier forts, trading posts, named camps, redoubts, reservations, general hospitals, national cemeteries, etc., established or erected in the United States from its earliest settlement to 1902. This list has been prepared only for convenience of reference. The data available for consultation is known to be incomplete, and may be erroneous in some instances, we welcome corrections and additions to it.

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