Illinois Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Alton Prison, Illinois – At Alton.
Apple River, Fort, Illinois – At Elizabeth.
Armstrong, Fort, Illinois – At Rock Island; now Rock Island Arsenal.

Cahokia Fort at, Illinois – On the Mississippi River, 4 miles below St. Louis, Missouri.
Carlyle Fort at, Illinois.
Chambers Fort, Illinois – Near Lebanon, in St. Clair County.
Chartres Fort, Illinois – Mississippi River, near Kaskaskia.
Checauqo or Chicafou Fort Illinois – (See Chicago.)
Chicago Fort at Illinois – Fort Dearborn.
Chickasaw Fort, Illinois.
Clark Fort, Illinois – At Peoria.
Crevecceeur Fort, Illinois – On Lake Peoria.

Battelle des Illinois, Camp, Indiana – Called Fort Harrison.
Beggs Fort, Illinois – On Du Page River, at Plainfield.
Black Island Fort on, Illinois – About 1 mile above the mouth of the Ohio River.
Bon Homme Fort, Illinois -On Illinois River.
Butler Camp, Illinois – At Springfield.
Butler Camp National Cemetery, Illinois – At Springfield.

Danville Branch National Home, Illinois – At Danville.
Davis Cantonment, Illinois – On Rock River.
Dearborn Fort, Illinois – At Chicago.
Defiance Camp, Illinois – At junction of Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.
Des Moines, Fort. Illinois – At Buffalo Rock.
Dixon Fort, Illinois.
Douglas Camp, Illinois – At Chicago.

Edwards, Fort, Illinois – At Warsaw.

Gage Fort, Illinois – Randolph County; now town of that name
Goings Fort, Illinois – Kaskaskia River

Hamilton, Fort, Illinois – Near Galena.
Hill Fort, Illinois – In Lake County, on east side of Shoal Creek; now town of that name
Houghtaling Camp, Illinois – Mississippi River, near Cairo.

Johnston, Fort, Illinois – At Warsaw.
Jordan’s Fort, Illinois.
Journey’s Fort, Illinois – At Ariston.

Kahokia Fort, Illinois.
Kaskaskia Fort, Illinois – At Kaskaskia.
Kellog’s Grove Fort near Illinois – During Black Hawk war.
Kinzie Fort, Illinois.

La Mott Fort, Illinois – On La Mott Creek
Lewis Fort, Illinois.
Loins Fort, Illinois – Formerly called Fort Crevecoeur.

Massac Fort, Illinois – On Ohio River, 11 miles below Paducah, Kentucky
Miami Fort, Illinois – On Illinois River.
Middleton Fort, Illinois – Kaskaskia River.
Mound City National Cemetery, Illinois – At Mound City.

McClernand, Camp, Illinois – At Cairo.

Payne Fort, Illinois.
Piggot’s Fort, Illinois – Near Columbia.
Prentiss Fort, Illinois – At Cairo.
Prudhomme Fort, Illinois – One hundred and eighty miles above the mouth of Illinois River.

Rockfort Fort, Illinois – On Illinois River, in Lasalle County.
Rock Island National Cemetery, Illinois – Rock Island.
Rock Island Armory and Arsenal, Illinois – On Rock Island.
Rosecrans Camp, Illinois- Near Quincy.
Russell Fort, Illinois – Near Edwardsville.

St. Joseph, Fort, Illinois – Near head of Illinois River.
St. Louis, Fort, Illinois – At Rockford.
Shelby Fort, Illinois – On present site of Rock Island Arsenal.
Sheridan Fort, Illinois – Near High wood.
Simons General Hospital, Illinois – At Mound City.
Smith Camp, Illinois – Near Cairo.

Tanner Camp, Illinois – At Springfield.
Tyler Camp, Illinois – At Chicago.

Wilburn, Fort, Illinois – On Illinois River, near Peru.

Yates Camp, Illinois – Near Springfield

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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