History of Fort Bend County Texas

Morrison, W. M. History of Fort Bend County: Containing Biographical Sketches of Many Noted Characters. Fort Bend County: 1904.

Terry Rangers, Original Field Staff

Benjamin Franklin Terry, elected Colonel at the organizaltion, October 28th, 1861; killed at Woodsonvil1e, Kentucky (better known as Rowlett’s Station), in battle, December 17th, 1861. Thomas S. Lubbock, Harris County, elected Lieutenant Colonel October 28th, 1861; died at Nashville, Tennessee, January 9th, 1862. Thomas Harrison, Waco, Texas, elected Major at the organization, promoted to Lieutenant […]

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Terry Rangers, Company C

M. L. Evans, Captain, Gonzales: County, died of wounds at Perryville, Ky., October 18th, 1862; acting Major at the time. A. M. Shannon, 1st Lieutenant, Karnes County, promoted to Captain October 18th, 1862; afterwards commanded efficient scouts; promoted to Colonel, commanding special scouts and secret service February 8th, 1865. James M. Dunn, 2nd Lieutenant, Karnes

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Terry Rangers, Company B

John A. Wharton, Captain, Brazoria, County, Texas, elected Colonel of the regiment January, 1862, promoted Brigadier General, October, 1862, Major General, and transferred, wounded twice, transferred to Mississippi Department, and killed in private altercation at Houston, Texas, by Colonel Geo. W. Baylor. Geo. M. McNeil, 1st Lieutenant, Brazoria County, resigned at Oakland, Ky., in 1862.

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Terry Rangers, Company A.

(Enlisted by Lieutenant J. W. Sparks.) Thomas Harrison, Captain, Waco, Texas, elected Major at the organization. Rufus Y. King, 1stLieutenant, Burleson County, elected Captain at organization, wounded at Shiloh and resigned. W. H. Jones, Falls County, Texas, elected Lieutenant at organization, wounded in East Tennessee, January 12th, 1864, retired. M. L. Gordon, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant,

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Terry Rangers, Company K

John G. Walker Captain, Harris, County, wounded at Woodsonville, Ky., in 1861, elected Lieutenant Colonel January, 1862, resigned in September, 1862, died September, 1869. A. W. Morris, 1st Lieutenant, Montgomery County, wounded at Woodsonville, KY., resigned and died. Henry Thomas, 2nd Lieutenant, Harris County, resigned January, 1862. S. P. Christian, 3rd Lieutenant, Harris County, elected

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Terry Rangers, Company I

J. G. Jones, Captain, Gonzales County, resigned at Shiloh, April 6th, 1862. W. H. Harris, 1st Lieutenant, Gonzales County, resigned and died in 1861. A. D. Harris, 2nd Lieutenant, Gonzales County, promoted Captain May 7, and killed, Alay 9, 1862. J. H. Paramore, 3rd, Lieutenant, Gonzales County, wounded in 1862, promoted Captain June 2nd., 1864,

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Terry Rangers, Company G

W. Y. Houston, Captain, killed August 9th, 1862. W. M. Ford, 1st Lieutenant, Bexar County. William Ellis, 3rd Lieutenant, killed at Murfreesboro December, 1862. M. Mitchell, 2nd Lieutenant, died in Nashville, Tenn., December, 1861. D. F. Lilley, 1st Sergeant. Pue Arthur, 2nd Sergeant, promoted to Lieutenant in White’s Battery; killed at Bandera, Texas, in 1880.

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Terry Rangers, Company F

L. M. Stroble, Captain, Fort Bend County, resigned December 1st, 1861; died at LaGrange, Texas, in 1872. W. R.. John, 1st Lieutenant, Fayette County, promoted to Captain June, 1862, wounded September 17th, 1863, at Gorsbyville, Ga., and Bentonville, N. C., in November, 1865. Phoecian Tate, 2nd Lieutenant, Fayette County, resigned in May, 1862. W. N.

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Terry Rangers, Company E.

L. N. Rayburn, Captain, Gonzales County, wounded at Shiloh in 1862, promoted to Major and resigned. W. L. Poster, 1st Lieutenant, Gonzales County, resigned in September, 1861. A. T. Storey, 2nd Lieutenant, died of wounds received at Shiloh April 8th, 1862. P. H. Coe, 3rd Lieutenant, Gonzales County, resigned in September, 1861. M. A. Hunter,

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Terry Rangers, Company D

Steven C. Ferrill, Captain, Bastrop County, promoted Major and Lieutenant Colonel, resigned in May, 1861, amd died in Fayette County November 14th, 1868. Charles Leroy Morgan, 1st Lieutenant, Bastrop County, resigned in September, 1861, came home and commanded a regiment in the Trans-Mississippi Department. J. W. Burdett, 2nd Lieutenant, Travis. County, resigned June, 1862, and

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Other members of Company H, from Fort Bend County

Captain John T. Holt, resigned in December, 1861. First Lieutenant Thomas S. Weston, promoted to Captain in, December, 1862. W. D. Adams, Third Lieutenant, resigned in. August, 1864, and died in April, 1865, while on his way home. G. Thompson, discharged in July, 1862. E. A. Bolmes, discharged in, February, 1862. J. H. Edmonson, Fifth

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List of the Guard who Escaped from the River

Buster’s company Hockstaff, William Hensley,Hicks A. C. Ridge Hyde Major McQueen Thomas Ransom Gabriel Smith Turner Van Harm Dr. Watson Warren Wilkinson Cameron’s Company John Canty Donnall, Ernest William Ward A. J. Yates Eastland Company Geo. W. Alley M. Ambrose Theo. Bissell Oliver Buckner Clark W. S. Holton Davis Hudson Edward Marlow E. A. Vincent

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Land Titles Issued In Fort Bend County From 1824 To 1832.

Elijah Alleorn, one league, patented July 10th, 1824. Thomas Allsbury, two leagues, patented July 8th, 1824. William Andrews, one league, patented July 15th, 1824. William Andrews, one labor, patented July 15th, 1824. Wm. T. Austin, one league, patented April 25th, 1831. Charles Baird, one league, patented October 17th, 1832 Thomas Barnett, one league, patented July

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Company H

Colonel Frank Terry, commanding, killed at Woodsonville, Kentucky. Second Lieutenant-Robert J. Calder, killed at Moss Creek, East Tennessee. Third Lieutenant W. D. Adams, died on the way home, after resigning his commission in the service. Gustave Cook, promoted to Captain from Sergeant, January, 1862; to Major December, 1862; to Lieutenant Colonel May, 1863; to Colonel

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