New Jersey Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Amboy Flying Camp, New Jersey – At Perth Amboy.

Bergen Heights Fort at, New Jersey
Beverly National Cemetery, New Jersey – At Beverly.
Billings Fort, New Jersey – Opposite Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania
Bordentown Cantonment at New Jersey.
Bulls Ferry Fort at, New Jersey – On Hudson River, 4 miles north of Hoboken.
Burlington Cantonment at, New Jersey
Byllings Point, Fort at, New Jersey -(See Billings and Billingsport.)

Cape May Fort at, New Jersey – Fort Nassau.
Closter Fort, New Jersey – In Bergen County.
Constitution Fort, New Jersey – Name changed to Fort Lee.

Dover U. S. Powder Depot at, New Jersey.

Elizabethtown, Cantonment at, New Jersey.
Elsinburg Fort, New Jersey – On Delaware River

Finns Point Fort at, New Jersey – Fort Mott.
Finns Point National Cemetery New Jersey – Near Salem.

Granger Battery, New Jersey – At Fort Hancock.
Gregg Battery, New Jersey – At Fort Mott.

Halleck Battery, New Jersey – At Fort Hancock.
Hancock Fort, New Jersey – At Sandy Hook.
Hancocks Bridge Fort at, New Jersey – Salem Comity, near Salem.
Helsinburg Fort, New Jersey – Same as Elsinburg.
Hill Fort, New Jersey

Jersey City Point, Battery at New Jersey.

Krayenbuhl Battery, New Jersey – At Fort Mott

Lee Fort, New Jersey – On Hudson, opposite New York City, Bergen County; now town of that name.

Mercer Fort, New Jersey – On Delaware River, opposite Fort Mifflin.
Monmouth Courthouse Camp at, New Jersey.
Morristown Camp at, New Jersey.
Moschelosburg Fort, New Jersey – (See Elfsborg and Elsinburg.)
Mott Fort, New Jersey – At Finns Point.
Muschestosburg Fort, New Jersey.

Nonsense, Fort, New Jersey – Near Morristown.
Nassau, Fort, New Jersey – Opposite Philadelphia.
New Jersey State Soldiers’ Homes, Kearney and Vineland, New Jersey.

Olden Camp, New Jersey – At Trenton.
Old Tappan Cantonment at, New Jersey.
Oplandt Fort, New Jersey – Near Lewiston.

Paulus Hook Fort, New Jersey – At Jersey City.
Pennington Cantonment, New Jersey – At Trenton.
Ferine Camp, New Jersey – At Trenton.
Piccatiny Powder Depot, New Jersey.
Pompton Plains Camp at, New Jersey.
Powles Hook, Fort at, New Jersey – Same as Paulus Hook.

Quintons Bridge Breastworks, New Jersey – Five miles southeast from Salem.

Red Bank, Redoubt, New Jersey – Near Fort Mifflin.
Ruff Camp, New Jersey – At Camden.

Salem Fort near, New Jersey – Fort Mott.
Sandy Hook Fort at, New Jersey – Fort Hancock.
Springfield Camp at New Jersey

Toms River, Blockhouse on, New Jersey.

United States Powder Depot, New Jersey – Near Dover.

Voorhees Camp, New Jersey – At Sea Girt.

Ward General Hospital, New Jersey – At Newark.
Washington Camp, New Jersey – At Trenton.
Westfield Reservation, New Jersey.

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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