Maryland Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Alexander, Battery, Maryland – Near Washington.
Alexander, Fort, Maryland – Three miles above Georgetown, D. C.; name changed to Redoubt Davis.
Annapolis, Fortifications at, Maryland – Forts Horn, Madison, and Severn, and Naval Academy.
Annapolis National Cemetery, Maryland – At Annapolis.
Antietam National Cemetery, Maryland – At Sharpsburg.
Armistead, Fort, Maryland – At Hawkins Point, Patapsco River.

Bailey Fort, Maryland – Four miles above Georgetown, D. C.
Baker Camp, Maryland – On Lower Potomac.
Bates Camp, Maryland – Near Poolesville.
Beaumonts Point Fort at, Maryland – On Severn River, near Annapolis.
Benson Battery, Maryland – Near Tennallytown, D. C.
Benton Camp, Maryland – At Poolesville.
Bradford Camp, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Bradford Fort, Maryland – At Hagerstown.
Budds Ferry Battery at Maryland
Buford Camp, Maryland – In Charles County.

Carmel Camp, Maryland. – At Frederick City.
Carroll Camp, Maryland – Near Baltimore.
Carroll Fort, Maryland – At Sollers Point Flats, Patapsco River, 8 miles below Baltimore.
Casey Camp, Maryland – At Bladensburg.
Chase Camp, Maryland – On the upper Potomac.
Coffee Fort, Maryland.
Combes Fort, Maryland.
Concord Fort, Louisanna – In Concordia Parish.
Concord Point Battery at, Maryland.
Covington Fort, Maryland – Near Fort McHemy.
Crawford Fort, Maryland – Near Craney Creek.
Cresap’s Fort, Maryland – On North Branch of Potomac River.
Cumberland Fort at, Maryland – Fort Mount Pleasant.

Davis Redoubt, Maryland – Three miles above Georgetown, D. C.
Decatur Battery, Maryland – At Fort Washington.
Dix Fort, Maryland

Elk River, Fort, Maryland – Mouth of Elk River.
Emory Camp, Maryland – At Cumberland
Emory Battery, Maryland – At Fort Washington

Federal Hill Fort, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Fells Point Battery at, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Fenton Camp, Maryland – At Port Tobacco.
Foote Forty Maryland – At Rosiers Bluff, on Potomac River, opposite Alexandria, Virginia
Franklin Fort, Maryland – A defense of Washington City, 2 miles above Chain Bridge.
Frederick Fort, Maryland – At Frederick.
Frederick Fort, Maryland – Near Hancock.
Frenchtown Redoubt at, Maryland.

Good Hope Camp, Maryland – Near the Eastern Branch

Hamilton Camp, Maryland – At Buckeyestown.
Hammond General Hospital, Maryland – At Point Lookout.
Havre de Grace Battery at, Maryland
Hawkins Point Fort at, Maryland – On Patapsco River; now Fort Armistead.
Hicks General Hospital, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Hicks Camp, Maryland – Near Frederick.
Hill Fort, Maryland – At Cumberland.
Hills Point, Fort at Maryland – At Annapolis.
Hoffman Camp, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Hoffman Camp, Maryland – At Point Lookout.
Hooker Camp, Maryland – In Charles County.
Hooker Camp Maryland – At Frederick Junction.
Horn Fort, Maryland – On Severn River, opposite Annapolis.
Howard Fort, Maryland – At North Point, Patapsco River; 11 miles below Baltimore.
Humphreys Battery, Maryland – At Fort Washington.

Indian Fort, Maryland.
Indian Head Battery at Maryland – Twenty-five miles below Washington, on Potomac River.

Jarvis General Hospital, Maryland – At Baltimore.

Kenly Camp, Maryland – Near Williamsport.
Kent Fort, Maryland – On Kent Island.
Kirby Battery, Maryland – Three miles above Tennallytown, D. C.

Lafayette Barracks, Maryland – At Baltimore
Lafayette Square Camp, Maryland – At Baltimore
Lawrence Camp, Maryland – In Charles County.
Lazaretto Point Fort at, Maryland – Opposite Fort McHenry, at Baltimore.
Lincoln Camp, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Liverpool Point, Battery at, Maryland – On Potomac River.
Lookout Camp, Maryland – Near Darnestown

London Park National Cemetery, Maryland – At Baltimore.

Madison Fort, Maryland – At Annapolis.
Mansfield Fort, Maryland – Near Tennallytown.
Marshall Fort, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Meade Fort, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Meigs Battery, Maryland – At Fort Washington.
Michigan Camp, Maryland – At Annapolis.
Mount Pleasant Fort at, Maryland – Fort Cumberland.

McHenry Fort, Maryland – At Baltimore.
McKim Camp, Maryland – At Baltimore.
McKim’s Mansion General Hospital, Maryland – At Baltimore.

National Hotel General Hospital, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Negley Camp, Maryland – Near Hagerstown.
Newton University General Hospital, Maryland – At Baltimore.
North Point Fort at, Maryland – Fort Howard.

Observation Camp, Maryland – Near Poolesville.

Palmer Island Fort on, Maryland – Fort Susquehanna.
Parole Camp, Maryland – Near Annapolis.
Parrots Point Battery at, Maryland – Opposite St. Michaels.
Patapsco Fort, Maryland – Below Baltimore, in Patapsco River.
Patterson Park General Hospital, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Pendelton Fort, Maryland – In Garrett County.
Pennsylvania Camp, Maryland – Near Fort McHenry.
Pikesville Arsenal, Maryland – At Pikesville.
Piscataway Fort at mouth of the, Maryland – Fort Washington.
Point Fort, Maryland – At Annapolis.
Point Lookout Camp at, Maryland – Camp Hoffman.
Point Patience Fort on, Maryland – On Patuxent River.
Potato Battery, Maryland – At Havre de Grace.
Prescott Camp, Maryland – Near Darnestown.

Remount Camp, Maryland – In Pleasant Valley.
Ripley Fort, Maryland – Two miles above Chain Bridge, D. C.
Rock Point Fort at, Maryland – Fort Smallwood.
Rodger’s Bastion, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Rowley Cantonment, Maryland – On Potomac River, near the Great Falls.

St. Inigoes Fort, Maryland – Near St. Marys.
St. Marts Fort at, Maryland – On Potomac River; Fort St. Inigoes.
Severn, Fort, Maryland – At Annapolis; now Naval Academy.
Sites Camp, Maryland – Near Doncaster, Charles County.
Smallwood Fort, Maryland – At Rockpoint, 10 miles below Baltimore.
Sollers Point Fort at, Maryland – Fort Carroll.
Spesutia Island Fort on, Maryland – At mouth of Susquehanna River.
Stanton Camp, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Stanton Battery, Maryland – At Maryland Heights.
Star Fort, Maryland — Same as Fort McHenry.
Sumner Fort, Maryland – At Portland.
Susquehanna Fort, Maryland – On Palmer Island, Susquehanna River.

Thomas Point, Fortifications at, Maryland – On Patuxent River.
Tyndale Camp, Maryland – Near Point of Rocks.

Union Camp, Maryland – At Bladensburg.

Walker Camp, Maryland – At Salisbury.
Warburton Fort, Maryland – Now Fort Washington.
Washington Fort, Maryland – On Potomac River, at mouth of Piscataway Creek: on site of old Fort Warburton.
West Buildings General Hospital, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Wilmer Camp, Maryland – At Pimlico.
Windmill Point Battery at, Maryland – Near Annapolis.
Wood Redoubt, Maryland
Worthington Fort, Maryland – Near Baltimore

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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