Idaho Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Boise, Port or Barracks, Idaho – At Boise City.
Boise (old fort), Fort, Idaho – On Snake River. (See Early Settlement of Idaho)
Buford, Camp, Idaho – On the Bruneau River near its junction with Snake River.

Coeur d’Alene Fort, Idaho – Name changed to Fort Sherman.
Colfax Camp, Idaho – Ada County.
Conner Camp, Idaho – Near Soda Springs.

Hall Fort, Idaho – On Snake River, in Lincoln Valley.
Henry Fort, Idaho – On Henry Branch of Snake River.
Howard Camp, Idaho – Three Mile Creek, 2 miles from Mount Idaho.

Lander Camp, Idaho – On Snake Creek
Lapwai Fort, Idaho – On Lapwai River, 12 miles from Lewiston.
Lemhi Fort, Idaho. – On Salmon River, Lemhi County; now town of that name.
Lyon Camp, Idaho – On north fork of Jordan Creek.

Malade Fort, Idaho – Malade River.
Mount Idaho Reservation at, Idaho.

Osborne Camp, Idaho – At Osburn.
Owyhee River Camp, Idaho – Opposite Fort Boise.

Polk Camp, Idaho.

Reed Camp, Idaho – On Snake River.

Sherman Fort, Idaho – At Coeur d’Alene; first called Fort Coeur d’Alene.
Stevenson Camp, Idaho. – At Boise City.

Three Forks Owyhee, Camp, Idaho – On Owyhee River; first called Camp Winthrop.

Wallace Camp, Idaho – In Alturas County.
Winthrop Camp, Idaho – Name changed to Camp Three Forks Owyhee.

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