Kentucky Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Anderson, Fort, Kentucky – At Paducah.
Andrew Johnson, Camp, Kentucky – At Barboursville.

Bates Battery, Kentucky – At Covington.
Beauregard Fort, Kentucky – At Columbus.
Beech Grove Fort at, Kentucky – On Cumberland River, in Laurel County.
Bishop Fort, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
Blantons Hill Fort, Kentucky – At Frankfort.
Boone Fort, Kentucky – At Boonesboro.
Boyle Fort, Kentucky – Muldraugh’s Hill, Marion County.
Brown General Hospital, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Brownlow Camp, Kentucky – At Piketon.
Buckner Camp, Kentucky – At Cumberland Ford.
Buell Camp, Kentucky- At Parritsville.
Burbank Battery, Kentucky – Near Covington.
Burbank Camp, Kentucky – At Warsaw.
Burgess Camp, Kentucky – At Bowling Green.
Burnett Battery, Kentucky – Near Covington.
Burnside Camp, Kentucky – In Lincoln County.

Calvert Camp, Kentucky – At London.
Capron Allyn, Camp, Kentucky – At Fort Thomas.
Carlisle Battery, Kentucky. – Near Covington.
Cave Hill National Cemetery, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Churchill Col., Fort, Kentucky – Cumberland Gap.
Clark Fort, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Clay Fort, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Clay General Hospital, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Coffey Camp, Kentucky – Nineteen miles south of Richmond.
College Hill, Fort, Kentucky – At Bowling Green.
Collier Camp, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Collins Camp, Kentucky – At Warsaw.
Columbus Fortifications at, Kentucky.
Coombs Battery, Kentucky – Two miles west of Covington.
Corbin H. C. Camp, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Corn Island Fortifications on, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
Covington Fort, Kentucky – At month of Licking River.
Craig Fort, Kentucky – On Gilberts Creek.
Crittenden Fort, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Crittenden General Hospital Kentucky – At Louisville.

Danville National Cemetery, Kentucky – At Danville.
De Wolf Fort, Kentucky – At New Shepherdsville.
Dick Robinson Camp, Kentucky – In Garrard County.
Dumont Camp, Kentucky – Near Shelbyville

Ellicotts Mills, Camp, Kentucky – Ten miles below Cairo, Illinois.
Elstner Fort, Kentucky – at Louisville
Engle Fort, Kentucky – At Louisville
Estill’s Station, Kentucky – On Kentucky River 5 miles form Richmond

Foundry General Hospital, Kentucky – At Louisville.

Garrett Fort, Kentucky – Woodford County; now town of that name
Gibbs J. B., General Hospital, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Gill Camp, Kentucky – At Olympia Springs.

Hall Fort, Kentucky
Halleck Fort, Kentucky – At Columbus.
Hamilton Camp, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Harrison Battery, Kentucky – Near Newport.
Harrod’s Fort, Kentucky – At Harrodsburg.
Hatch Battery, Kentucky – Near Covington.
Heiman Fort, Kentucky – On Tennessee River, about 75 miles from Paducah.
Hickman Fortifications at Kentucky – Near Tennessee state line.
Higgins’ Blockhouse, Kentucky – Near Cynthiana,
Hill Fort, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Hobson Fort, Kentucky – Near Glasgow.
Hobson Camp, Kentucky – In Taylor County.
Holt Battery, Kentucky – Near Newport.
Holt Fort, Kentucky – Ohio River, opposite Cairo, Illinois.
Holt Joe Camp, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Hooper Battery, Kentucky – Near Covington.
Hopeless Chase Camp, Kentucky – At Pikesville.
Horton Fort, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
Hoskins Camp, Kentucky – Near Somerset, Pulaski County.
Hoy’s Fort, Kentucky – On Elkhorn River.
Hutchinson Fort, Kentucky – Near Mount Sterling.

Iron Banks Batteries at Kentucky – On Mississippi River, 8 miles above Columbus.
Island No. 10 Batteries on, Kentucky – On Mississippi River; contained eleven earthworks.

Jefferson Fort, Kentucky – Mississippi River, 5 miles below Cairo, Illinois.
Joe Holt Camp, Kentucky – Near Louisville.

Karnasoh Fort, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
Kearny Phil Fort, Kentucky – Near Newport.
Kenton Camp, Kentucky – Near Maysville.
Kenton’s Station, Kentucky – Near Washington.
Kincheloe’s Fort, Kentucky – On Simpsons Creek
Kinckston’s Stockade, Kentucky
King Camp, Kentucky – Near Covington
Kyle Battery, Kentucky – At Covington

Lebanon National Cemetery, Kentucky – At Lebanon.
Leonidas Fort, Kentucky
Lexington National Cemetery, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Livingston Fort, Kentucky
Logan Fort, Kentucky – At Stanford, Lincoln Comity.

Madison Camp, Kentucky – In Franklin County.
Martin’s Fort, Kentucky – On Licking River.
Miller Silas Camp, Kentucky – On Green River.
Mill Farm Camp, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Mill Springs National Cemetery, Kentucky – At Mill Springs.
Mitchell Fort or Camp, Kentucky – Near Covington.
Moore Camp, Kentucky – Near Columbus.
Morton St. Clair, Fort, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Myers Camp, Kentucky – In Overton County.

McClelland’s Fort, Kentucky – At Georgetown.
McGees Station, Kentucky – North of Kentucky River.
McKinley’s Blockhouse, Kentucky
McLean Battery, Kentucky – Near Newport.
McPherson Fort, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
McRae Battery, Kentucky – Near Fort Mitchell.

Negas Fort, Maine – On Penobscot River.
Negley Camp, Kentucky – Near Nolin River.
Nelson Camp, Kentucky – Near Hickman’s Bridge.
Nelson Fort, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Nelson General Hospital, Kentucky – At Camp Nelson.
Nelson Camp National Cemetery, Kentucky – At Camp Nelson.
Nevin, Camp, Kentucky – Nine miles below Elizabethtown.
Newport Arsenal, Kentucky – At Newport.
Newport Barracks, Kentucky – At Newport.

One Number Battery, Kentucky – Near Island No. 10.

Pequod Fort, Kentucky – Two miles west of Portersville.
Perry Battery, Kentucky – Near Covington.
Phil Kearny, Battery, Kentucky – Near Newport. (See Kearny, Phil.)
Philpot Fort, Kentucky – At Louisville.

Rains Col. Fort, Kentucky – At Cumberland Gap.
Riddle’s Fort, Kentucky – At forks of the Licking.
Ruddle’s Fort, Kentucky – On Licking River. (See Riddle’s.)

St. Asaphs Fort, Kentucky – Also called Logan’s Fort.
St. Clair Morton, Fort, Kentucky – Near Louisville. {See Morton, St. Clair.)
St. Johns Hill Battery at, Kentucky – Near Newport.
Sanders Fort, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
Sanger Camp, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Secession Camp Kentucky – At Ellicotts Mills, near Cairo.
Sedgwick General Hospital, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Seminary General Hospital, Kentucky – At Covington.
Seven number Battery, Kentucky – Near Island No. 10.
Six Number Battery, Kentucky – At Island No. 10.
Smith J. L. Battery, Kentucky – Near Covington.
Smithland Fortifications at, Kentucky – Mouth of Cumberland River.
Southworth Fort, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
Spring Fort, Kentucky – Fayette County; now town of that name
Springville Fort, Near Kentucky
Strader General Hospital, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Studdiford Battery, Kentucky – Near Louisville.

Taylor Barracks, Kentucky – At Louisville
Ten Number, Battery, Kentucky – Near Island No. 10.
Thomas Fort, Kentucky – Three miles from Newport.
Three Number, Battery, Kentucky – Near Island No. 10.
Totten General Hospital, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Two Number Battery, Kentucky – Near Island No. 10.

Underwood Joe Camp, Kentucky – Twenty-five miles from Cave City.

Wadsworth Camp, Kentucky – At Hazelgreen.
Wetherill Camp, Kentucky – At Fort Thomas.
Wild Cat, Camp, Kentucky – Near London.
Wolford Camp, Kentucky – Near Somerset.
Wood or George Wood Camp, Kentucky – At Mumfordsville.

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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