Louisiana Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Alexandria National Cemetery, Louisiana – At Pineville.
Amity, Fort, Louisiana – At Amite City.
Atkinson, Camp, Louisiana – On Lake Charles.

Balize Battery, Louisiana – Mouth of Mississippi River.
Banks Camp, Louisiana – At Baton Rouge.
Bastion Bay Reservation, Louisanna.
Beauregard Fort, Louisanna – At Harrisburg.
Baton Rouge Barracks, Louisanna – At Baton Rouge.
Baton Rouge National Cemetery, Louisanna – At Baton Rouge.
Bayou Sauvages Battery, Louisanna
Bayou Teche Fortifications at, Louisanna
Bienvenue Battery, Louisiana – On Bayou Bienvenue.
Bisland Fort, Louisiana – At Patterson ville.
Bourbon Fort, Louisiana – Mississippi River, below New Orleans.
Buchanan Fort, Louisiana – At Brashear City.
Berwick Fort, Louisiana – Near Brashear City.
Bute Fort, Louisiana – On Mississippi River a little below Baton Rouge.
Butler Camp, Louisiana – At Baton Rouge.
Butler Fort, Louisiana – At Donaldsonville.

Caffery Camp, Louisiana – At Covington.
Carneys Bridge Batteries at Louisiana – Near Pattersonville.
Carrollton Fortifications at. Louisiana
Cass Camp, Louisiana – Bay of St. Louis.
Chalmette National Cemetery, Louisiana – Near New Orleans.
Chalmette Redoubt at Louisiana – Near New Orleans.
Charity General Hospital, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
Chef Menteur Pass Fort at, Louisiana – Fort Macomb.
Chene Fort, Louisiana. – Near Berwick.
Claiborne Fort, Louisiana – At Natchitoches.
Coffee Camp, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
Coquille Fort, Louisiana- Supposed to be now Fort Pike.
Corbin H. C. Camp, Louisana – At New Orleans.

Darby Fort, Louisiana.
De Russy, Fort, Louisiana. – At Alexandria.
Donaldsonville, Fort, Louisiana – At Donaldsonville.
Don’t Fort, Louisiana – Near source of the Sabine.
Dupres Tower Fort, Louisiana – On Bayou Dupree, Lake Borgne

English Turn Battery at Louisiana – Near New Orleans

Grand Terre Island, Forts on, Louisiana – Forts Lafitte and Livingston.
Great Battery, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
Guyon Fort, Louisiana – On Bayou La Fourche.

Harrisonburg Fort at, Louisiana.
Henderson Fort, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
Hurricane Island Reservation, Louisiana

Jackson Barracks, Louisiana – Near New Orleans; first called New Orleans Barracks.
Jackson Camp, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
Jackson Fort, Louisiana – Mississippi River, 65 miles below New Orleans, opposite Fort St. Phillip.
Jessup Fort, Louisiana – Twenty-five miles southwest of Natchitoches, Sabine County; now town of that name.

Kearny Camp, Louisiana – At Carrollton.

Lafayette Fort, Louisiana – Same as Lafitte
Lafitte Fort, Louisiana – On Grand Terre Island, Barataria Bay.
Leon Fort, Louisiana.
Little Temple Fort at Louisiana.
Livingston Fort, Louisiana – On Grand Terre Island, Barataria Bay.

Madison Fort, Louisiana – Between Alabama and Tombigbee rivers.
Mansfield Camp, Louisiana – At Carrollton.
Manchac Fort, Louisiana – On Mississippi River, near Baton Rouge.
Marine General Hospital, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
Martello Tower, Louisiana – On Bayou Bienvenue.
Miro Fort, Louisiana – On Washita River, about 100 miles above its month.
Mississippi Fort, Louisiana – At Poverty Point, 38 miles below New Orleans.
Monets Bluff Fortifications at Louisiana – On Cane River.
Moore Camp, Louisiana – Near Tangipahoa.

Natchitoches, Fort at, Louisiana – Fort Claiborne.
Necessity Fort, Louisiana – Franklin County; now town of that name, 20 miles south of Winnsboro.
New Orleans Arsenal, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
New Orleans Barracks, Louisiana – Now Jackson Barracks.

Parapet Camp, Louisiana – Near Carrollton.
Pattersonville Fortifications at, Louisiana.
Peat Bay Reservation on. Louisiana.
Petite Coquille Fort at, Louisiana – Fort Pike.
Philip Fort, Louisiana – Mississippi River, in Plaquemine County. (See Fort St. Philip.)
Pike Fort, Louisiana – On the island of Petite Coquille.
Plaquemine, Fort, Louisiana – On Mississippi River; now Fort St. Philip.
Port Hudson Fortifications at Louisana.
Port Hudson National Cemetery, Louisana – At Port Hudson.
Poverty Point Fort at, Louisana – Fort Mississippi.
Proctors Landing or Proctorsville Tower, Louisiana.

Quatre Bayou Pass Reservation, Louisiana.

Rigolets Fort at, Louisianna – Near Lake Pontchartrain; Fort Pike.

St. Charles Fort, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
St. Ferdinand Fort, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
St. James General Hospital, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
St. John Fort, Louisiana – On Lake Pontchartrain, near New Orleans.
St. Joseph Fort, Louisiana – At New Orleans;
St. Leon Fort, Louisiana – Fifteen miles below New Orleans.
St. Louis Fort, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
St. Louis General Hospital, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
St. Philip Fort, Louisiana – On Mississippi River, 65 miles below New Orleans.
Salubrity Camp, Louisiana – Three miles from Natchitoches.
Sabine Fort, Louisiana – On Sabine Lake, 3 miles below Sabine City.
Sedgwick General Hospital, Louisiana – At Greenville.
Spanish Fort, Louisiana – Same as Fort St. John.
Stephens Fort, Louisiana – At South Pass, Manchac.
Stevens, Camp, Louisiana – At Thibodeaux.

Taylor Fort, Louisianna – On Bed River, about 60 miles below Alexandria.

University General Hospital, Louisiana – At New Orleans.

Van Buren General Hospital, Louisianna – At Millikens Bend.

Wood, Fort, Louisiana – At Chef Menteur, name changed to Fort Macomb.

Yellow Bayou Fortifications at Louisianna

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