Interpreting the Starr Genealogies

In order to have a correct understanding of the Starr Genealogy, it will be necessary to keep in mind, that;

1. The numbers to the left of the names denote the place in the family, of the person, following.

a-All numbers under a heading denote brothers or sisters.
b-When the dates of the births of the brothers and sisters are positively known to be consecutive, they are preceded by an OK.
c-The small number to the right, in front of the names, denotes the generation in the family, to
which the person following, belongs.
d-A horizontal line between two numbers, show that those above that line are only half brothers and sisters to those
below it.
e-A perpendicular line before two or three numbers denote that they are twins or triplets.
f-A transverse line (/) before a name denotes that the person following, is of illegitimate birth.
g-In reading the numbers; read each one separately, giving the last small number at the right, thus; 1142710324, should be read, as: one, four, ten two, fourth generation.

2. The name or names to the right of the first name after the numbers, is that of the husband or wife, or husbands or wives of that person.

3. All persons dying without issue have an * after their names.

4. To find the parents of any person; drop the last large number to the right in front of the name, turn back to the preceding generation and find the identical number. To find the grandparents, drop two of the large numbers to the right and turn back two generations and find the identical numbers. Follow the same retrogression to find the other ancestors.

5. To find the names of the children of any person, add a large number one, to the number in front of the name of the parent. turn to the succeeding generation and find the identical number, thus giving the eldest child, followed by the names of the other brothers and sisters, according to their relative ages.

6. The serial numbers, to the right of the names, refer to the numbers, indexing the biographical notes on the preceding names.


Take the following individual family on page ____ as an example. 11123314 Bushyhead. Nannie Foreman.

  2Richard Fields. Jennie Buffington, Elizabeth Hicks, Nancy Timberlake nee Brown and ________Grapp.A8
OK  3George Fields: Nannie Brown and Sarah Cody.A9
  4Lucy Fields. Daniel McCoy and James Harris.
  5John Fields. Elizabeth Wickett.
  6Turtle Fields. Ollie, and Sarah Timberlake.A10
|  7Thomas Fields. Nannie Rogers nee Downing.
|  8Susannah Fields. George Brewer and Thomas Foreman.
  9John Martin. Nellie McDaniel and Lucy McDaniel.Al1
10Nannie Martin. Jeter Lynch.Al3
11Rachel Martin. Daniel DavisA13

Cherokee, History,

Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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