Massachusetts Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Adams, Fort, Massachusetts – Boston Harbor; now Fort Independence.
Alderton Point, Battery at, Massachusetts
Andrew, Fort, Massachusetts – At Gurnet Point, 9 miles northeast of Plymouth.
Andrews, Fort, Massachusetts – On Peddocks Island.

Banks Fort, Massachusetts – At Grovers Cliff, near Boston.
Beef Hill Fort, Massachusetts- Boston Harbor,
Breeds Hill Fortifications on, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
Brookfield Fort at, Massachusetts
Brookline Fort, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
Bunker Hill Fortifications, Massachusetts – Near Charlestown.
Buzzards Bay Fortifications at, Massachusetts

Cameron Camp, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
Castle The or Castle William, Massachusetts – Boston Harbor; present site of Fort
Castle Island Fort on, Massachusetts – Boston Harbor; now Fort Independence.
Castle William Fort, Massachusetts – Boston Harbor; now Fort Independence.
Charlemont Works at, Massachusetts.
Charlestown Arsenal, Massachusetts – At Charlestown. .
Charlestown Battery at, Massachusetts.
Clarks Point Fort at, Massachusetts – Fort Rodman.
Cobble Hill Fortifications on, Massachusetts- Near Boston.
Cobbs Hill Battery, Massachusetts – Near Roxbury.
Colrain Works at, Massachusetts.
Commercial Point Battery at, Massachusetts.
Conant Fort, Massachusetts – At Stag Head, in Gloucester Harbor
Continental Barracks, Massachusetts – At Boston.
Copps Hill Fortifications on, Massachusetts – At Boston.

Dale General Hospital, Massachusetts – At Worcester.
Day Camp, Massachusetts – At Cambridge.
Deerfield Fortifications at, Massachusetts
Deer Island Fort on, Massachusetts – Boston Harbor.
Defiance Fort, Massachusetts – At Gloucester
Dewey Camp, Massachusetts – At South Framingham.
Dorchester Fort, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
Dorchester Heights, Fort on Massachusetts – Fort Dorchester.
Douglas Fort. Massachusetts

Eastern Point, Fort at, Massachusetts – In Gloucester Harbor.
East Hoosic Fort at Massachusetts.
Edgartown Fortifications at. Massachusetts.
Eldridge Point Fortifications Massachusetts – At New Bedford.
Elizabeth Island, Fortifications on, Massachusetts – On Buzzards Bay.

Fox Hill, Fort, Massachusetts.

Garnet Head Battery at Massachusetts – At Plymouth
Georges Island, Fort on, Massachusetts – Fort Warren.
Gilbert Fort, Massachusetts – At Brookfield.
Gloucester Fort at Massachusetts -Fort Point
Glover Fort, Massachusetts – Marblehead Harbor
Governors Island Fort, at Massachusetts – Fort Winthrop
Great Brewster Island Reservation, Massachusetts – Near Cape Cod.
Greenfield, Works At, Massachusetts
Greenwood Island Reservation, Massachusetts – In Pascagoula Bay.
Grovers Cliff Fort at Massachusetts- Fort Banks.
Gurnet Point Fort at Massachusetts – Fort Andrew.

Hawk’s Fort Massachusetts – At Charlemont.
Haymarket Battery, Massachusetts – At Boston.
Head Fort, Massachusetts – Present site of Fort Bewail.
Heath Fort, Massachusetts – Near Winthrop.
Hill Fort, Massachusetts – At Boston.
Holmes Hole Fortifications at, Massachusetts – Near Vineyard Haven.
Hoosic Fort, Massachusetts – Also called Fort Massachusetts.
Huntstown Post at Massachusetts – Now Ashfield.

Independence Fort, Massachusetts – On Castle Island, Boston Harbor.

Jackson Point Fort, at Massachusetts – Fort Sewell

Lamb’s Dam Battery, Massachusetts – Near Roxbury
Lechmeres Point Fort at, Massachusetts – At East Cambridge.
Lee Fort, Massachusetts – At Salem Neck.
Libby Fort, Massachusetts – At Gloucester.
Long Island Head Fort at, Massachusetts – Fort Strong.
Long Point Batteries at, Massachusetts – Provincetown Harbor.

Marblehead Arsenal, Massachusetts – At Marblehead.
Mason General Hospital, Massachusetts – At Boston.
Massachusetts Fort, Massachusetts – On Hoosic River.
Massachusetts State Soldiers’ Home, Chelsea, Massachusetts
Maverick’s Fort, Massachusetts
Meigs Camp, Massachusetts – At Readville.
Miller Fort, Massachusetts – At Nangus Head, in Salem Harbor.
Morrison’s Fort, Massachusetts – At Colerain, Franklin County.

Nangus Head, Fort at, Massachusetts – Fort Miller.
Nantasket Head, Fort at, Massachusetts – Fort Revere.
New Bedford, Fortifications. – At Massachusetts.
Newburyport Defenses at, Massachusetts
Noddles Island, Fort on, Massachusetts – In Boston Harbor.
Nooks Hill Fortifications on, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
North Battery, Massachusetts
Northampton Fortifications at, Massachusetts
Northfield Fortifications at, Massachusetts
Nuke Hill Fortifications on, Massachusetts – Near Boston.

One Number Fort, Massachusetts – On Charles River.
Oxford Fort at, Massachusetts.

Paddock Island Fort on, Massachusetts – Fort Andrews.
Pelham Fort, Massachusetts
Phillips Fort, Massachusetts – At Plum Island.
Phoenix Fort, Massachusetts – New Bedford Harbor, near Fairhaven.
Pickering Fort, Massachusetts – On Winter Island, Salem Harbor.
Pittsfield Reservation at, Massachusetts – In Berkshire County.
Plum Island, Fort on, Massachusetts – Merrimac River, in Newburyport Harbor; Fort Phillips.
Plymouth, Fort at, Massachusetts –Fort Standish.
Point Fort, Massachusetts – Present site of Fort Phoenix.
Pontoosack Fort, Massachusetts – Housatonic River.
Povincetown, Battery at, Massachusetts – Long Point Battery.

Rehoboth, Fortifications at, Massachusetts.
Revere Fort, Massachusetts – At Hull.
Rice’s Fort, Massachusetts – At Charleroi.
Rodman Fort, Massachusetts – Near New Bedford.
Roxbury Fort, Massachusetts – Near Boston.

Schouler Camp, Massachusetts – At Lynnfield.
Scott Camp, Massachusetts – At Worcester.
Sewall Fort, Massachusetts – At Marblehead.
Sheffield Fort at, Massachusetts.
Shirley Fort, Massachusetts – At Heath.
South Point Battery, Massachusetts- In Boston Harbor.
Springfield Armory, Massachusetts – At Springfield
Standish Fort, Massachusetts – On Lovells Island, 8 miles from Boston
Standish Fort, Massachusetts, -Near Plymouth
Stockbridge Fort at, Massachusetts.
Strong Fort, Massachusetts- On Noddle Island, East Boston.
Strong Fort, Massachusetts – At Long Island Head, 6 miles from Boston.

Tarpaulin Cove Fortifications at, Massachusetts.
Taylor Fort, Massachusetts – At Charlemont, Franklin County.
Theodore Winthrop Battery, Massachusetts – At Grovers Cliff.
Three Number Fort, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
Two Number Fort, Massachusetts – On Charles River.

Warren Fort, Massachusetts – On Georges Island, Boston Harbor.
Watertown Arsenal, Massachusetts – At Watertown.
West Head Battery at, Massachusetts
William, Fort, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
William and Mary Fort, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
William Castle Fort, Massachusetts – In Boston Harbor.
Winter Hill Fortifications on, Massachusetts – In Boston Harbor.
Winter Island Fort on, Massachusetts – Fort Pickering, Salem Harbor.
Winthrop Theodore Battery, Massachusetts – At Fort Banks, Grovers Cliff.
Winthrop Fort, Massachusetts – Boston Harbor; present site of Fort Warren.
Ward Camp, Michigan – At Detroit.
Wayne Fort, Michigan – At Detroit
Wilkins Fort, Michigan – On Lake Superior, at Copper Mine Harbor.
Wool Camp, Massachusetts – At Worcester

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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