Mississippi Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Adams, Fort, Mississippi – At Loftus Heights, Mississippi River, in Wilkinson County.
Alibamo, Fort, Mississippi – On Yazoo River.

Bayou Fort, Mississippi – Jackson County; now town of that name.
Beauregard Camp, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Biloxi Fort, Mississippi – At the eastern extremity of Bay of Biloxi. (See Mississippi Forts)
Blythe Camp, Mississippi – Near Corinth.
Boomer Battery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Brewer Camp Mississippi – At Birmingham.

Castle Battery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Cat Island, Reservation, Mississippi.
Chapman Battery, Mississippi – At Corinth.
Chickasaw Bayou, Batteries at, Mississippi.
Chickasaw Fort, Mississippi – At Pontotoc.
Clark Fort, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Comstock Battery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Corinth National Cemetery, Mississippi- At Corinth.
Crocker Battery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.

Davis Jefferson Camp, Mississippi – At East Pascagoula.
Dog Island Reservation, Mississippi – In Gulf of Mexico.

Grand Gulf, Fortifications at, Mississippi.
Grant, Fort, Mississippi – Defense of Vicksburg.
Greenwood Fort, Mississippi – On Yazoo River, near the bend of the Tallahatchie.

Haines Bluff Camp at, Mississippi- Fourteen miles above Vicksburg.
Henry Patrick Camp, Mississippi – At Jackson.
Hickenlooper Battery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Hill Battery, Mississippi- At Vicksburg.
Horn Island Reservation, Mississippi

Lawson, Camp, Mississippi – At Greenwood Island.
Loring Fort, Mississippi – Leflore Comity; now town of that name.

Madison Fort, Mississippi
Massachusetts Fort, Mississippi – On Ship Island.
Montgomery Fort, Mississippi
Moore Camp, Mississippi – Near Corinth.
Morgan Fort, Mississippi – At Davis Mills.

McPherson Fort, Mississippi – At Natchez.
McPherson General Hospital, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.

Natchez National Cemetery, Mississippi – At Natchez.
Natchez (1) Fort, Mississippi – Near Natchez. (See Mississippi Forts)
Natchez (2) Fort, Mississippi – On the Washita and Little Rivers.
Nogales Fort, Mississippi – On Mississippi River, at Walnut Hills.

Panmure Fort, Mississippi – At Natchez.
Patrick Henry Camp, Mississippi – At Jackson.
Pemberton Fort, Mississippi – Near Greenwood.
Pettus Camp, Mississippi – Near Enterprise.
Phillips Battery, Mississippi – At Corinth.
Powell Fort, Mississippi – Near Corinth.

Ransom Battery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Rawlins Fort, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Richardson Fort, Mississippi – Near Corinth.
Robinette Fort, Mississippi – Near Corinth.
Rosalie Fort, Mississippi – At Natchez.
Round Island Reservation, Mississippi

St. Louis, Fort, Mississippi – Bay of Biloxi.
St. Peter Fort, Mississippi – On Yazoo River.
Satartia Fort at, Mississippi – On Yazoo River.
Sherman Battery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Ship Island Fort on, Mississippi – Twelve miles from Biloxi; also called Fort Massachusetts.
Smith Battery, Mississippi – Near Vicksburg.
Stephens Fort, Mississippi – Lauderdale County.

Tamrath Battery, Mississippi – At Corinth
Thoulouse Fort, Mississippi – At head of Tombigbee River.
Twiggs Camp, Mississippi – At East Pascagoula.
Twiggs Fort, Mississippi – On Ship Island.

Vicksburg National Cemetery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Vide-Poche Camp, Mississippi – Near Rocky Springs.

Walnut Hills Fort at, Mississippi – Fort Adams.
Williams Fort, Mississippi – Near Corinth.

Yazoo City Fort at Mississippi (See Mississippi Forts)

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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