Genealogy of the Cherokee Smith Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

11 ______Smith
1112 Cabin Smith
2 McCoy Smith*
111213 Hominy Simth. Aky Fields and Peggy
2 Oo-du-ski Smith. Tiger
3 Tiania Smith. Scraper
4 Go-li-si Smith. Turtle
5 Gu-er-tsa Smith.  SixkilIer
6 Archilla Smith. Agnes Fields
11121814 Ta-cha-gi-si Smith*
11122314 Ta-chi-chi Tiger
2 Redbird Tiger
3 Messenger Tiger. Celia Love
4 Pelican Tiger
5 Mark Tiger  Mary Thompson and Stidham nee Trott
6 Ti-ca-no-hi-la Tiger
7 Dirtthower Tiger
8 Ka-hi-ta Tiger
9 Wa-li-a Tiger
10 Lucretia Tiger. Tony R. Gourd
11123314 George W. Scraper. Louisa McIntosh
2 Archibald Scraper. Malinda McIntosh
3 Charles Scraper
4 Otter Scraper
5 Sallie Scraper. Watie Cummings
11125314 Cricket Sixkliler. Deborah Whaley and Elizabeth Foreman
2 Redbird Sixkiller. Pamelia Whaley, Nannie Foster nee Foreman and Elizabeth Proctor nee Foreman*
3 Tail Sixkiller. Alie Keath
4 Soldier Sixkiller. Katie
5 Frog Sixkiller
6 Delaware Sixkiller. Jennie Walker
7 Blackhaw Sixkiller
8 Susan Sixkiiler* Yellowhammer
9 Peacheater Sixkiller. Sallie Foreman nee Rattlinggourd
10 Lucinda Sixkiller. Samuel Cloud
11126314 John Smith* Margaret Hendricks
2 Rachel Smith. John Rider
3 Charles Smith*
4 Elizabeth Smith. John McFerran Fields, Thomas Adkins and, George Drum
5 Samuel Houston Smith*
6 Eliza Smith. David Grayson, Jackson Cozens and Francis Marion Seabolt


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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