Genealogy of the Cherokee Hendricks Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

11 Susannah. William Hendricks
1112 James R. Hendricks. Nannie Woodall
2 Annie Hendricks. George Peacheater and. Felix Riley
OK 3 Jane Hendricks. John Terrell and Green Parris
4 Margaret Hendricks. Andrew Woodall
5 John Hendricks. Pretia Tiesky and Mary Jane Brogan nee McLaughlin
6 Nancy Hendricks. Henry Chambers
7 Susannah Hendricks. Abraham Woodall
8 Catherine Hendricks. James Chambers
9 William H. Hendricks. Narcissa Crittenden and Ann Eliza Benge nee Linder*
10 Willis Hendricks. Araminta Fish
11 Franklin Hendricks. Annie Terrell nee Woodall
12 Elizabeth Hendricks. James R. Gourd
13 Thomas Hendricks. Nellie Ragsdale
111213 Jennie Hendricks. John Ragsdale
2 Jonas Hendricks
3 Dennis Hendricks  Eliza Jane Fish
4 Minerva Hendricks Joseph Poorboy and George Craft
5 Cornelia Hendricks
6 Louisa Hendricks. _____Miles
112213 Susan Riley. Ellis R. Gourd
2 William Beatty. Louisa Parris
3 Sallie Beatty
4 Looney Price. Sarah Wofford
113213 Rebecca Terrell. Coleman Roberson
2 Nannie Terrell. Green Terrell
3 Elizabeth Terrell. George Bolin
4 Sallie Parris
5 Henry Parnis. Barbara Marshall
6 Emma Parnis. Stephen Spears
7 John Parris. Catherine Terrell
114213 Daniel Woodall. Emeline Ragsdale
2 William Woodall.      Potts
3 Annie Woodall. Aaron Terrell
4 Caroline Woodall. John Beaver Post
115213 Elnora Hendricks. George R. Gourd
116213 Ann Eliza Chambers*
2 Mary A. Chambers. John Ross Hicks
OK 3 Vann Chambers  Jennie diana McCoy
4 Elizabeth Chambers  Lippman Rosenthal and Charles Lamb*


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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