Missouri Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Adams, Cantonment, Missouri – Near Jefferson Barracks.

Bankhead Fort, Missouri – At New Madrid.
Belle Fontaine Barracks, Missouri – On Missouri River, 3 miles above its mouth.
Belmont Fortifications at. Missouri – On Mississippi River.
Benton Barracks, Missouri – At St. Louis.
Birds Point Fortifications on, Missouri – Opposite Cairo, Illinois.
Boonville, Battery, Missouri – On the bluffs, 8 miles below Boonville.

Callaways Fort, Missouri – In Warren County.
Cape Girardeau Armory at Missouri – At Cape Girardeau.
Cape Girardeau Fortifications at, Missouri – At Cape Girardeau.
Carey Gratz Camp, Missouri – At Rolla.
Castlios Fort, Missouri – In St. Charles County.
Charles Fort, Missouri – At present site of Rush Tower, 38 miles below St. Louis.
Clark Fort, Kansas – On Missouri River, near Osage City.
Clemison Fort, Missouri – In Montgomery County.
Cole Camp, Missouri – In Benton County.
Cole’s Fort, Missouri.
Conant Camp, Missouri – On Tavern Creek.
Cooper Camp, Missouri – In Howard County.

Davidson Fort, Missouri – At Pilotknob.

Eliot General Hospital, Missouri – At St. Louis.

Fremont Camp, Missouri – At Springfield.

Gamble Camp, Missouri – Near St. Louis
Gayoso Fort, Missouri – At Gayoso.
Girardeau Fort, Missouri – at Cape Girardeau
Good Hope Fort, Missouri – Near Rolla
Good Samaritan General Hospital, Missouri – At St. Louis
Grand Tower Rock, Reservation, Missouri – In Mississippi River.

Half Moon, Fort, Missouri – At St. Louis.
Hardee Camp, Missouri – At Pitmans Ferry.
Haskell Camp, Missouri – Thirty miles from Warsaw.
Head’s Fort, Missouri – North of Rochefort.
Hempstead Fort, Missouri – In Howard County.
Henry Fort, Missouri – In Randolph County.
Herron Camp, Missouri – At Pilotknob.
Howard Fort, Missouri – Forty miles above St. Louis.
Howell’s Fort, Missouri – In Lincoln County.
Howell’s Fort, Missouri – In St. Charles County.
Hunter Camp, Missouri – In Scott County.

Jackson Camp, Missouri – Near St. Louis.
Jefferson Barracks, Missouri – Nine miles below St Louis.
Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Missouri – At Jefferson Barracks.
Jefferson City National Cemetery, Missouri – At Jefferson City.
Jennison Camp, Missouri – At Kansas City.

Kennedy’s Fort, Missouri – At Wright City.
Kincade’s Fort Missouri – In Howard County
Kountz’s Fort, Missouri – eight miles west of St. Charles County

Laramie Fort, Missouri – At Linden.
La Tour Fort, Missouri – At St. Louis.
Lawson General Hospital, Missouri – At St. Louis.
Lee Camp, Missouri – At Cowskin Prairie.
Liberty Arsenal, Missouri – On Missouri River, Clay County.
Lillie Camp, Missouri – Near Jefferson City.
Lincoln Camp, Missouri – At St. Louis.
Lookout Camp, Missouri – At Quincy.
Lyon Fort, Missouri – Benton County; now town of that name.
Lyon Camp, Missouri – At Birds Point.

Marine General Hospital, Missouri – At St. Louis.
Mason Fort, Missouri – On Mississippi River, 100 miles above St. Louis.
Matson Fort, Missouri
Masonic Hall Fortifications at Missouri – Near Lexington.
Miami Fort Missouri – On Missouri River, a little below Fort Osage.
Miami Fort, Missouri – On Maumee River.
Miller Camp, Missouri – Now Jefferson Barracks.
Missouri Ordnance Depot, Liberty Arsenal.
Missouri State Soldiers’ Home, St. James, Missouri

McClurg Fort, Missouri – On Lime Creek.
McCulloch Ben Camp Missouri – Near Springfield.
McLouis Fort, Missouri – Near site of New Franklin. (See Fort Hemstead.)

New Madrid, Fort, Missouri – Near New Madrid.

Orleans Fort, Missouri – Near mouth of the Osage.
Osage Fort, Missouri – On Missouri River, near present site of Sibley.

Pike Fort, Missouri – On Des Moines River, 10 miles above its mouth.
Pilot Knob Fort at, Missouri – In Iron County.
Point Pleasant, Battery at. Missouri – On Mississippi River, 12 miles below New Madrid.
Pond Fort, Missouri – In St. Charles County, near Wentzville.
Portage des Sieux Fort, Missouri – On Mississippi River, near Bellefontaine.
Powder Point Battery on, Missouri – At St. Louis.

St. Charles Fort, Missouri – In St. Louis.
St. Louis Powder Depot, Missouri – At Jefferson Barracks.
St. Louis Barracks, Missouri – At St. Louis.
St. Louis Clothing Depot, Missouri – At St. Louis.
Springfield Forts Near, Missouri – Forts Nos. 1 to 5
Springfield National Cemetery, Missouri – At Springfield
Stephens Camp, Missouri – Now site of Jefferson Barracks.
Stout’s Fort, Missouri – In St. Charles County.

Totten Camp, Missouri – At Franklin.
Thompson Fort, Missouri – Near New Madrid.

Vest, Camp, Missouri – Four miles from Boonville.

Wallace Camp, Missouri – At Lexington.
Weightman Camp, Missouri – Near Springfield.

Zumwalls Fort, Missouri – In St. Charles County.

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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