Genealogy of the Cherokee Cordery Family

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11Thomas Cordery. Susannah nee Sonicooie
1112Sarah Cordery. John Rogers
2Lucy Cordery. Robert Rogers
OK3Nannie Cordery. Parker Collins
4Charlotte Cordery. Henry Vickery
5David Cordery. Charlotte Goss
6Hettie Cordery. Henry Vickery and John Vance
7Early Cordery. Charlotte Berryhill
8Susan Cordery. John Mosley
111213Robert Rogers. Mary Ann Baptiste and Mary Scott Jones
2William Rogers. Mary Vann Neely nee McNair and Louisa Reedy
OK3Johnson K. Rogers*  Octavia Ann Mount
4Joseph Rogers. Hannah Foster
5Lovely Rogers
6Mary Rogers. Nicholas Byers McNair
7Jackson Rogers. Sarah G. Blackburn.                     |A42
8Cynthia Rogers. John Lowe
9Annie Chapel Rogers  John Wilson Lenoir
10Henry Curtis Rogers  Louisa Jane Thompson nee Blackburn
11George Rogers. Polina Phillips
12John Pendergrass Rogers. Martha Crawford and Mary Eugenia Eliza Spencer nee Garland
112213Catherine Rogers. Alexander McDaniel.
2Nannie Rogers. Alexander Jordan and John Anderson
OK3Robert Rogers. Sallie Vann
4John Rogers. Hettie Mosely and Catherine Vann
5James Rogers*
113213Ira Rogers. Charlotte Wickett
2Sallie Collins. Charles Harris
3Jennie Collins. Charles Harris
4Eliza Collins. Bird Harris
5Susan Collins. William Harris
6Catherine Collins. William Harrison Autry
7Mary Collins*
8Martha Collins*
9Lucinda Collins. Henry Sutton
10Nannie Collins. John Mimms
11Joseph Collins. Mary Miller
12Parker Dickson Collins. Mary Treble
114213Annie Vickery. John finder, ____ Ratliff, John Forbison and Archibald Wilson
2Jennie Vickery. George Freeman

A42. Jackson Rogers born October 12, 1816. Married February 7, 1844 Sarah G. Blackburn, born June 3, 1821. He enlisted in Company B, First Georgia Infantry under Colonel William Dabney. He was captured in July 1864 and held at Camp Douglas, in Chicago, until he was paroled on June 16, 1865. He was elected a member of the Georgia legislature in 1875. He died May 14, 1899.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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