Iowa Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Atkinson, Fort, Iowa – On Turkey River, near mouth of Spring Creek, Winneshiek County; now town of that name.

Cedar Rapids Fort at, Iowa.
Clarke Fort, Iowa – Name changed to Fort Dodge.
Croghan Fort, Iowa – Near Council Bluffs.

Des Moines (1) Fort, Iowa. – Mouth of Des Moines River.
Des Moines (2) Fort, Iowa. – On site of Des Moines City.
Dodge Fort, Iowa. – On Des Moines River, Webster County; now town of that name; first called Fort Clarke.

Fenwick Camp, Iowa – Near Council Bluffs. {See Fort Croghan.)

Hendershott Camp, Iowa – At Davenport.

Kearny Camp, Iowa – Near Davenport. (See Sioux Prisoners at Camp Kearney)
Keokuk National Cemetery, Iowa – At Keokuk.
Kinsman Camp, Iowa – Near Davenport.
Kirkwood Camp, Iowa – At Clinton.

Lisa Fort, Iowa – Near Council Bluffs.

Madison Fort, Iowa – Lee County; now town of that name.

McClellan, Camp, Iowa – At Davenport.
McKean Camp, Iowa – Near Mount Pleasant.
McKinley Camp, Iowa -At Des Moines.

Racoon Fort, Iowa – Afterwards Fort Des Moines.

Sac and Fox Agency – Iowa.
Sandford, Fort, Iowa – On Des Moines River, 65 miles west of Fort Madison

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