Genealogy of the Cherokee Ridge-Watie Families

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11 Oganstota
111 Major Ridge. Susie Wickett A37
2 Oowatee. Susannah Reese A37
111213 John Ridge. Sarah Bird Northrup
2 Sarah Ridge. George Washington Paschal
OK 3 Walter Ridge* Elizabeth
112213 Nannie Watie. John Foster Wheeler
2 Stand Watie. Elizabeth Fields, Isabel Hicks nee Miller, Eleanor Looney and Sallie Caroline Bell A38
3 Killekeena Watie. Harriette Gold and Delight Sergeant A37
OK 4 Thomas Black Watie*
5 Mary Ann Watie. John Walker Candy
6 John Alexander Watie. Eliza Fields
7 Elizabeth Watie. Lewis Webber
8 Charles Edwin Watie*
11121314 John Rollin Ridge. Elizabeth Wilson
2 Clarinda Ridge*
OK 3 Herman Ridge*
4 Susan C. Ridge. J. Woodward Washburn
5 Aenaes Ridge. Mavia Saunders
6 Andrew Jackson Ridge. Helen C. Doom
7 Flora Chamberlin Ridge. William Davis Polson
11122314 George Washington Paschal. Frances Tilley
2 Ridge Paschal. Virginia Gasman nee Winston
OK 3 Emily Agnes Paschal. William McNair
11221314 Theodore Frelinghyson Wheeler*
2 Susan Wheeler. William Wallace Perry
OK 3 Mary Anna Wheeler. Ethelbert Britton Bright
4 Harriette Boudinot Wheeler. Argyle Quesenhury
5 Sarah Paschal Wheeler. Clarence P. Ashbrook and William Goodlet Nelms
6 John Caldwell Wheeler. Lucilla Greenfield Sandels
7 William Watie Wheeler. Emma Carnall
8 Nannie Wheeler*
11222314 Susannah Watie* Charles Woodall
2 Comisky Watie*
OK 3 Saladin Ridge Watie*
4 Solon Watie* (Cherokee name Wa-ti-ke)
5 Nannie Josephine Watie* John Martin Daniel
5 Charlotte Jackoline Watie*
11223314 Eleanor Susan Boudinot. Henry J. Church
2 Mary Harriette Boudinot* Lyman Case
OK 3 William Penn Boudinot. Caroline Matilda Rogers Fields
4 Sarah Parkhill Boudinot*
5 Elias Cornelius Boudinot* Clara Corinth Minear
6 Frank Brinsmade Boudinot. Annie
11225314 Harriette Candy. Hugh Montgomery McPherson
2 Susan Candy* Henry Lee Hill
OK 3 Elizabeth Candy* Hindman Booth Hoyt
11226314 Susannah Inez Watie. Thomas Jefferson Bean
OK 2 Nannie Wheeler Watie* Lewis Keys
11227314 Walter Webber*
2 Charles Theodore Webber*

A37. Major Ridge and Oo-wa-tie, or The Ancient, were full blood Cherokees of the Deer clan. They were full brothers and born in Hiwassee town. Susie Wickett was a half blood English Cherokee and Susannah Reese was a half blood Welch-Cherokee. Ridge was a Major of the Cherokee allies of the United States soldiers in the war of 1814. He was killed at about ten o’clock a. m. on June 22, 1839.

All of Oo-wa-tie’s children were known as Watie’s the first Oo, being dropped, except in the case of his second son Killikeenah or Buck, who out of gratitude for benefactions, adopted the name of Elias Boudinot and his descent have always been known as Boudinots instead of Waties.

A38. Stand Watie was born December 12, 1806 and died September 9, 1871.

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Ridge, Watie,

Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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