Frontier Forts W to Z Forts

Wabash Fort, Indiana – Mouth of Wabash River.
Wacaco Blockhouse, Pennsylvania – Near Philadelphia.
Wacahoota Fort, Florida – Nine miles southwest of Micanopy.
Wacissa Fort, Florida – At mouth of Wacissa River.
Waddy Fort, South Carolina – Near Charleston.
Wade Fort, Florida
Wade Camp, Indian Territory – Near Lisbon.
Wadsworth Camp, Kentucky – At Hazelgreen.
Wadsworth Fort, New York – On Staten Island, at the Narrows; first called Fort Richmond.
Wadsworth Fort, North Dakota – Name changed to Fort Sisseton.
Wadsworth Camp, Virginia – Near Langley.
Wadsworth Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Wadsworth Camp, Virginia – On Uptons Hill.
Wagner Fort, D. C. – On Good Hope Hill; first named Fort Good Hope.
Wagner Fort, South Carolina – On Morris Island.
Walbach Camp, Florida – At Fort Myers.
Walbach Camp, Wyoming – On Lodge Pole Creek, near Cheyenne Pass.
Walcott Fort, Rhode Island – On Goat Island, Narragansett Bay.
Walker Fort, Florida – West of Orange Lake.
Walker Fort, Georgia – Near Okefinokee Swamp.
Walker Camp, Maryland – At Salisbury.
Walker Battery, Virginia
Walker Fort, South Carolina – At Hilton Head; name changed to Fort Wells.
Walker’s Fort, Texas – On Brazos River.
Wallace Camp, Idaho – In Alturas County.
Wallace Fort, Kansas – South fork of Smoky Hill River.
Wallace Camp, Missouri – At Lexington. ^
Wallace Camp, Ohio – Near Columbus.
Wallace Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Blairsville.
Walla Walla Fort, Washington – At Walla Walla.
Wallen, Camp, Arizona – On Badocomari Creek, 65 miles southeast of Tucson.
Walnut Hills, Fort at, Mississippi – Fort Adams.
Walpack, Fort, Pennsylvania – On Delaware River.
Walpole, Fort at, New Hampshire.
Waltour’s Fort, Pennsylvania
Wampler Battery, South Carolina – On James Island.
Wappoo Battery, South Carolina – On James Island.
Warburton Fort, Maryland – Now Fort Washington.
Ward Fort, Florida – Near mouth of Olustee Creek.
Ward General Hospital, New Jersey – At Newark.
Ward Camp, Mich. -At Detroit.
Ward Fort, Virginia – Three miles northwest of Alexandria.
Wardon’s Fort, West Virginia – On Lost River.
Wards Hill, Battery at, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Wardwell Camp, Colorado – Name changed to Fort Morgan.
Waring Battery, South Carolina – At Charleston.
Warner Camp, Oregon – Twenty miles from Warner Lake.
Warren Fort, Massachusetts – On Georges Island, Boston Harbor.
Warren Fort, North Carolina – At Plymouth.
Warrenton Camp, Virginia – Near Sulphur Springs.
Warsaw Sound, Works at, Georgia
Warwick Battery at, Virginia
Warwick Neck, Battery at, Rhode Island.
Washakie Fort, Wyoming – On Shoshone Indian Reservation; first called Camp Augur.
Washburn Camp, Wisconsin- At Milwaukee.
Washington Arsenal. D. C. – At Washington; now Washington Barracks.
Washington Fort at, Georgia
Washington Fort, Maryland – On Potomac River, at mouth of Piscataway Creek: on site of old Fort Warburton.
Washington Fort, New Hampshire – At Portsmouth.
Washington Camp, New Jersey- At Trenton.
Washington Fort, New York – In New York City.
Washington Camp, North Carolina – At Portsmouth.
Washington Fort, North Carolina – At Washington.
Washington Fort. Ohio – At Cincinnati.
Washington Fort, Oregon – On Nootka Sound.
Washington Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Easton.
Washington Fort, Pennsylvania – Montgomery County, 8 miles east of Norristown.
Washington Fort, Pennsylvania – Opposite Harrisburg.
Washington Fort, Rhode Island – (See Fort George.)
Washington General Hospital, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Washington Fort, Tex. – At Pass Cavallo.
Washington Park General Hospital, Ohio. – At Cincinnati
Washington State Soldiers’ Home, Orting, Washington
Washita Fort, Indian Territory – Near False Washita River, 25 miles above its mouth.
Wassaw Island Fortifications on, South Carolina.
Watauga Fort, Tennessee – At Elizabethtown.
Waterbury’s Battery, New York – In New York City.
Wateree Ford Battery at, South Carolina.
Waterford Arsenal, Pennsylvania – At Waterford.
Watertown Arsenal, Massachusetts – At Watertown.
Watervllet Arsenal, New York – At West Troy.
Watson Camp, Oregon – On John Day River.
Watson Fort, South Carolina – On Wrights Bluff, near Scotts Lake.
Wayne Fort, Georgia – Near Brunswick.
Wayne Fort, Indiana – On Maumee River; present site of town of that name.
Wayne Indian Territory – On Illinois River, near Missouri State border.
Wayne Fort, Michigan – At Detroit
Webb Fort, New York – Near West Point.
Webster General Hospital, New Hampshire- At Manchester.
Webster Fort, New Mexico – Name changed to Fort McLane.
Webster General Hospital, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Weed Fort, Virginia – A defense of Washington, D. C.
Weightman Camp, Missouri – Near Springfield.
Wekiwa Fort, Florida – One mile above month of Spring Creek.
Weller Fort, California – On Russian River, 50 miles from Cloverdale.
Wells Fort, South Carolina -First called Fort Walker.
Wessells, Fort, North Carolina – At Plymouth.
West Fort, New Mexico – At the headwater of the Gila River.
West’s Fort, West Virginia – In Lewis County.
West Buildings General Hospital, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Westcott Fort, Florida – In the Everglades.
West End General Hospital, Ohio – At Cincinnati.
Western Fort, Maine – At Augusta.
Western Branch National Military Home, Kansas – Leavenworth County.
Westfall’s Fort, West Virginia
Westfield Reservation, New Jersey.
West Head Battery at, Massachusetts
West Head Battery at, New York.
West Point, Military Academy at, New York.
Wetherill Camp, Kentucky – At Fort Thomas.
Wetherill Port, Rhode Island – On Conanicut Island, Narragansett Bay.
Wetherill Camp, South Carolina – At Greenville.
Weymouth Battery, Maine – On Great Diamond Island, Portland Harbor.
Wheadmans Fort, Florida
Wheeler Camp, Alabama – At Huntsville.
Wheeling Fort at, West Virginia – Bennett’s Fort.
Wheelock Fort, Florida – On Orange Lake.
Whetstone Agency, South Dakota – On Missouri River, 30 miles from Fort Randall.
Whidbys Island, Fort on Washington – Fort Nugen.
Whipple Fort or Barracks, Arizona – At Prescott.
Whipple Camp, Florida – On Pease Creek.
Whipple Fort, Virginia – On Arlington Heights; now Fort Myer.
White Fort, Alabama – In Clarke County,
White Fort, Florida – Columbia County, near Santa Fe River.
White’s Fort, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Whitehall Blockhouse at, New York.
White Point Fort at, South Carolina – Near Charleston.
Whittlesey Fort, Kentucky – Near Newport.
Whitworth Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg; also called Fort Alexander.
Wichita Camp, Indian Territory – Name changed to Fort Sill.
Wickliffe Camp, Kentucky – On Green River.
Wigfall, Camp, Virginia – Near Bull Run.
Wikoff Camp, New York – At Montauk Point.
Wilburn, Fort, Illinois – On Illinois River, near Peru.
Wilcox, Camp, Tex.- On Trinity River.
Wilcox, Battery, Virginia – On James River.
Wild Cat, Camp, Kentucky – Near London.
Wilder Camp, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Wilhelmus Fort, New York – In Hudson River.
Wilkesbarre Forts at, Pennsylvania – Forts Dickinson and Lillope.
Wilkins Fort, Georgia – Oconee River.
Wilkins Fort, Michigan – On Lake Superior, at Copper Mine Harbor.
Wilkinson Fort, Georgia – Oconee River, near Milledgeville.
Wilkinson Camp, Minnesota – At Leech Lake.
Willard Fort, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Willets Point Fort at, New York – Fort Totten.
William Fort, Georgia – Near Cumberland Island.
William, Fort, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
William Fort, Minnesota.
William Fort, New Hampshire – Mouth of Piscataqua.
William Fort, North Carolina – Near Plymouth.
William Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Schuylkill River.
William Augustus Fort, New York – Near Ogdensburg.
William and Mary Fort, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
William Castle Fort, Massachusetts – In Boston Harbor.
William Hendrick Fort, New York – At Bowling Green, New York City.
William Henry Fort, Maine – At Pemaquid.
William Henry Fort, New York – South end of Lake George.
William Penn Camp, Pennsylvania – At Chelton Hills.
Williams Camp, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Williams Castle, New York – On Governors Island.
Williams Fort, Alabama – On Coosa River, at the mouth of Cedar Creek.
Williams Fort, Colorado – On Arkansas River.
Williams Fort, Florida
Williams Fort, Maine – At Portland Head.
Williams Fort, Mississippi – Near Corinth.
Williams Fort, New York – On Mohawk River.
Williams Fort, Virginia – On Traitors Hill, near Alexandria.
Williamsburg Fort at, Virginia – Fort Magruder.
Willow Grove Camp, Arizona – Seventy-eight miles west of Fort Mojave.
Wilmer Camp, Maryland – At Pimlico.
Wilmington Arsenal, Delaware – At Wilmington.
Wilmington National Cemetery, North Carolina – At Wilmington.
Wilson Fort, Michigan.
Wilson’s Fort, West Virginia
Wilson Point Reservation, Washington
Wiltsee Battery, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Winchester Fort, Ohio – On Auglaize River.
Winchester National Cemetery, Virginia – At Winchester.
Winder Camp, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Windmill Point Battery at, Maryland – Near Annapolis.
Winfield Camp, North Carolina – Near Hatteras Inlet.
Winfield Scott Fort, California – At the Presidio; was formerly called Fort Point.
Winfield Scott Camp, Nevada – In Paradise Valley.
Winfield Scott Camp, Virginia – Near Yorktown.
Wingate Fort, New Mexico – Head waters of Rio Puerco, on site of old Fort Lyon.
Winnebago Agency, Minnesota.
Winnebago Fort, Wisconsin- On Fox River.
Winslow Fort, New York – Hudson River, above Mohawk.
Winter Hill Fortifications on, Massachusetts – In Boston Harbor.
Winter Island Fort on, Massachusetts – Fort Pickering, Salem Harbor.
Wintermott. Fort, Pennsylvania – In Wyoming Valley.
Winthrop Camp, Idaho – Name changed to Camp Three Forks Owyhee.
Winthrop Theodore Battery, Massachusetts – At Fort Banks, Grovers Cliff.
Winthrop Fort, Massachusetts – Boston Harbor; present site of Fort Warren^)
Winthrop Camp, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Winthrops Point Fort at, New Hampshire.
Winyaw Fort, South Carolina – At Georgetown.
Winyaw Bay, Redoubts at, South Carolina.
Wiscasset Fort, Maine – At Sheepscot Bay.
Wisconsin Point Reservation, Wisconsin – At mouth of Superior Bay.
Wisconsin State Soldiers’ Home, Waupaca, Wisconsin.
Wise Fort, Colorado – Name changed to Fort Lyon.
Wisewell Barracks, D. C- At Washington.
Witchen Battery, Virginia – Near Deep Bottom.
Wolcott Fort, Rhode Island – On Goat Island, Newport Harbor.
Wolff’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Wolford Camp, Kentucky – Near Somerset.
Wolf Run Battery, Virginia – On the Occoquan River.
Wood or George Wood Camp, Kentucky – At Mumfordsville.
Wood, Fort, Louisianna – At Chef Menteur, name changed to Fort Macomb.
Wood Redoubt, Maryland
Wood, Fort, New York – On Bedloes Island.
Wood Fort, Tennessee – Near Chattanooga
Wood Camp, Texas – On the Nueces River.
Wood Camp, Virginia – At Arlington.
Wood Battery, Virginia – On James River.
Wood A. E. Camp, California – In Yosemite National Park.
Woodbury Fort, Virginia – Near Aqueduct Bridge.
Wood G. W. F. Camp, Texas – Fifty miles northwest of Fort Inge.
Woodlawn National Cemetery, New York – At Elmira.
Woodruff Fort, Virginia – Near Portsmouth
Wool Fort, California – Mouth of Trinity River
Wool Fort, Florida – On Suwanee River, 10 miles above its mouth
Wool Camp, Massachusetts – At Worcester
Wool Camp – North Carolina – Near Hatteras Inlet
Wool Fort, Virginia – On the Rip Raps, near Fort Monroe
Wooster Fort, Connecticut – Near Haven Harbor
Worden Fort, Washington – At Point Wilson, near Port Townsend
Worth Battery, Florida – At Fort Pickens
Worth Camp, Tennessee – In Cherokee County
Worth Fort, Texas – Tarrant County, on Trinity River; now town of that name
Worth Fort, Virginia – Near Alexandria
Worthington Fort, Maryland – Near Baltimore
Wrangel Fort, Alaska – On Wrangel Island
Wright, Camp, Arizona – Near Warner’s Ranch
Wright Fort, California – In Round Valley
Wright General Hospital, California – At San Francisco
Wright Camp, California – Near Warner’s Ranch
Wright battery, South Carolina – On James Island
Wright Fort, Tennessee – On Mississippi River, near Fort Pillow
Wright Fort, Washington – Near Spokane
Wright H. G. Fort, New York – On Fishers Island; eastern entrance to Long Island Sound
Wyilys Fort, New York – On Hudson River, near West Point
Wyoming Stat Soldiers’ Home, Cheyenne Wyoming

Yakutat Bay fort on Alaska – At Yakutat Bay
Yam Hill Fort, Oregon – Thirty-five miles southwest of Portland
Yarmouth Fort at Maine
Yates Fort, North Dakota – At Standing Rock Indian Agency
Yates Camp, Illinois – Near Springfield
Yazoo City Fort at Mississippi
Yellow Bayou Fortifications at Louisianna
Yellow Medicine Camp, Minnesota – At Upper Sioux Agency
Yellowstone Fort, Wyoming – In Yellowstone National Park; first named Camp Sheridan
Yerba Buena Island Reservation, California – In San Francisco Harbor
York Fortifications at Maine
York Fort, Virginia – On York River
Yorktown National Cemetery, Virginia – At Yorktown
Yosemite National Park Reservation and Camp in California
Young Fort, West Virginia
Young S.B.M. Camp, Georgia – At Augusta
Yukon Fort, Alaska – On Yukon River
Yuma Fort, California – On Colorado River, opposite month of the Gila.

Zabudski’s Redoubt, North Carolina – On Cobbe Hill.
Zabrisky Fort, Virginia – Near Zabrisky River.
Zarah Fort, Kansas- On Walnut Creek, 2 miles above its month.
Zekkes Island, Battery on, North Carolina – Mouth of Cape Fear River.
Zimmerman Fort, New York – At St. Johnsville.
Zoellner Battery, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Zollersville Fort, Pennsylvania – At Zollersville.
Zollcoffer Camp, Tennessee – Three miles south of Livingston.
Zollcoffer Fort, Tennessee – Five miles below Nashville.
Zumwalls Fort, Missouri – In St. Charles County.

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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