Maine Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Abagadusset, Fort, Maine – Near mouth of Kennebec River.
Androscoggin, Fort, Maine – On Androscoggin River.
Anne Run, Fort, Maine – At Castine.
Arrowsic Island, Fort on, Maine- Hammond’s Fort.
Ash’s Point, Fort, Maine- Near Goldsboro.
Augusta Arsenal, Maine – At Augusta.
Augusta, Fort at, Maine

Baileys Island, Garrison on. Maine – At Harpswell.
Bangs Island, Fort on. Maine – Called also Cushings Island and Fort Island.
Berry, Battery, Maine – On Great Diamond Island.
Berry, Camp, Maine – Near Portland.
Berwick, Fortifications at. Maine
Biddeford, Fortifications at Maine
Black Point, Fort at, Maine – Fort Scarborough.
Bowdoin, Battery, Maine – On Cushings Island.
Burdette, Camp, Maine – Near Fort Preble.
Burrows, Fort, Maine
Butlers Rock Battery at Maine- Mouth of Kennebunk River.

Camden Battery at, Maine.
Cape Neddick or Neddock Fort at Maine – In York County.
Casco Fortifications at, Maine.
Castine Battery, Maine – On Penobscot Bay, 9 miles from Belfast.
Castine Fort at. Maine.
Charles Fort, Maine – At Pemaquid.
Cony General Hospital, Maine – At Augusta.
Cow Island Battery on, Maine – Lincoln County.
Cox’s Head Fort at Maine.
Cushenoc Fort, Maine – On Kennebec River.
Cushing Fort at, Maine- In Lincoln County.
Cushings Island Fort on, Maine – Fort Levett.

Damariscotta Fortifications at Maine.

Eastern Branch National Home, Maine – At Togus.
East Point Battery, Maine – At Castine.
Eastport Fortifications at, Maine.
Edgecomb Fort Maine – At Wiscasset.

Fairfield Fort, Maine – On Aroostook River, in Aroostook County; not town of that name
Falmouth Defenses of Maine
Foster Fort, Maine – On Gerrish’s Island, Portsmouth Harbor.
Frankfort Fort, Maine – On Kennebec River, 16 miles below Augusta
Frederick Fort. Maine – Near Pemaquid, subsequent site of Fort William Henry: first named Fort George.
Friendship Fort, Maine.
Fry James B. Camp, Maine – At Augusta.
Furiense Battery, Maine – At Castine.

Georges Battery, Maine – On Georges River.
George (1) Fort, Maine – At Castine.
George, St. (1) Fort, Maine – At Thomaston.
George (2) Fort, Maine – At Pemaquid.
George, St. (2) Fort, Maine – On Kennebec River.
George (3) Fort, Maine – At Brunswick.
Georgetown Fortifications at, Maine
Gerrishs Island Fort on Maine – Fort Foster.
Gorges Fort, Maine – On Hog Island Ledge in Portland Harbor
Great Diamond Island Batteries on Maine – Batteries Weymouth, Honeycutt, Berry, and Thompson, in Portland Harbor.
Great Hog Island Battery on Maine – In Portland Harbor.
Griffith Battery, Maine – At Castine.

Half Moon Battery, Maine – At Castine.
Halifax Fort, Maine – Kennebec River, above Augusta.
Hammonds Fort, Maine – On Arrowsic Island, month of Kennebec River.
Hampden Batteries at, Maine
Hancock Barracks, Maine – At Houlton.
Harpswell Neck Defenses of, Maine – In Casco Bay.
Hill Fort, Maine
Hog Island Ledge, Fort on, Maine – Fort Gorges.
Honeycutt Battery, Maine – On Great Diamond Island.
Houlton Barracks at Maine – Hancock Barracks.
House Island Fort on Maine – Portland Harbor, opposite Fort Preble.
Hunnewell’s Point, Fort at Maine – Fort Popham.

Kendrick Battery, Maine – On Cushing Island, at Fort Levett.
Kennebec Arsenal, Maine – At Augusta.
Kennebec River (mouth of) Fortifications at Maine
Kennebunk Point Fortifications at Maine
Kent Fort, Maine – At junction of Fish and St. Johns rivers, Aroostook County; now town of that name
Keyes Camp, Maine, Near Augusta
Kittery Point, Fort at Maine – Fort McClary.
Knox Fort, Maine – At Bucksport

Larrabee Fort, Maine
Levett Fort, Maine – On Cushings Island, near Portland.
Lewiston Fortifications at Maine.
Lincoln Abe Camp, Maine – At Portland.
Loyal Fort, Maine – On Casco Bay.

Mackeys Island Camp on Maine – In Portland Harbor.
Madison Fort, Maine – At Castine.
Mary Fort, Maine – At Biddeford.
Mount Desert, Fort at Maine.

McClary Fort, Maine – On Kittery Point, Portsmouth Harbor.
Machias Fortifications at Maine.

Neutral Island Fort on Maine.
New Casco Fort, Maine – On Presumpscot River.
New Castle Fort at Maine.
New Dartmouth Fort at Maine.
New Gloucester Blockhouse at, Maine.
Norembega, Fort, Maine – On Penobscot River.
Norridgewock Fort, Maine.
North Island Fort on, Maine.
North Yarmouth Stockades at, Maine – On Royal River.

O’Brien Fort, Maine.
Oyster River, Maine – Fortified houses on.

Passamaquoddy Defenses of, Maine.
Pegypscot Falls Fort at, Maine.
Pemaquid Fort at Maine – Fort Charles.
Penobscot Fort, Maine.
Penobscot Bay and River Fort on, Maine – At the narrows of the Penobscot.
Pentagoet Fort, Maine – At Castine.
Pepperell Fort, Maine.
Point Fort, Maine – At Castine.
Popham, Fort, Maine – On Hunnewells Point, mouth of Kennebec River.
Porter Fort, Maine – At Castine.
Portland Head Fort at, Maine – Fort Williams.
Powers Camp, Maine – At Augusta.
Pownall Fort, Maine – At Castine.
Preble Fort, Maine – At Spring Point, in Portland Harbor.
Prince William Fort, Maine – At Pemaquid.

Richmond Fort, Maine – On west bank of the Kennebec, opposite Swan Island.
Robinsons Point, Battery at, Maine – St. Georges River.
Royal Fort, Maine – At Portland. {See Fort Loyal.)
Russel’s Garrison, Maine – At Dartmouth.

Saco Fort, Maine – On Saco River, near the falls.
St. Charles Fort, Maine – At Pemaquid.
St. Croix Island Fort, Maine – In Schoodic River.
St. George Fort, Maine – At Phippsburg.
St. George Fort, Maine – At Thomaston.
St. Georges Bay and River, Fort on, Maine.
Scammel Fort, Maine – On House Island, Portland Harbor.
Scarborough Fort, Maine – At Black Point.
Shaws Point, Battery at. Maine.
Sheepscot Bay Fort at Maine – Fort Wiscasset.
Sherbrooke Battery, Maine – At Castine.
Shirley Fort, Maine – At Dresden.
Spring Point Fort at Maine – Fort Preble
Sullivan Fort, Maine – On Moore Island, Passamaquoddy Bay.

Teconnett Fort, Maine – Kennebec River; afterwards Fort Halifax
Thompson Battery, Maine- On Great Diamond Island, Portland Harbor.
Topsham Fort, Maine – Near Brunswick.
Totonnock Fort, Maine – Kennebec River.

United States Battery, Maine – At Castine.

Western Fort, Maine – At Augusta.
Weymouth Battery, Maine – On Great Diamond Island, Portland Harbor.
William Henry Fort, Maine – At Pemaquid.
Williams Port, Maine – At Portland Head.
Wiscasset Fort, Maine – At Sheepscot Bay.

Yarmouth Fort at Maine
York Fortifications at Maine

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