Genealogy of the Cherokee Springston Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

11 Nancy.   William Springston
1112 Ruth Springston. John Foreman and George Wilson
111213 Johnson Foreman. Elizabeth B. Mann
2 William Wilson. Malinda Chisholm nee Wharton, Mary Thornton nee Sanders and Eliza Hyles nee
OK 3 Mary Wilson. James Audrain
4 Elizabeth Wilson. Austin Copeland, Thomas C. Thomas and Gilbert Holcomb
5 Archibald M. Wilson. Delilah Starr nee Johnson and Rebecca McNair Wilson nee Riley
6 Rebecca Wilson. ______Wilharm, Samuel McKinney and Andrew McKinney
7 Alexander Drumgool Wilson. Rebecca McNair Riley
8 George W. Wilson. Carmalita_____ and Elsie Davis
9 Ruth Wilson. Walter Copeland, ____Bennett, ___Webb and George Myers
10 Anderson Springston Wilson. Nannie Catherine Daniel
11 John Wilson
12 Malinda Wilson. Miles Collins, James Young and James Adams
111215 Martha J. Foreman* Jenkins Maxfield
2 William Archibald Foreman. Susie Chisholm nee Pindar. OK 3 Naomi Ruth Foreman. Joseph T. Garrison
4 Mary Louvenia Foreman*
5 Return Jonathan Foreman* Eliza J. Brewer and Harriette E. Colbert
6 Jesse Bushyhead Foreman. Emma Vore
7 Susan Frances Foreman. John Raymond and Joseph Martin Lynch
11122314 Emily Wilson. Napoleon Bonaparte Breedlove
2 William Wilson   Alice Coody
3 Rory McCoy Wilson  Laura Bruce
4 Finney Chisholm Wilson. Amanda Broyles
5 Eliza Wilson. Lorenzo Williams
11123314 Jennie Audrain. John Wills and I. N. Smith
2 Mary Mahana Audrain. Percy L. Walker
3 Winfield Scott Andrain. Eliza Williams
4 Lucy Audrain. James McGannon
5 Frank G. Audrain. Malissa Williams
11124314 Mary Copeland. William Melton
2 Martha Copeland. Ellis Buffington, Toliver Thomas, Ezekial Buffington* and James Cohee*
3 George Copeland
4 Alexander Copeland. Catherine Thomas, Sarah McNair nee Miller, Nannie S. Allen nee West and Nannie Cowels nee Conner
5 Jerusha Copeland. Robert Audrain
6 Austin Copeland
7 Pamelia Copeland. Christopher Columbus Isbell
8 Rebecca Copeland. George Cox and Stephen Ccx
9 Archibald Wilson Thomas. Jennie Reppeto
10 William Wirt Thomas
11 Charles Delano Thomas
11125314 Anise Femister Wilson. James Alexander Rice
11126314 Alexander F. McKinney. Nannie Redding, Minnie Wheeler
2 Dennie Bushyhead McKinney. Delia Crawford and Belle Johnson
3 Andrew Jackson McKinney. Mary Wells
4 Johnson Perry McKinney. Hortense Baptiste
11127314 Susan Rebecca Wilson. Joseph PoIson, Thomas Washington Lindsay and William Thomas Hewitt
2 Isabel Brandon Wilson. Henry Parris, Benjamin A. Rush
OK 3 Laura Adair Wilson. John Raymond and Thomas Henry
4 James Madison Wilson. Araminta Pharris
11128314 Henry Wilson. Laura
2 Ora Wilson.      Bruton
11129314 William Copeland
2 Julia Bennett. Robert Mann
3 John Webb
4 George Myers. Talitha Dunaway
111210314 DeWitt Clinton Wilson. Ella Adair
2 James Daniel Wilson. Letitia M. Fields
OK 3 Mary Emma Wilson
111212314 Mike Collins
2 John Young
3 Robert Young
4 Nannie Young. Rollin Hill


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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