Georgia Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Alger, Camp, Georgia – At Chickamauga Park.
Allatoona Pass, Fort at, Georgia – At Allatoona Pass.
Anderson Prison, Georgia – At Andersonville.
Andersonville National Cemetery, Georgia – At Andersonville.
Argyle, Fort, Georgia – At Savannah.
Atkinson, Camp, Georgia – At Atlanta.
Augusta Arsenal, Georgia – At Augusta.
Augusta, Fort, Georgia – At Augusta.

Barnum Fort, Georgia – Near Okeefinokee Swamp.
Barrington Fort, Georgia – On the Altamaha River, in McIntosh County.
Barton Battery, Georgia – At Savannah.
Beaulieu Fort, Georgia – At Savannah.
Big Tybee Island, Batteries on, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Birds Island Battery on, Georgia – On Savannah River; Battery Hamilton.
Boggs Fort, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Boynton Camp, Georgia – At Chickamauga Park.
Briar Creek Fort at, Georgia
Brown Fort, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Brumby Battery, Georgia – At Fort Screven.
Buffington Fort, Georgia – In Cherokee County.
Burnside Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Buzzards Roost, Fortifications at, Georgia

Call Camp, Georgia – In Hall County.
Campbell Fort, Georgia
Caustens Bluff Fort at, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Churchman Camp, Georgia – At Albany.
Cockspur Island Fort on, Georgia – Fort Pulaski.
Colerain Fort, Georgia – On St. Marys River.
Conrad Camp, Georgia – At Columbus.
Cornwallis at Georgia – At Atlanta.
Crawford Camp, Georgia – Chattahoochee River.
Cumberland Island Works on, Georgia – St. Andrews Sound.
Cummings Fort, Georgia.

Darien Fort at, Georgia
Dearborn Fort, Georgia – Thirteen miles southeast from Fort Floyd.
Doboy Inlet, Works at, Georgia – Ten miles east of Darien.
Dyer Camp, Georgia – At Augusta.

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Early Fort, Georgia – Flint River, Lee County.
Eaton Camp Georgia – Cherokee Nation.

Fidius Fort, Georgia – On north bank of Oconee River.
Five Fathom Hole Fortifications at, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Floyd Fort, Georgia – Okeefinokee Swamp.
Fornance Camp, Georgia – At Macon.
Frederica Fort, Georgia – On St. Simons Island.

Gaines Fort, Georgia – On Chattahoochee River, in Clay County; now town of that name
Goats Point Battery at Georgia – On Tybee Island
Golphin Fort, Georgia – At Augusta
Graham Camp, Georgia – On Tybee Island
Grant Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Great Warsaw Island, Battery on, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Greene Fort, Georgia – On St. Marys River.
Green Island Battery on, Georgia
Grierson Fort, Georgia – At Augusta.

Habersham Battery, Georgia – At Fort Screven.
Halleck Battery, Georgia- On Tybee Island.
Hamilton Battery, Georgia- On Bird Island, Savannah River.
Hammond Fort, Georgia – At Allatoona Pass.
Haskell Camp, Georgia – At Athens.
Haskell Camp, Georgia – At Macon.
Hawkins Fort, Georgia- On the Ocmulgee River, opposite Macon.
Henderson Fort, Georgia – St. Marys River, near Colerain.
Hobson Camp, Georgia – At Lithia Springs.
Hughes Fort, Georgia – At Bainbridge, Decatur County.
Hull Fort, Georgia – Chattahoochee River.

Ingersoll, Fort, Georgia

Jackson Fort, Georgia – Name changed to Fort Oglethorpe.
James (1) Fort, Georgia – Altamaha River, 2 miles above the mouth of Beards Creek
James (2) Fort, Georgia – On the Ogeechee River
Jekyl Island Battery on Georgia – Near Savannah.
Jones Island Fort on Georgia – Fort Vulcan, Savannah River.

Keer’s Fort, Georgia.
Kenesaw Mount Fortifications at Georgia
King George, Fort, Georgia

Laboratory Camp, Georgia – Near Macon
Lamar Fort, Georgia – Madison County; now town of that name
La Motte Fort, Georgia – At Okeefinokee Swamp
Lawrence Fort, Georgia – On Flint River, 8 miles above mouth of Patsaliga Creek.
Lawton, Fort, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Lee Fort, Georgia – At Savannah.
Leiter United States General Hospital, Georgia – At Chickamauga
Lincoln Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Long Island Battery, Georgia – Savannah River.
Lyon Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.

Mackenzie Camp, Georgia – At Augusta.
Marietta National Cemetery, Georgia – Near Marietta.
Mathews Fort, Georgia
Means Fort, Georgia
Midway Fort at, Georgia
Miller A. S. Fort, Georgia – At Okefinokee Swamp.
Mill Creek Works on, Ga.- Near Dalton.
Millen Prison, Georgia – At Millen.
Mitchell Fort, Georgia- Chattahoochee River.
Moore, Fort, Georgia – At Allatoona Pass.
Morrow Fort, Georgia
Mountain Fort, Georgia – Murray County; now town of that name.
Mud Battery, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Mudge Fort, Georgia – Near Okeefinokee Swamp, 9 miles from Fort Floyd.

McAllister Fort, Georgia – On Great Ogeechee River, near Savannah.
McClellan, Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
McIntosh Fort, Georgia – On Saltilla River.
McLane Fort, Georgia – Okeefinokee Swamp.
McPherson Fort and Barracks, Georgia – At Atlanta.

New Inverness Fort at, Georgia.
Northern Camp, Georgia – At Griffin.
Norton Fort, Georgia – Twenty-two miles southeast from Fort Floyd.

Ocmulgee Fort, Georgia
Ogeechee Fort, Georgia – Near the Ogeechee River.
Oglethorpe (old) Barracks, Georgia – On St. Simons Island.
Oglethorpe Barracks, Georgia – At Savannah.
Oglethorpe, Fort, Georgia- At Savannah.
Old Tower Georgia – On Tybee Island.
One Number Fort, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Onward Camp, Georgia – At Savannah.
Ossabaw Sound Fortifications at, Georgia

Perry Fort, Georgia – In Marion County.
Pickering Fort, Georgia – At Colerain.
Pinckney Camp, Georgia – In Charlton County.
Price Camp, Georgia – At Macon.
Prince George Fort, Georgia.
Prior Camp, Georgia – Near Macon.
Pulaski Fort, Georgia – On Cockspur Island, Savannah Harbor.

Resaca Fortifications at, Georgia.
Rosedow Fort, Georgia – On Little Ogeechee River.

St. Andrews Sound, Fort at, Georgia – On Cumberland Island.
Sr. Catherines Sound Fortifications at, Georgia
St. Simons Fort, Georgia – On St. Simons Island.
St. Tommany, Fort, Georgia – At mouth of St. Mary’s River.
Savannah Fort, Georgia – At Savannah.
Scott Fort, Georgia – Near mouth of Flint River.
Scott Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Screven Fort, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Shellbluff Fortifications on, Georgia – Savannah River, 45 miles from Augusta.
Sherman Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Sherrills Fort, Georgia – On Little River, near Ogeechee.
Sigel Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Simon Fort, Georgia – {See St. Simon.)
Skidaway Narrows, Fort at, Georgia
Spring Hill Redoubt, Georgia – At Savannah
Stanton Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Star Fort, Georgia – At Augusta in 1781.
Sternberg General Hospital, Georgia – At Chickamauga
Sunbury Fort at, Georgia

Tatnall Fort, Georgia – Okefinokee Swamp.
Thomas Camp, Georgia – At Chickamauga Park.
Three Number, Fort, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Thunderbolt Fort, Georgia – Five miles southeast of Savannah.
Thunderer Battery, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Tompkins, Fort, Georgia – East of Okefinokee Swamp.
Totten Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Traders Hill Post at, Georgia – On St. Marys River.
Turner’s Rock Battery, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Two Number Fort, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Tybee Barracks, Georgia – At Savannah.
Tybee Island Fort on, Georgia – Fort Screven.
Turtle Island Battery on, Georgia – Savannah River.

Valley Fort, Georgia – Houston County.
Venus Point Battery at, Georgia – Jones Island, Savannah River.
Vulcan Fort, Georgia – On Jones Island, Savannah River.

Walker Fort, Georgia – Near Okefinokee Swamp.
Washington Fort at, Georgia
Wayne Fort, Georgia – Near Brunswick.
Wilkins Fort, Georgia – Oconee River.
Wilkinson Fort, Georgia – Oconee River, near Milledgeville.
William Fort, Georgia – Near Cumberland Island.

Young S.B.M. Camp, Georgia – At Augusta

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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